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Monday, 09/12/2011, 08:11 am

Cung Le: Belfort is dangerous but so am I

“I’ll be in San Jose for UFC 139 and I’m fighting Vitor Belfort. I’m very excited and honored to be a part of the UFC. I want to thank Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta for the opportunity and I’m going to fight my heart out. What Vitor says doesn’t bother me. He can talk all he wants. We’ll take care of business on November 19. Let him talk. I don’t like to talk so he can do all the talking. I’ll let him have that job and we will work it out in San Jose. Vitor is very dangerous, but I’m very dangerous too. We have two dangerous guys in the ring and we are going to see which one of us is more dangerous.”

Accomplished striker and former Strikeforce middleweight champion, Cung Le, talks to about his upcoming bout with Vitor Belfort scheduled for UFC 139 in San Jose California.

With Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos moved to the first ever event on FOX the week prior to UFC 139, the rumor is that Belfort vs. Le will serve as the new main event of the evening. Some industry insiders are calling this a mismatch that will get fueled by the UFC hype machine; however Cung seems to think he has a legit chance at derailing the longtime MMA standout, Vitor Belfort.

What say you BJPENN.COM? Can Cung Le impact the UFC’s middleweight division, or will Belfort dismantle him with ease?


28 Responses to “Cung Le: Belfort is dangerous but so am I”

  1. sam e says:

    Should be an interesting, action packed fight. I think Belfort will put Cung Le to sleep though

  2. Ammar says:

    You never could turn out to be slugfest albeit a very short one, but I pick Vitor for the win.

  3. SanSooRob says:

    You too old, too slow blah blah blah
    All these shit takers wouldn’t even look vitor in the face let
    alone step in the cage with him!!! Get the win Le!!!!

  4. rex says:

    One kick from cung, and will ended up a broken arm or leg…

  5. AP says:

    Cung Le will dominate the stand up game keeping his distance and chopping him down with his kicks! USH! all day!

  6. BJPennRules says:

    I am routing for the underdog,,,Cung Le, I do see Vitor completely overpowering Cung le with size and quickness, but I am rooting for a Cung Le side kick to Vitors stomach, that could end the fight quick and thats his only chance. Its definitely going to be a very much watched fight..

  7. MZ says:

    rd 3 tko Vitor puts him away .. it’ll b a an all out war before that though.

  8. angel says:

    I will favor Belfort but I hope he doesnt get his head kicked off. Never count out Kung Le, this is going to be one of those stand up fights that will not see the ground until some one is KOed

  9. zack says:

    vitor better learn to defend kicks

  10. jaime lopez says:

    Vitor for the KO 1st round!

  11. DVO says:

    The longer the fight lasts the more Cung has a chance. WAR CUNG!!!

  12. Dosan says:

    Someone is getting KTFO!

  13. mezzanoche says:

    This won’t even be close, not even by the wildest imagination possible. Cung Le is going to get rocked out, knocked out and assed out in the first 2-3 minutes of this fight, maybe quicker. After this fight Cung Le will probably retire, no joke. He is going to get embarrassed. This is a wasted fight for Vitor in my opinion. Oh well, another massacre to watch.

  14. Stoked says:

    I would like to see Cung Le have a few warm up fights in UFC or Strikeforce before getting pitted against someone like Belfort who has been actively fighting top competition in the last couple years while Le has been acting and not fighting, to at least get the ring rust off. Would like to see Belfort vs winner of Leben/Munoz.

  15. Fuckyou says:

    Lets not forget what Saku did to him in his pride debut with spinning side kicks…and leg kicks jusy saying

  16. Joegun says:

    Vitor will destroy cung le once he connects with anything.his speed and power will put him to sleep .Stoked said it best.he’ll call it a career after this one.maybe he should fight akiyama??

  17. Fortyb4five says:

    I’ll be rooting for Cung for sure.

  18. mmaislandjunkie says:

    cung le should have been given an easier fight, he must have pissed someone off in the ufc to fight vitor first.

  19. Ian Mearns says:

    Watch Cung Le’s Highlights just in mma he has never been beaten in kicknboxing as well. If he has a good ground game Vitor is effed

  20. John Travota says:

    Dont under estimate Cung Le. 3 amazing kicks will end Victor’s life in the UFC ring. One kick on his stomach, one kick on his arm, and another kick on Victor’s head will end the fight. You all just wait and see.

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