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Monday, 02/04/2013, 11:51 am

Cro Cop Believes Alistair Overeem’s Loss Due To Inability To Use PED’s | UFC NEWS

“I wasn’t surprised by Silva’s victory at all and I had believed he would win. I don’t want to come off as a smart-ass or say I knew it all along, so I’ll explain why I’d believed so. First, Silva is a big tough guy with a huge heart who had demolished Fedor and he needs no better reference than that, and Alistair hugely underestimated him and belittled him with his arrogant statements, so this mobilized Silva in the best possible way. Second, Silva is a natural heavyweight, and Alistair – for the first time since way back in 2007, when he began to gain huge weight – fought without the drugs he had used constantly for years, including testosterone and all the other shit that goes with it.”

“Watching the weigh-in, I saw that his muscles mass was nowhere near his usual, he had the weight, but he wasn’t nearly as carved out and defined, since he couldn’t take anything because he was watched by the Athletic Commission. This also reflects on the psyche of a man who’s been using stuff to increase his strength, endurance, pain tolerance and aggressiveness for years, and now there was none of that. Alistair is an excellent fighter, but he still owes that excellence to something that’s dirty and unpermitted, and, in the end, very dangerous to health.”

“I don’t think he was concerned by that, he wanted success at any cost. And the third thing is, Alistair had behaved so arrogantly that someone needed to put him back in his place. His belittling of Silva was repulsive, saying that after beating up Silva he’d go for the belt, and at the weigh-in and entering the arena he acted like he invented the fighting sport, and he’s been behaving with so much arrogance lately that I’m glad Silva put him back in his place and taught him a lesson! Congratulations Silva, from the heart!”
– Mirko Crop Cop via FightSite.Hr


22 Responses to “Cro Cop Believes Alistair Overeem’s Loss Due To Inability To Use PED’s | UFC NEWS”

  1. Nick says:

    This is pretty obvious from the reem’s physique. Much softer, clearly off the juice.. clearly slower without the snap to his strikes. Just like crocop in ufc vs. pride, same with vanderlei, rampage, and so many others

  2. Eddie T says:

    Ouch! Hurts coming from Cro Cop, cuz he’s right. Im glad that arrogant juice monkey got his ass handed to him.

  3. Really**people says:

    reem needs to be cockslapped by bigfoot

  4. jdog says:

    Haters… When he is ripped he comes in at like 240, not 264, do the math, watch the last time he was down to 240 or so. I agree that Alister should have acted different, but again with the juicing comments it is just insane, he got popped before training for his next fight ever began, not like Sonnen who got popped just AFTER a fight where he could have seriously hurt someone. Also if everyone actually THOUGHT he was on juice for years why is it that he ONLY got a 9 month suspension and not a 1 year suspension like everyone else? I am not defending him, just asking serious questions that people over look. Yes I am a fan, and yes I am glad he lost because of the way he was acting in the fight, I don’t care if he was thinking about Cain after this fight, you must have confidence, but in the first and second round he was dropping his hands and holding his chin up just baiting Big Foot to tap his chin, and quess what it got tapped a few times and he went nite nite, which is what he deserved. If he had just gone in there and tried to destroy him like he said he was going to do he would probably be fighting cane next, but it is his own damn fault. As a fan I hope he learns from his mistake

    • duwets says:

      he was ripped against brock lesnar and was 263 at the weigh-ins

    • hendoooo says:

      It pisses me off too, if he fought like he did against Werdum, or in the K-1 he would of dropped Silva in the first round. Instead, hes using this annoying strategy that he used agaist Lesnar, greco grappling to knees, and with his hands down even though hes walking into punches. I think he will be alright, he might have to lose a bit of weight or it might take a bit of time but he can overcome this by constantly training. Whatever the blackzillians taught him, I think he should just unlearn it and leave that camp, it didn’t do Rashad justice either.

    • yeahrightman says:

      Yeah this guy has no idea what he’s on about. Incoherent dribble.

    • domp says:

      Before or after a fight does not matter with peds its on a cycle u idiot. Chaels was still in his system overeems cycle wouldn’t have. That doesn’t mean the peds weren’t going to work you moron… And show me a recent fight with deem coming in at 240 plzzzzz

  5. jbeamazing says:

    I agree with cro

  6. BJ Fan says:

    I don’t believe that Overeem’s physique proves anything regarding his alleged use of PEDs. Honestly, training with the Blackzilians in Florida created an unusual situation because Big Foot Silva had trained there previously. Overeem had to put up curtains in his own training camp because of potential “spies”. This reminds me of Rampage prior to his bout with Rashad Evans. Both men lost their matches. In addition, the PR commitments seemed to distract from Overeem’s routine heading into UFC 156. Overeem was actually dominating Silva on the scorecard, but Silva caught Overeem with a kick to the back of his head, which preceded the significant strikes that ended the fight.

  7. cain fan says:

    first of all overeem is not a good fighter with no skills at all. come on guys look at the way he fights has zero skills. if jr dos santos fights him next he is going to destroy overeem.

  8. bellamma says:

    everyone on the card , reem included were probably using something . Physiques mean jack , in relation to athletic PeD use . Some of the fattest / smallest guys use stuff all the time . HGH , IGF, ect are all probabilities .. testosterone as a test exemption is also probable for Alistar. He lost because he got caught by a very powerful fighter with 5 pound hgh waterlogged hands ( heavy hands ) , plain and simple .

  9. Drew says:

    Definition of bullseye

  10. jdog says:

    I thought he weighed less for the Lesnar bout but maybe not. Regardless the assumption of peds is just that lets see his results, I promise he will/was tested and we will see. He got caught, Big Foot might not be a great fighter, but give me a break he weighs 260 plus has hands the size of sledge hammers, and feet that look like a VW bug. Let him land a head kick to the back of anyones head then let him follow up like he did and it is lights out for ALMOST anyone, but it was Alister’s fault for standing in front of him and begging him to hit him.

  11. steve says:

    Crocop comes off like a serious self righteous prick – who is probably correct.

  12. D-rak says:

    Plain and simple Cain or Jds will mop the floor with reem or silva

  13. steve says:

    I dont understand why people think its imposible to gain 40 or 50 lbs in 5 or more years…..seriously…..not months but years???!!!!! its only 40 or 50 lbs! on a 6’5 guy! people act like he’s 350 lbs walkin solid….all these losers that never work out or just dont know how to keep working out need to shut up, or try it…

    • James Kim says:

      only 40 or 50 lbs? It clearly shows you never worked out consistently. If your a beginner, you can gain up to 15-20lbs in 1 yrs, but after that its very difficult to gain muscle. You will be lucky to gain 3-5 lbs a year after that. Once you reach your genetic potential, thats when people start using drugs. Overeem definitely used steroids. Theres no way in hell someone can gain 10 lbs of muscles per year.

    • ASDF says:

      LOL no one here thinks your genetically gifted. These athletes have huge cardio requirements, and maintaining that mass is difficult. This isn’t a f’n body building competition…

  14. Adam Sandler's Agent says:

    So PED’s led to Overeem winning the first two rounds and getting cocky and losing in the third? Interesting theory.

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