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Monday, 03/19/2012, 11:46 am

Crazy Reporter Goes Off On A Four-Minute Rampage Jackson Attack

I don’t know who this guy is or where he came from but I stumbled upon this entertaining video clip this afternoon and thought I would share it.

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69 Responses to “Crazy Reporter Goes Off On A Four-Minute Rampage Jackson Attack”

  1. Nick says:

    Dude needs to shut up. He has no respect. Just talking shit.

  2. danielrchargers says:

    who is this guy. i hate him. i cant even finish this video.

  3. Xaninho says:

    Is he drunk or something? What an annoying babbling fool!

  4. brosef says:


  5. Gerg says:

    We’re ALL thinking Rampage is being a primadonna. What is this guy saying that’s offending anyone? Rampage is a character, which I do enjoy, but this guy speaks truth. Why SHOULD he show Rampage respect? Respect is a finite commodity. Rampage earned the shit out of his respect back in the day, and has been slowly losing it. You get to a point that you just don’t deserve the respect anymore. You don’t have to keep respecting someone forever when they themselves are wasting that commodity.

  6. CALI says:

    Why even put this idiot on ?

  7. Matthew says:

    Sounds like your average tabloid reporter, to not have all the facts and report on it anyway, making shit up as you go along. What a fucking tool. Hey, Rampage, you don’t have a contract to worry about anymore! Go put a hurtin’ on this tool.

  8. Adam pidgeon says:

    He needs to get his facts straight before he trys to be all clever in a ews report, hes just being stupid.

  9. david says:

    lol i thought this guy was hilarious, hes thirty fo thirty fi, he felt 25 and had sex 5 times a day , rampage be gettin some, oh shit this guy cracked me up

  10. david says:

    and besides the shit he said was true anyways

  11. &; says:

    it was an awful segment but it does touch on everything I have been thinking about Rampage for the past few months.

  12. Jb says:

    Fu rampage your garbage and washed up. I don’t know why guys like him don’t go out on their own terms. UFC doesn’t pay me enough ???? Wtf other organization gonna pay you more? Plus you fight lazy and don’t finish. Bye bye…

  13. johnyfz450 says:

    fuck this tool they are just puttin any loser on here posting their vid he needs to get smacked

  14. Bla DeBla says:

    Apparently its blasphemy to call a Spade a Spade when a black person is concerned .

    It was a legit report backed up with well reasoned facts .

    Rampage is a done deal , over hyped , over exposed & over the hill .

    Ya cant be all things to everyone , Quinton , look to get yerself a nice wee cozy role as an ethnic minority on a long running soap opera to keep you in the manner you have become accustomed to , quit being a Primadonna Faggot , then fuck off outa my sight .

    Cunt shoulda been jailed for joyriding & causing that innocent lady to have a miscarriage .

    • Gerald says:

      now i understand where he is coming from but he really should look into what is really goin on. hell jackson could be done but look at chuck. his ass lost steam before jackson did and no one was talking like this to the iceman. i mean come on man.

      • Bla DeBla says:

        Theres no comparison .

        Rampage has his style & Chuck has his .

        Chuck does wat he does & Rampage does wat he does .

        Wats the problem ?

        We are all proud fighting men arent we ?

        Therefore we live by the sword & die by the sword & we sleep in the bed we made .

        • Will McKenzie says:

          I guess you didn’t read the states findings that had 6 different doctors look at it and showed that nothing Quiton did caused the misscarrige. The crash didn’t cause it the womb was not disturbed from the collision.

          Yes it was sad and I feel for the woman that she lost her child. It is horrible when miscarriages happen.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          So wat yer saying is that if it wasn’t Jackson who traumatized the poor girl into losing her unborn child it woulda been some other irresponsible antisocial prick with more money than he & his are worth ?

          Hmmm …

          Well reasoned , not that I agree with yer reasoning but at least it is reason ..

          Of a sort …

          A Stupid Bastard Farm Yard Animal Yank Sort That Is !!!

  15. bob says:

    Hate to say it, but what the reporter said is exactly what i’ve been thinking.

  16. MAtt says:

    Everything he is saying is true. Why are most of yall arguing about the fact? Follow BJ and youll see that everything he said had an article about it here.

  17. Rondo says:

    Like it or not the dude was spot on!

  18. ryan says:

    this dude is going to be murdered

  19. Gerald says:

    yo who does this guy think he is? has he ever done anything important? lost his damn mind…..

  20. jon anti-christ jones says:

    Dont want to reveal the persons name, but he is a registered sex offender. Not sure why BJPENN .com is giving voice to kiddie fuckers

  21. DavyBoy says:

    This guys is awesome. Everything he said was right on. Just get rid of Jackson. All the dude does is whine when he loses.

    • Bla DeBla says:

      He even whines during fights looking to the ref to help him against Jon Jones as though Jones owed him something more than a beating or as though Jones shouldnt be allowed to leg kick him … or brush past him at the end of a round .

      He’s finished as a top class fighter , same way as Tito Ortiz is , their hearts arent in it , over the hill yesterdays men .

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      This “news reporter” is an uneducated fuck. I hope he doesn’t quit his day job as a grocery store bag boy.

      Good luck to the website he works for. I doubt the UFC or any MMA organization would be willing to give them interview after his ranting stupidity.

  22. SmoothAssNigga says:

    Fagget ass white boy, he sounds like ur average keyboard warrior with a mic and screen time. I hate seein knock outs but this is one dude that needs to be.

    • Bla DeBla says:

      Not like it is in Mud Hut Africa eh ?

      Fuckin Europeans with their freedom of expression & dumb ass shit like that !

      Think they are too good to live by an open sewer , accept charity & drink filthy water !

      I’d like to sacrifice them to Mabutu the ancesteral spirit of my neighbors goat , then boil em in a big pot & then eat em …. unga bunga !

  23. JD-SE7EN says:

    ive never heard of this guy before. hes a lop. fuck this guy. why dont you get in the octagon you fucking pussy. or at least ROLL once!

  24. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    So much for professional journalism! What a fucking turd! If he wants to call Rampage out then he should quit beating around the bush and say so. What kind of news anchor doesn’t do his research before reporting? He isn’t even impartial. Not everyone who is on TRT did steroids in their past. Most of the crap he is spewing hear say amateur hour bullshit, connect the dots to fit your own conclusion.

    On the internet you can say anything you want without proof or consequences.

  25. TEVARUA says:


  26. Quazzi says:

    If rampage ever sees this guy while he is at the club he will be grease spot on the floor lol. Just a clown looking for attention.

    • Bla DeBla says:

      Why the fuck would the guy want to pay into an antisocial shithole ov a club like that ?

      You think we are all in prison , stupid ?

      That guy is sitting in a nice restaurant with a pretty girl from a wealthy family , paying $50 for a bowl of soup & talking about the decline of society & how the wealth of certain low rent elements of society contributes only to the lowering of the quality of life for certain other elements of society who happen to be the majority …. not in some criminal dive where the likes of a brainless idiot like Jackson hangs out .

      Welcome to the World , Dipshit .

      • Fred Richani says:

        Actually, I’m from a middle class Middle Eastern-Hispanic family, have three jobs, saves money, and gives most of it to his family’s bills, since they work nearly 24-7. This video was a fun rant that wasn’t meant to be taken as seriously as Obama’s State of The Union. I apologize if you were offended. I was being satirical of Rampage, no one else, so please, do not make this a racial thing. Thanks for the feedback and my apologies once again.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Thanks for fucking up my line of COUNTER attack Fred !

          Read the Context of the thread you idiot !

          I didnt make it racial I was preventing it from getting racial !

          That aside ,

          You trying to tell me you are dating a cheap Ghetto Skank & go clubbing with Jackson ?

          Dont deny it Freddy boy , yer girls a looker from a rich clan isnt she ?

  27. T.J. says:

    H8rs gonna h8.

  28. DMAC says:

    Love how all these pussy ass cowards talk shit about rampage, keep in mind all over the net. See him in person and you’ll be fan boy with a big smile. Pathetic!

    And this reporter I hope gets his teeth kick out, wait let me guess he will sue. Talk shit but when shit gets real the bitch in you comes out.

    • Bla DeBla says:

      Like a bitch that cant control her emotions & needs a strong husband to lock her up to keep her from damaging herself or others ?

      Real like that you mean ?

      Penny dropping anywhere yet Asshole ?

      Or is the government going to have to issue state made dresses for you too ?

  29. Rob says:

    This man is an idiot. But an idiot with a point.

  30. Michael johnston says:

    Truth be told, Rampage should focus on a porn career. He should sign with vivid video and he can ground and pound all day long. In porn you don’t have to make a weight cut, you don’t have to challenge standup opponents. But you do have to finish on co-stars. Somehow I think he has this one in the bag.

  31. top says:

    Idk this guy he seems annoying but it’s true what he says I used to like rampage a lot until after the Bader fight

  32. gouldx87 says:

    Wanderlei’s corpse?… this guy needs a punch in the chops

  33. Yarp says:

    I am sure Rampage would watch this and have no problem with it. He takes things like this very well.

  34. Neil Sutherland says:

    I get the feeling this guy really doesn’t understand MMA, sports, or anything about contact. He is probably just one of those douches that you see walking around wearing TAPOUT shirts and just repeating what they read online about MMA. Saying they can take out 1/2 the UFC roster.

    But when they start talking crap to someone like me or other people who are fighters. They end up shuting up or end up on the ground tapping out from a well placed kimura.

    • Bla DeBla says:

      He replied to me on Page one of this thread .

      Seems more the professional Journalist type than the wannabe badass type .

      • Neil Sutherland says:

        sure if you want to believe thats him. doubt with his supposed 3 jobs, in which 2 of them are tech support jobs where he annoys 95% of the callers, to you know reply to you on a forum

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Eh ?

          You could be right but he seemed authentic enough .

          Its not like he was shooting for ESPN , it was a youtube video , its not beyond the realms of probability that he reads in here .

          After all BJ Penn is a legend .

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        I bet he is lying his ass off because no one asked for this guys life story. I’d be embarrassed if this were me.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Naw I tried to make him out to be a posh boy after some asshole reckoned at Jacksons club he would get “Done” or something like that .

          Apparently me mking him out to be “Posh” offended his Middle eastern + Hispanic ethics & he felt the need to let us kno he works like a dog as does all his people & his only relief is when he makes Videos for fun .

          Fuckin Strange those Arab + Greaser mixtures I can tell ya … there were people saying he should be killed & knocked out & beaten up & he says absolutely fuck all to defend his rights to comment but when someone defends his right to express himself & insinuates he is posh ?

          The cunt goes & gets all uppity !

        • DMAC says:

          Get a life scrub. All you do is reply to people’s comments on, watch out!

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Watch out for what ?

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:


  35. Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

    video been removed :( damn

  36. GJJFan says:

    LOL “Video Removed by Account User” LMFAO

  37. UFC VIDEOS says:

    Rampage man what a clown.

  38. TIkler says:

    If someone finds this video please post a link. I want to see it.


  39. Thom says:

    Fuck him and all u keyboard warriors as well.. My stance on it is: dont say stuff about someone online that u would never say IRL to his face.

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