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Saturday, 11/10/2012, 07:47 am

Cris Cyborg Waiting On Her Call To Follow Rousey And Tate To Join The UFC Ranks

With all the talk of Ronda Rousey jumping ship to the UFC to become the first ever female signed athlete under the largest MMA promotion in the world, many are wondering who will be her first opponent and which female athletes the UFC will pick up while building their new female brand.

In a recent interview with former Strikeforce featherweight champion, Cris Cyborg, confirmed that she has yet to receive an indication that her services will be requested.

“I have no news,” Cris Santos told Tatame.”I think we’ll just have to wait until the end of my suspension.”


17 Responses to “Cris Cyborg Waiting On Her Call To Follow Rousey And Tate To Join The UFC Ranks”

  1. ku says:

    You won’t get a call Aldo would ktfo dude. Plus you wont fight Ronda at 35 you think the ufc is going to make 45 division for a fighter coming off a steroid suppension that also has a hard time making weight. Get over it you’re done son

  2. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Lets just all pray UFC wants to keep womans MMA classy-CLEAN and NEVER call that friggen nasty-ass GUYBORG or Wandy with lipstick. Please Dana keep that disgusting ( T H I N G ) out of the UFC. All that beast would have to do is go off ROIDS for 6 months and ( I T ) would have no problem making 135 lbs.

    I read where Tito Ortiz was training with her and he had her in a full on deep triangle and she picked him up all 240 lbs over her head (Rampage style) and power bombed him onto the mat. Yeah right any natural girl can do that right?

  3. magoo says:

    She did the crime and paid the time. Sign Cris Santos, Wanda Wousey already beat Tate who the hell is she gonna fight? You wankers that are all goo goo over Wanda give your heads a shake, she ain’t all that and a bag of chips Cris would smash the lil biaaatch.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Guyborg should cut ( I T S ) hair take off that lipstick (IT) always wears to try and look like a woman and go enter the Bellator mens featherweight tourney. All they would have to do is take a blood sample and there would be so much testosterone (IT) would pass as a man NO PROBLEM. UFC already has too many circus acts going with Sonnen getting a title shot at LHW. What did Hendo call it on that show mmasensored the other nite? UFC LHW match for title Circus act is man with longest arms vs the man with biggest mouth

      • CombatRusse says:

        100% agree with you
        But I think that Dana White will invite her (it) to the UFC because he doesn’t give a shit about her being a cheater (like he did with Overeem). He’ll just ask her to not get caught. He’ll even suggest her a doctor

  4. OF says:

    Agreed Magoo, i mean really who is Rousey gonna face, the division will get dull real fast with Rousey fighting cans, and Tate always being second fiddle to her. Who will actually give her a run for her money, and steroids or not, Cyborg would eat her alive, she served her time. If Dana was smart he would sign her to fight Rousey, but then again Rousey won’t go up or even meet her half way in weight to fight Cyborg, but yet she talks so much shit.

  5. Ghost of evan tanner says:

    Sarah mchann

  6. 123 says:

    ronda rousey & cris cyborg should do the next ultimate fighter.

  7. Xaninho says:

    Cyborg will fight Gilbert Melendez for the #1 contender spot.

  8. CombatRusse says:

    I think that the UFC doesn’t need Cyborg to build the devision. They already have a good face for the division.
    And with enough investment, they will get A LOT of good CLEAN woman fighters. Judokas, boxers, thai boxers, etc…
    And an Ultimate Fighter season featuring women will be amazing. There will be fights, boobs, nice asses, good bitching etc … lol

  9. Mustardpancakes says:

    I hope they sign Cyborg for one fight. Then you will see Rousey show her what a real fighter is. What bad things will you have to say about her when she beats Cyborg into the ground? It will end as quick as the other fights Rousey has had. Only this time I don’t think she will finish by armbar.

  10. Artemis Entreri says:

    Whats up with all the Chris(topher) Cyborg nuthuggers?

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