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Tuesday, 05/14/2013, 03:38 pm

CSAC confirms Nick Diaz fight promotion plans

Nick Diaz retired from MMA for the 2nd time after his UFC 158 loss to Georges St. Pierre, however he may have not step away from the cage for good. As we reported yesterday the Stockton based fighter is looking to start his own War Mixed Martial Arts fight promotion in his hometown of Stockton. Most of the buzz is focused on this domain name purchase, but reliable sources are affirming that this is more fact that fiction.

MMAjunkie reports that the California State Athletic Commission has confirmed Nick Diaz’s application with the state to start the War MMA fight promotion. The application process is expected to take some time, but Nick has already passed required background checks.

Diaz hopes to have as much success as a promoter as he did as a fighter, and if his trash talk is on par with what got him a title shot with GSP, his promotion should be in good shape. Diaz parlayed the antagonizing comments aimed at the champ into a mega fight back in April that saw him beat up for most of the 5 round fight. He was unsuccessful to defeat St. Pierre, but was successful in selling it as the PPV close to 800,000 buys, which is a good sign of what kind of promoter Diaz could be.


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