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Thursday, 09/27/2012, 11:07 am

Cris Cyborg: Ronda Rousey Isn’t A Mixed Martial Artist | MMA NEWS

Former Strikeforce featherweight champion, Cris “Cyborg” Santos, has been lobbying and campaigning for a grudge match with bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey for months now.

In this latest interview conducted by Brazil’s, nocautetransamerica, she again blasts the new face of WMMA with insults and talks about the progression of her career.

Here are some highlights:

Ricardo Campelo: Cris, please talk about this new moment in your career, living in the U.S. and having Tito Ortiz as your new manager.

Chris Cyborg: I met Tito when he was preparing to fight Forrest Griffin, and Cyborg [Evangelista, ex-husband] was helping him with the training, so we were working with him in his camp. And he’s a totally different person from what we shows in the media.

RC: So, he’s not the bad boy he seems to be?

CC: No, he’s a nice guy. He cooks, he likes tacos, he is Mexican… he is so nice. And when he retired, he contacted me and said that he would love to manage my career. Then I talked to master Rudimar [Fedrigo, owner of Chute Boxe], who was my manager at the time, and we settled a deal, we agreed that it would be good for me to have Tito giving me the support in the U.S.

RC: You’re also permanently training in the U.S., right?

CC: Yes, I’m training with Cyborg, we represent Chute Boxe/Cyborg Team, I train jiu-jitsu with [André] Galvão at Atos, and I do most of my training over there.

RC: Despite being so long without fighting, you’re name is the most commentated in women MMA, alongside Ronda Rousey. By the way, she keeps talking about you, challenging you. The media has been talking about a possible fight between you two, but there is no consensus about the weight division. What are your thoughts on this fight?

CC: My natural weight is 72/73kg (158/160 lbs). When I started fighting, my weight was 69kg (152 lbs.). I was already an athlete, so I gained 3kg. I said I could fight [Ronda] at 140 pounds, which is 63kgs, because I already made that weight, when I first fought in the U.S. So, I know I can make that weight. I won’t promise something that I can’t do. 61 kg (135 pounds) is too low for me. That’s why I said that, to make this fight happen, I could go down to 140 pounds, because I already made that. I do what I can. I said that I would fight her at my weight class or at 140lbs. I also want that fight, I’m very pumped. It’s gonna be very exciting, all the fans want to see it. I believe it will happen. I think Dana will make everything it’s possible, ‘cause this is the fight that everybody wants to see.

I think she is a great athlete. I don’t believe she is a mixed martial artist, she still has weaknesses. But she is a great judoka, has a lot of judo submissions, and I believe she’s improving increasingly. I have nothing bad to say about her. It would be a pleasure to fight her. I don’t do trash talking, ‘cause I don’t like to fight outside the octagon. I like to go there and fight, do what I know. But if she likes to talk, I’m ok with it. You should use the weapons you have.

RC: One thing she keeps saying about you is that you won a lot of fights on doping. Does that bother you, the fact that she’s questioning not only the result for this fight, but all of your victories?

CC: She can talk anything outside the octagon, but inside the octagon, she won’t have the media, her coaches, or her fans to protect her. It’s gonna be just me and her.


17 Responses to “Cris Cyborg: Ronda Rousey Isn’t A Mixed Martial Artist | MMA NEWS”

  1. lagoon says:

    Knock the little mouthy tramp the fukc out Cris!!

  2. the original steve says:

    well at least she still looks like a woman

  3. I don’t believe cyborg is really a female

  4. Ronda Yeastbar Rousey says:

    Ronda one trick pony… will win.. but only because she only knows one thing that is certain… the armbar. She might say she trains in all areas.. she also might have other people say she is good in all areas… but the truth and facts of the matter are:She wants to leave a legacy.. and if every wind is a consecutive armbar… she will probally out do the men in that record.. She will go undefeated with her armbar. Thats what olympic material can do… Most guys dont like rolling with her because she cant help the discharge from vaginitis. Not the same thing as Brock lesnar and his condition, hers is just from all those years smearing staff infection on her huge curtains

  5. Shawn says:

    For me, this fight would go up there with Silva vs Sonnen II, Tito vs Liddell, GSP vs Penn, and Cyborg vs Corrano as some of the most anticipated fights of UFC history. It’s a Superfight in women’s MMA.

  6. girlyman says:

    If Rousey isn t a mixed martial artist then Cyborg is an attractive woman. For fuck sakes ,Cyborg looks like a transvestite stunt double of Dana White. Halloween is a month away and I’m trying to eat here:(

  7. Bill Wenzl says:

    Rhonda is not a mixed martial artist and you are not a female….Sounds like a good fight…

  8. Bill Wenzl says:

    Rhonda is not a mixed martial artist and you are not a female….Sounds like a good fight…New!

  9. Nate says:

    Sadly, this fight will never happen if Cyborg isn’t willing to make 135lbs.

  10. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    I agree with girlyman. Cyborg looks like the nastyest transvestite on that planet. ( i t ) looks like WANDY in full drag

  11. Xaninho says:

    It’s probably the bubbles I just smoked, but as I was reading this, I imagined a really deep manly voice while reading Cyborgs answers…I can’t stop laughing hahaha..

  12. TheWholeTruth says:

    Wanderli take that wig off and stop playing.

  13. Mustaine says:

    Oh shit that does look like Wandy with a wig. Ha ha ha!

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