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Tuesday, 04/23/2013, 09:51 am

CSAC Responds to Controversial Judging Assignment at UFC on FOX

The challenge in choosing fighters and people who train as judges is finding zero affiliation to the fighters in the cage. California State Athletic Commission Executive Officer Andy Foster stands by his decision allowing Wade Vierra to judge the Ben Henderson vs Gilbert Melendez title fight. Foster states

“I’m picking people who know what they’re looking at. I will not pick state workers again to judge these fights in California. I had two brown belts and a purple belt judging a world title fight, and they all have striking experience. You can’t ask for anything better than that.”

“It’s more important for me to get the score right than to hire some state worker and get the score wrong. We have a problem with incompetence in this sport, and when you hear people say, ‘We need to use fighters; we need to use people that train.’ Well, if we do that, they’re going to trace back in some respect. You can make a connection anywhere.”


41 Responses to “CSAC Responds to Controversial Judging Assignment at UFC on FOX”

  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    CYA bureaucratic double-speak. He fukced up and trying to defend his incompetence. Just makes him look stupider than he really is. This dude needs to be fired. His weasel response now shows he is a POS crook too. What can you expect from a low-intelligence Californiadumbass.

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