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Tuesday, 04/30/2013, 02:37 pm

Cung Le Wants Michael Bisping Next

Cung Le has been inactive since he defeated Rich Franklin in November 2012’s UFC on FUEL TV event in Macao, China. Le defeated Franklin with a highlight-reel knockout, and he went on to state it was the biggest fight of his life. Many questioned whether or not the 40 year old would be returning to the octagon, but we may have our answer after UFC 159.

The middleweight division had a prominent fight in the co-main event spot at UFC 159 this past Saturday. Albeit in the midst of controversy, Michael Bisping picked up the win against Alan Belcher by way of decision. With the middleweight division in the jam it is right now, I pondered to myself what would be an entertaining fight for Michael Bisping next without the limitations of UFC’s Top 10 rankings. Cung Le’s name was one of the first few that came to mind.

After asking Cung Le if he would be interested in a fight with Michael Bisping, his response to me was, “You need to ask?”

He also retweeted the following tweet: @NateRockQuarry: Ok… Now I want Bisping to fight @CungLe185! – Ask and ye shall receive.

Although he is not ranked in the Top 10 Middleweights according to, Cung Le is on a two fight win streak and has a style of fighting that not many of those in the Top 10 have dealt with before. He would be skipping the line of names calling out Michael Bisping, but after such an impressive victory last November he may get just what he asked for.

If not Michael Bisping, who do you think would be a fair opponent for Cung Le’s UFC return?


0 Responses to “Cung Le Wants Michael Bisping Next”

  1. 123 says:

    Michael Bisping will make him look old

  2. pdfgd says:

    WOOOOO! Let’s see this, f the naysayers.

  3. Doit says:

    If not Michael Bisping get Hector Lombard! Ps. I would lovee seeing Cung vs Bisping.

  4. Ddddddd says:

    After Bispings’ last out I think this could be a sweet match.

  5. ya herd says:

    bispig beats guys like lee, stann belcher etc all day he just cant beat the elite fighters but he has the heart and tools for it.. i want him to fight winner of befort vs rockhold for number 1 contender spot, even though vitor tko him, bisping got caught, he needs to take vitor down rough him up then strike his gameplan was bad in that fight they have had some bad blood on twitter recently too, if vitor beats luke, bispin vs vitor 2….. what use think????????

  6. 123 says:

    yh deffo.. Bisping vs Belfort 2.. anywhere but Brazil lol.

  7. 757 says:

    Same results from that one. Vitor knocked his ass out. Bisping also has had so many chances at #1 contender fights come on let’s let someone else get a shot. He has had his. BTW Cung knocks him out quick, or Bisping gasses him out. One thing is for sure Bisping won’t knock anyone out unless it’s a Mayhem.

    • craig says:

      How many chances has michael had at a title? 0, he beat sonnen easy and got robbed, he’s had one legit #1 contender fight against vitor!

    • Murk says:

      Haha. you completely discredited yourself when you said Bisping will gas to Cung Le. Bisping has some of the best cardio in the division. Even if he doesn’t knock people out he has relentless pressure and puts the hurt on people, like Bendo without the crazy leg kicks. I really like Cung Le and he beat my favorite fighter, Rich Franklin, but he fights for money and fun.

      • 757 says:

        HA HA HEY MURK ^^^ WHO SAID THAT? If you are referring to my comment read it again. I said Cung will knock his ass out early or Bisping will gas him out. Learn how to read fuck stick before you go go trying to bust someone’s balls. Now who is discredited ?……stupid

  8. KIDD433 says:

    If Cung can get his cardio in order,he will smash Bisping

  9. dduh says:

    I didn’t see vitor ko bisping? TKO if memory serves?

  10. 757 says:

    Dduh….Knock out, TO what’s the dif? He smashed him period you can’t deny that. Craig says you need to check your facts. I didn’t say title shots. I said #1 contender shots. He fought Sonnen and lost that was for the spot. He fought Vitor and lost that was for the spot. He doesn’t knock people out or stop them unless they are sub level fighters like Rivera, or Mayhem. He will never compete with the top spot fighters because he can’t hit, and he gets knocked out….BTW Hendo almost killed him, Vitor smoked him, He stole one against Hamil, the fight and decision against Rashad was a joke, Sonnen beat him. Come on man time for him to move on and let someone else have a shot.

  11. MMACRAVER says:

    Fucking love this matchup.

  12. Ya herd says:

    Let others have a shot, yea I understand ur point before but who else is there oh yeah weidman get a shot from beating 2 guys nethier of them top 5 and Munoz got knocked out by Hamil lol sure other people deserve it…. Lee, stann, belcher, Munoz, Luke, all get beat by bisping

  13. 757 says:

    So are you saying the division is weak and full of guys who don’t deserve it? Maybe that’s the case but Bisping still has had plenty of chances in big fights. He just chokes and comes up short is all I’m saying. He also gets stopped allot and stop anyone of credit…..Is he really who you think should be the one getting the shot?

  14. 757 says:

    Doesn’t stop anyone of credit^^was what I was trying to say. My bad missed a couple of words ha ha.

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