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Thursday, 12/15/2011, 08:21 am

Cro Cop Returns To Action Under K-1 Banner In March

Retired from Mixed Martial Arts and retired from combat sports are two entirely different things and former UFC heavyweight fighter Mirko Cro Cop is set to prove that.

After taking defeat in the UFC for the last time at UFC 137 against Roy “Big Country” Nelson the Croatian superstar announced his retirement from the UFC and the world of Mixed Martial arts. The defeat marked his fourth loss in six fights and was apparently all she wrote.

However, while he may not be willing to step into a cage anytime soon, Mirko has made plans to return to his K-1 roots in a professional kickboxing on March 10 in Zagreb, Croatia.

No opponent has yet been announced or determined but the prospect field for Cro Cops return to action has been narrowed down to either Dzevad Poturak or Errol Zimmerman.

If things go according to plan, this will serve as his first kickboxing match since making the full time commitment to Mixed Martial Arts in 2003. The last time we saw Mirko compete under K-1 rules was a bout against Bob Sapp where he was able to take the gargantuan Sapp out with a shattering left hand that broke his orbital bone.

Cro Cop saw much success under the K-1 banner many years ago with the highlight of his kickboxing career coming in 2002 when he was able to put together a four-fight win streak which included wins over the likes of Remy Bonjasky and the current Grand Prix champion Mark Hunt.


13 Responses to “Cro Cop Returns To Action Under K-1 Banner In March”

  1. steve says:

    pedro… do u have spell check? and cro cop just call it a day i dont want to see you get knocked out again

  2. Nick says:

    Kind of excited to see this.

  3. Jmad says:

    lol at – Roy “Bog Country” Nelson

  4. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I totally didn’t expect this!

  5. sadbuttrue says:

    Pedro obviously barely graduated from Highschool. He makes many grammatical and spelling errors. Bj keeps him on, cuz obviously he’s a friend, but it’ll hurt him cuz I don’t really come that often anymore, cuz of poor journalism writing. I’m not expecting anything WSJ of course, but 2 mins to spell check? Please. And that includes the title. Move the mouse… over the ABC button, and press click, and follow the steps.

    • dave says:

      you an idiot..get out then…i enjoy these articles…and you here cuz u wanna know whats up///loser..

      • sadbuttrue says:

        Hey Keyboard Warrior, because that’s what everyone knows you as. It’s simply true, that’s all. The videos are getting better. They use be all muffled, where the interviewee was quiet, and the interviewer was super loud, usually had horrible static. It’s man, other sites are at least on par. If you had a decent journalist that proof read what they wrote, surprisingly some don’t, and with BJ’s inside connections, this site would kick ass. It’s a fact man, sorry if I hurt your feelings. A fact is a fact.

        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          sadbuttrue you are a piece of shit and i would like nothing better than to smash your fucking face in. anytime anywhere

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      Sad, I do agree with you. However, you should not criticize someone for the same flaws you have. It would simply take too much time to individually point out every grammatical error in the small paragraph you wrote.

    • Fortyb4five says:

      lol does anyone care if you don’t come on this site anymore? no? didn’t think so.

  6. Ricky Hurtado says:

    The Cro Cop era was great. MMA will never see another era like that again. Beautiful head kick high light reels, time after time.

    I hated seen him grumble as a fighter.

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