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Friday, 03/23/2012, 10:09 am

Cung Le Honored To Fight Guys Like Rich Franklin and Wanderlei Silva

“I’m honored to be fighting a former UFC champion. I’m very excited to get back in the octagon and fight my heart out. It’s probably going to be a barn burner. We’re both going to be in really good shape. He’s coming off a long layoff, and he’s cutting down. Cutting weight is no fun. I recently read somewhere that he has a sweet tooth, and I also have one. I think his is for donuts or something, and mine is for chocolate. When we step in the cage, and it’s all said and done, maybe the winner can spring for either chocolate or donuts.”

On his last fight against Wanderlei Silva:

“Wanderlei came in with a great gameplan. Watching all of his fights, he always come forward. For him to get on his bicycle and backpedal, you know, have me come towards him, definitely threw me off. Having me take the fight to him threw me off, because my whole camp, from beginning to end, was having people come at me. I’m usually pretty good at chasing people down, but I didn’t train that at all. I was on the defense…it was a good gameplan for him. I’ve got to take my hat off to him and his camp for coming up with a solid gameplan. My trainer, Javier Mendez, got on me a lot, because when I had Wanderlei hurt, instead of staying on him with punches, because I was already right there, I stepped back and started throwing wheel kicks, trying to look for that spectacular knockout, and it didn’t work out. My trainer told me that was dumb on my part, but, you live and learn. It’s in the past, and I’ve accepted the loss. I was honored to have fought Wanderlei. Now, it’s time for me to move forward and get ready to throw down with Rich Franklin.”

In a recent interview with, former Strikeforce champ and current UFC middleweight Cung Le talked about his upcoming fight with Rich Franklin and his last fight against Wanderlei Silva.

Can Cung take out Rich or will “Ace” send him packing into retirement?

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17 Responses to “Cung Le Honored To Fight Guys Like Rich Franklin and Wanderlei Silva”

  1. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Cung was also out of shape from those OREOS! He should slap those training him at AKA for not keeping him in shape. I hope that he’s focused enough to make a title run himself but I don’t think Cung is top 5 at this stage of his career.

    • jc says:

      dont stop the spinning kicks thats why you were hired. in the wandy fight cung was inches from the greatest ko of all time

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I agree Cung needs to get off the rice cakes and start eating protein. Its sad when a 40 year old fighter looks so soft and doesn’t move like he use to. Cubg says he’s honored to fight these legends. I think what he really means is he would rather get beat up by legends as it makes it alot easier to go cash that $450,000 check he didn’t earn. How is it possible a guy who is not even a c ontender who just lost to a washed up scott Smith is paid 40 times more than UFC champs like Cruz. something is wrong with this picture. don’t even try and throw any bullshit at me because EVERYONE knows Cruz base salary is like 8k a fight. i know he gets perks and cash behind teh scenes well so does Cung Le and you can say whatever you want Cruz deserves the $450k and Cung deserves maybe 10k

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        Cung for me sold that card. He is big over here in CA and probably was a big draw for the CA crowd. Hendo vs Shogun sold PPVs but Cung vs Wandy sold tickets at the gate.

        Is that true he gets 8K a fight in the UFC? That doesn’t sound right. Anyways Cung will be retired in 2 years. You have to admit that he did destroy Scott Smith in both of those fights. I also think if he wanted he could take his strikeforce belt back from Rockhold if he focused on his training.It’s too bad though, I’m bummed he didn’t make he jump to the UFC sooner because he is way past his prime.

  2. james cano says:

    when did he have Wanderlei hurt? very flashy,but doesn’t seem to have any power in his punches or kicks. hope Dana drops him after this loss,getting tired of all this Cung Lee hype in the bay area.

    • Lawrence Montano says:

      Le from San Jose, course the bay area, especially the Asain population, love Cung Le. He’ll do good in middle wt. Don’t think he’ll be in the tittle picture. Still fun to watch

    • Steven says:

      @ james cano; they said they “had him hurt” with the spinning backfist lol

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      His kicks are the best in the UFC MW division. You should watch more Cung Le fights. He is the former Strikeforce MW champ.

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        OREO you are living in the past buddy, no disrespect but Cungs best days are behind him and if it wasn’t for a msssive fan base in san jose area UFC never would have signed him

    • Nick says:

      He hurt him with the spinning back fist. He’s legs gave out, but didn’t drop him. He could of won the fight. But backed off.

    • jonesy says:

      i was thinkng that too…i dint remembr wandi hurt…and i think he will have this loss then maybe 1 more…back 2 years ago when cung was mw chamo of strickforce people were taling about him vs anderson…likke he was on that level..he is al flash..

  3. MMACRAVER says:

    Cung Le is great! Cool dude and a good fighter.

    His style may not take him to a title in the UFC, but I definitely want to see him fight.

    Matching Cung up with Rich is awesome, can’t wait.

    Plus Pandorum was actually a pretty good movie.

    GO CUNG LE!!!

  4. Nick says:

    I got Cung winning.

  5. Bla DeBla says:

    I cant relate to this guys attitude at all .

    I dont like him .

    Talking about him & his opponent having a sweet tooth & crying about making weight like a pair of fuckin womin talking about their fucking period pains !

    You fucking sicken me Cung Fucking Lee !

    “Ohh I’m so honored to Fight so & So … I should be at home doing the dishes ”

    Shut yer fucking mouth Cung Lee & get the fuck outa my sight before I rip yer fucking head off yer bastardin shoulders !!!!

  6. Dick Diaz says:

    the only time they really had Wanderlei hurt was that spinning back fist… IMO, it really would’ve hurt UFC credibility if Cung had won… I’ll be very surprised if he beats Franklin…

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I’ll be surprised if Cung lasts one round with Ace, Ace is a HUGE MW where as Cung is a chubby WW who can’t stop eating oreo’s. Franklin will ragdoll Cung. This a (BAD MATCHUP) to help Franklin get use to fighting at 185 again ie: warm up fight with big names to generate money. All i care a bout is if ENOUGH fans scream loud enough via TWITTER for the UFC to let Franklin in the cage with Bisping so we can all watch that loud mouth overerrated Brit get his ass kicked AGAIN. UFC refuses to let Vitor or Palharis rip Bispings head off so maybe if we bitch loud enough we can slip Franklin past Bispings (UFC IN HOUSE PROTECTIVE CUSTODY)

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