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Tuesday, 04/02/2013, 10:36 am

Cruz: “I’ll Give You my Return Date when I Have It”


It’s been exactly one year and a half since the MMA world has last seen Dominick Cruz fight. After getting a unanimous decision victory over current flyweight title holder Demetrious Johnson, the UFC bantamweight champion underwent two straight surgeries to repair his torn ACL suffered during the preparations to fight Urijah Faber as part of “The Ultimate Fighter Live” season. As his return to the Octagon still doesn’t have a date to happen as of now, Cruz took the time to talk about his current situation. Here’s what he had to say, via

“I’m not gonna let the media or anybody else push me on a date. “Give us a date to look at, that’s all we want, Dominick”. I can’t. I want a date. I don’t have one. I’m listening to my doctors because if I don’t do that, I’ll get hurt again. So the focus is to pull the reigns on myself, don’t let myself go in it too soon and just do the work that I can with the UFC, with my sponsors, do everything I can with Fuel TV, with media, to push MMA like I’ve been doing and just help out MMA like it has helped me so much. To the fans: I will be back, I’m coming back, I’m working hard. No date yet but I’ll give it out when I have it, I promise. 

Two years gone or not, I’m me. By the time I get through my camp, I’ll be more than ready for a fight against anybody who’s in the position of an interim title holder.”

Today, that would be the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu specialist Renan Barao, who submitted Michael McDonald via arm triangle choke on February 16th to defend his interim bantamweight title. However, Barao will have another title defense to make against Eddie Wineland on June 15th at UFC 161, as the division still awaits a timetable for Dominick Cruz’s return.


6 Responses to “Cruz: “I’ll Give You my Return Date when I Have It””

  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Time to move on from Cruz. What this means is that it is still 6 months+ away. 2 Year is just too much time to wait. Just make Barao the new champ and let him defend until Cruz can fight. Then let Cruz fight Barao or whoever is the 35 champ at the time. Simple.

  2. Dan Jenkins says:

    I agree with that tho I don’t think facing Barao first up is a wise move coming off a lengthy lay off but he should get first crack at the belt

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Yah you are right Barao would be a tough comeback fight after being off 2+ years. But it looks like that will happen anyways unless somebody can beat him before Cruz is able to fight.

  3. Ddddddd says:

    Man I hope the fighters that are just overtraining learn from this and adjust. Just an assumption on my part but to run around like that bobbing and weaving has to wear your ass out. I would probably say its not an efficient style of fighting for your your genetics if it wears your tendons out.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Cruz has proven that all those angles he does is hard on the knees. That movement he does can blow out a knee even if he his barely working out and his foot sticks on the canvas. Sometimes these injuries occur while you are just working lightly.

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