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Couture to Young Fighters: “You have a brand… build it up” | MMA NEWS

In a recent interview with, MMA legend and former UFC Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight Champion, Randy Couture, discussed his acting and television career and his recent departure from the Zuffa organization.  A well-covered topic last week, Couture described his departure from Zuffa as a weight lifted from his shoulders.  “Being in the organization, you have to kind of measure your position, and in a lot of ways, you’re walking on egg shells,” he stated.


Couture, a long-time advocate for a fighters’ union, spoke on other professional means of aiding fighters during and after their careers.  “I think establishing some sort of minimum criteria for pay is very important… so that there’s some sort of equality in what the fighters are putting on the line versus what the promoters are putting on the line,” he stated.  He also wanted to see “health insurance and some sort of retirement plan,” and even a financial “education process for fighters” so they can learn to manage their earnings to support themselves after their competitive careers.  “It’s a tragedy to see, and we see it in boxing all the time, where these guys have made millions and millions of dollars as a competitor and squandered it,” Couture said.  A retirement plan or some program that educated fighters in financial planning could benefit the sport greatly.


When asked what fighters should be doing to protect their own interests, Couture responded that “each and every fighter should be forming an LLC [Limited Liability Company] and running everything they do, related to their fighting, through their corporation.  Recognizing that you do have a brand.  You have a small window of opportunity to fashion your brand and build it up, so that hopefully, it’s strong enough to carry you through the rest of your time once your competitive years have passed you by.”  As a former multi-divisional champion, a successful coach, and as the father of a growing MMA fighter, Randy Couture’s advice in this area comes from a life spent in the sport.  While he advocates strongly for the UFC and other fight organizations to support their fighters, he also urges the fighters themselves to take a proactive role in the aspects of their career outside of the cage.


Randy Couture’s next adventure comes in Spike TV’s new series, “Fight Master: Bellator MMA,” and three special episodes of “MMA Rescue.”  “Fight Master” will be similar to the UFC’s Ultimate Fighter series, and Couture will be coaching alongside Frank Shamrock, Joe Warren and Greg Jackson.  “MMA Rescue” will feature Couture helping rebuild failing MMA gyms.  In both of these, we can expect to see Randy spreading his passion for the sport of mixed martial arts and, possibly, helping athletes build their careers with due financial diligence.


For the full interview, click here.


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  1. Dis Guy says:

    there is nothing preventing fighters from investing their money in health insurance and an ROTH IRA. its like any other job that only provides payment as compensation without any other benefits. you can invest in outside benefits. i think if places would implement all these benefits then their salaries would go down b/c the total cost per fighter would include pay + benefits. and from what i understand, the UFC does have some kinda of medical coverage for their fighters. i’m pretty sure BJ Penn is having cataract surgery, which is pretty good if he can get that covered. most employers even with great benefits don’t provide much for eye stuff, most of that is usually out of pocket.

    i think if you’re a professional fighter, you should be responsible for your spending. you are viewed as a professional, so things like financial education seems like a waste. i know they’re not professional accounts or financial advisers, but professionals nonetheless. i’m a professional engineering, not an account or anything to do with money, but i still know how to save.

    i think fighters are more than compensated enough. just like any athlete. i like watching mma and football and all kinds of sports. its a good past time and good way to cruise with friends. but realistically, the impact of most athletes is superficial. like, maybe some higher profile athletes can inspire youth and change people’s lives. but not all of them do that. its not like their advancing technology or bettering the human race. i understand the struggles of a fighter, but its what was chosen by the individual. you’re kinda asking a lot of rewards for someone who chooses to go to the gym everyday and train (and either makes it or doesn’t). sure their is sacrifice, but that comes with any profession. at least if you’re a doctor or something, you’re benefiting the world. fighters, not so much. so i don’t think randy coutore has any justification for expecting more compensation.

    thats my 2 cents. let the hate roll in. but i don’t care what any internet warrior or troll says, a fighter, just like anyone else can figure out how to spend their money and take care of their future.

    • fighters says:

      so what you’re saying is that because i didnt spend hours in a library trying to get a job that “benefits the world” that i dont deserve the benefits most mcdonalds employees get? at the same time im providing entertainment for you by putting my body in more harms way than any other sport but i still dont deserve the same benefits as say an engineer that sits behind a computer all day? so what im not changing lives? are you? the simple fact of the matter is fighters put our bodies on the line day in and day out to make rich men even richer and to put on a spectacle of brutality for unappreciative fans

      • Dis Guy says:

        fighters, you chose your path. and i didn’t mean to sound “unappreciative” but i’m an MMA fan. i understand the harm you’re putting yourself in. but that is your choice, your decision. but you can also choose to get health insurance and a retirement fund.

        the company i work for provides me health insurance but its built into my salary. i could be getting a higher salary but then i would have to pay for my own insurance. thats all i’m saying, you can go out and get insurance. even people from mcdonalds have to pay a little bit each pay check for their medical.

        and not all engineers sit behind a desk all day. some work hand in hand with mechanics on a production line to ensure the safety and efficiency of the products we design and put out on the market. my job is particularly rewarding and i enjoy it everyday. as i would assume you enjoy your fight career. if i didn’t appreciate the compensation i am getting from a particular company, i would take my skill set and go somewhere else. if there is nothing in the engineering field that i feel is satisfactory to me, then i would pick another profession. if you’re not happy with the pay/benefits of your profession, you should go get another one. otherwise, there shouldn’t be any complaints. everyone chooses their paths, we should all learn to live with the decisions we make.

        bottom line: if you’re not getting medical coverage from your work place, that prevent you from getting medical.

  2. hungsolo says:

    Spot on Dis Guy!

  3. chan says:

    if you blow millions or as randy says “squandered it” i don’t feel bad for you at all…

  4. 757 says:

    Dis Guy maybe you could benefit from some sort of grammar and writing class also. You sound dumb. Everyone benefits from what Randy is talking about. You write like your dumb. If I was you I wouldn’t turn down any education that’s available. Not Spot on dumb dumb.

    • krafty11 says:

      Someone has issues. Calling out people online for grammar mistakes? Maybe you need some counseling, or just get a life. But Randy Couture does make valid points in the article. :) Have a nice day!

    • Dis Guy says:

      757, “You write like your dumb” should actually be “You write like you’re dumb” you see, “you’re” is the abbreviation of “you are” Also, if you wanted to be more formal you would have said “If I were you…” rather than “If I was you”… since you like to make grammar an important topic on forums.

      what specifically did you not like about my comment? anything i can take away from this? or are you just a troll? i bet YOU’RE just a troll (see how i used it there?).

      why can’t fighters invest their money in a retirement fund or health insurance? some companies provide health insurance, free of cost (built into their salary). and then again, some companies provide a benefit plan where employees still have to pay. and NO company provides free retirement plans. you still have to put money into those. so either way, its gonna cost fighter whether they have providers through their promotion or do it independently.

      You say everyone benefits from what Randy is talking about. How so? He said, “It’s a tragedy to see…these guys have made millions and millions of dollars as a competitor and squandered it.” How is that a tragedy? Someone makes millions of dollars and then wastes it and goes broke is not a tragedy, that is dumb. dumb dumb. How can anyone with any common sense allow themselves to “squander” millions of dollars?

      So 757, let me ask you how can we benefit from what randy is saying? how can i benefit from YOUR comment> (see how it’s correctly used)… telling me not to turn down any education, i’m a professional engineer b/c i didn’t turn down education. what do you do? most normal jobs pay their employees and leave it up to them what to do with their money. their concern for their employee is to pay them for their services. its not the company’s responsibility to make sure the employee spends their pay checks responsibly.

      one last thing 757… SUCK IT!

  5. Gage says:

    bellators a joke, theyre titles for shit like “Fight Master” and “MMA Rescue”, the sound so amateur hahaha

    go dana

  6. JNR#1 says:

    Love the 757 guy giving grammar lessons when he doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re. Epic fail

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