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Tuesday, 02/21/2012, 01:49 pm

Dominick Cruz | Urijah Faber Has No Clue How To Beat My Style

“At the end of the show, I get to fight Faber and you know, I’ll always fight him better than he’ll fight me. As much as he wants to talk about being the more dangerous fighter, this and that — the dude was on his heels the entire fight. He didn’t wanna come forward. He was countering the whole time, looking to counter, because he didn’t know when I was gonna come or go. So, there’s a style that he doesn’t understand, the way that I fight him, that he chooses to say negative things about it, because he can’t understand it. What you can’t understand, you choose to talk bad about. He’s not gonna beat me. He doesn’t know how. I’m gonna go in there and have my way with him, just like I did in the last fight. Keep the pace high, put him on his butt and beat him down.”

UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz was a guest on last night’s InsideMMA on HDNet and during the live broadcast he discussed his trilogy match with Urijah Faber as well as their upcoming coaching gig on the next installment of “The Ultimate Fighter.”

To see what else he had to say about the show and his fight with Faber just scroll to the next page…


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33 Responses to “Dominick Cruz | Urijah Faber Has No Clue How To Beat My Style”

  1. Sweet game plan says:

    Exactly Dom, he can’t stop you…Uriah is way overrated !!

  2. joegun says:

    i cant wait till the next season of tuf.. i hope faber whoops cruzs ass @ the end of the show too.

  3. Dick Diaz says:

    i like how people complain about GSP not finishing but this guy in his entire ZUFFA career has only finished one person… just a thought…

  4. Steven Thurman says:

    Dom is gettin a little ahead of himself… Im one of those freaks that actually likes them both (Though Im a bigger fan of Faber) But He should remember it was a pretty close fight, and even if Faber was his heels, his strikes knocked Cruz to the ground multiple times.

  5. the original steve says:

    Dominick “good footwork/pillow hands” Cruz

  6. Has Cruz forgotten who put who on their ass in the last fight.Unless i’m mistaken Faber has managed to land more shots on Cruz than any other fighter.I understand Cruz’s style.Its called run around the octagon without taking damage aka chicken shit style.How many people has Cruz finished? one i believe.He’s an absolute joke of a champion.

  7. joshuah says:

    Cruz thinks this because he won a VERY CLOSE decision to Faber & he BARELY beat a VERY undersized Joey b.

    I think Cruz is @ that point when fighters say” that loss was the best thing that ever happened to me”

    Cruz hasn’t changed his style or grown, I think his last 2 fights has shown his weaknesses, if he comes in with the same gameplan I think Faber takes this.

  8. mma is my religion. says:

    Cruz is out of his fucking mind, Faber won the last fight. Did someone say Faber is overrated if so fuck you bitch what have you done besides sit at your computer and try to judge others on their accomplishments.

  9. Dakota says:

    Oh really? Then how exactly did he beat you the first time you guys had a fight? This will be a war that both could win, everyone has a strikers chance but Cruz its not hard to figure out how to bea tsomeone

  10. Cody says:

    Yeah Cruz is the worst champ in the UFC right now IMO and all he does is run around in a fucking circle and throw nothing strikes maybe some like it but I’d say 75% of fans start the boo birds and I do recall Fabre finished u once and knocked u down twice in the second one so y talk

  11. K2 says:

    The key to defeating Cruz is to stand in there and punch him. Don’t let him point fight you. He’s very good at that (12 of 19 wins coming from decision). But knowing that someone (Cruz) can’t finish a fight and is just there point fighting will help Faber in securing a victory.

  12. mma is my religion. says:

    Yeah overrated while he knocking out and submitted dudes there are fucking haters talking shit….get real fucker you wouldn’t say that shit to his face because his 5’5″ ass whould smash you, but your stupid you’ll still try and call him overrated with your missing teeth and busted up lip crying for your mama.

  13. mma is my religion. says:

    Don’t fuck with the California kid bitch….

  14. mma is my religion. says:

    That makes an mma fighter who can judge other mma fighters, fuck no….

    • Guest says:

      hes a joke of a champion yet hes the UFC BANTAMWEIGHT CHAMPION. his style is NOT pussy shit, its smart, unorthodox, and very difficult to deal with. he takes the least amount of hits, hes a moving target 100% of the time. he leaps in and out with strikes and takedowns and OUT FIGHTS everyone hes put in there against. do u idiots wanna see him go in there and slug it out with a man whos naturally bigger than him or stronger or whatever? do u wanna see him go chin down, hands up, and swing for the fences and have a high chance of getting KOed? thats not his style dumbasses. none of u guys are MMA fans. ur just FIGHT fans. u dont understand the art of MMA, and that the goal isnt to smash someone unconscious, its to win a competition of wills. guess Anderson Silva is a pussy too cuz he dances and stuff and doesnt get in a fire fight? yet he KOs everyone he fights. u beer drinking violent thirsty faggots are whats wrong with the sport and will never learn. War Cruz, fuck Faber. its a wrap son

  15. Matt says:

    Cruz hate coming in hot here? Theyre both outstanding fighters and if anyone here actually did MMA you guys would realize and notice all the things two guys as talented as this show when they meet. A 7 second KO is cool and looks great on a highlight reel but to call a guy out for dominating people for 25 minutes is ridiculous. KOs and subs usually only happen when theres a skill mismatch or a mistake. So when the two best guys in the world fight to a decision it just shows how complete they are as fighters. Thats why the most competitive divisions tend to have title fights that go to a decision. With the exception of a weak but improving MW and HW division theres not a whole lot of finishes in title fights. Not cause one guy is bad but because both guys are that good. Point fighting is something made up by fans to try and make sense of why their favorite fighter lost. Do none of you realize that almost all the greatest fights have been decisions? Hendo-Shogun, Griffin-Bonner, Guida-Sanchez, Pettis-Henderson, Penn-Diaz etc. Just think about that before you bash fighters for going the distance.

  16. Mark says:

    that’s why dana gave another chance faber to fight for the title because cruz is booooooring

  17. DAMN! says:

    Another Fight of the Night waiting to happen… God I love rivalries.

  18. Matt Bellamy says:

    Is it me or is dom’s style what condit tried to imitate?

  19. mma is my religion. says:

    Fuck you mother fucking haters me and Faber fuck your bitches then fuck you up. Little bitches get on your knees and open up. Fag mother fuckers.

  20. mma is my religion. says:

    Uriah is my religion how can I have his nuts in my mouth when I have your girls clit. Don’t hate

  21. GroceryStores says:

    Cruz is about as tough as a smelly poop leaving the buttonhole of Paris Hilton

  22. Tabetha says:

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