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Tuesday, 07/02/2013, 07:50 am

Cub Swanson: I’m the biggest threat to Aldo

Cub Swanson (19-5 MMA, 4-1 UFC) is set to square off with Dennis Siver (21-8 MMA, 10-5 UFC) live this Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A victory over Siver at UFC 162 would make it 5 straight wins for Swanson and would  inch him closer to a possible rematch with current featherweight kingpin Jose Aldo.

Swanson and Aldo first collided at WEC 41 in June of 2009. Unfortunately for Cub, that bout lasted all of eight seconds, as Aldo landed a flying knee (followed by punches) that put the California native away. Despite the result of their first meeting, Cub still believes he is the biggest threat to Jose Aldo’s belt, as he stated to

“It gets brought up to me all the time, people won’t let me forget it. I’ve heard it a million times.  I wish they were clever about it. So much time has passed that I would laugh about it, but people are so lame. I’ll be like [on Twitter], ‘I went to the store today and this happened,’ — something funny. Then somebody will go, ‘Like the time you got kneed in the face in eight seconds?’ It’s like, ‘Yeah, buddy. Exactly.’” 

“In my mind, I’m always one win away from a title,” Swanson said. “If I fight that fight that makes everybody go, ‘Wow, he’s unstoppable,’ — that’s all I can do.” 

“I think I do pose the biggest threat to Aldo. I feel like my boxing is better than his. He’s a kick boxer, with devastating kicks. Neither one of us cares to take it to the ground. I feel with my unpredictability and my boxing, I pose a big threat to him.”

With Chan Sung Jung fighting Jose Aldo for the featherweight strap at UFC 163 in August, and Ricardo Lamas not having a scheduled opponent, the fight between Swanson and Siver at UFC 162 could potentially produce the next 145-title challenger. Is a rematch between Swanson and Aldo something you would like to see in the future? Let’s hear it Penn Nation!


7 Responses to “Cub Swanson: I’m the biggest threat to Aldo”

  1. Sean says:

    WTF? Dude. I can’t even read past the first few lines without reading something completely made up. Aldo landed a knee to cub’s eye and Cub covered up; he was fully unconscious the whole time. I watched that WEC fight. Did you? Or did you just read 8 sec TKO and write your own story?

  2. KIDD433 says:

    I’m surprised he’s so motivated right now. Because just 3-4 months ago he was called out by Frankie Edgar,and didn’t accept it,turned it down flat. And then accepts a fight with a lesser contender, Siver. And now he’s acting like he’s ready to fight Aldo. Fighter’s are some Primmadonnas these days. A couple years ago fighter’s didn’t pull this shit. Now they’re doing it left and right. In a circumstance where maybe a top contender doesn’t accept a fight with someone who isn’t top ten,and that victory wouldn’t do anything for them, would seam sensible or unless of course he’s injured. I’m glad Dana pulls their cards when they do this.

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