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Friday, 04/20/2012, 09:29 am

Couture | Sonnen And Hendo Have The Best Styles To Beat Jon Jones | UFC NEWS

Captain America took some time off from Avenging stuff to give his prediction (or lack thereof) for the main event this Saturday between Champion Jon Jones and former champion Rashad Evans.

Couture spoke to ‘Five Ounces of Pain’, stating, “I really don’t have a prediction and I could make a case for either fighter winning the bout. The favorite is probably Jones because of his range and he is so athletic with such a dynamic striking style. Rashad has the tools and the skill set to make it a tough fight for Jones, but he has to make it a wrestling match and take him down at every opportunity. That’s not the style we tend to see out of Evans since he landed that head kick on Sean Salmon.” You guys remember that one, right? I’m pretty sure Salmon does, at least the beginning of the match. I believe it’s been used in a few intros and commercials because of how devastating it was. Personally I think his K.O. of the Iceman was more impressive. Not just because of who Liddell was (and is) but because of how far into the future he propelled his grey matter.

But Couture goes on to say that he believes striking against Jones isn’t the best game plan. “Being a stand-up fighter is not a great style match-up when you are facing a guy like Jones. The question is can Rashad formulate a game plan and make Jon wrestle with him? If he can do that he certainly has the ability he can win the fight, but I question he’ll be able to do that for a five round fight.”

He then questions this whole rivalry, which spans back to a week before the Hatfields and McCoys started getting it on. “The rage and hatred thing- it’s overblown. Rashad has taken that road with other opponents. Yes, they were training partners and there is some rhetoric going back and forth, but I’m not sure how heartfelt any of that really is. I think because they were training together they need to put it on a level so they can beat the hell out of each other. At the end of the day they will pick each other up and say’ great fight’ win or lose. This isn’t like Tito (Ortiz) and Ken (Shamrock) or Tito and Chuck (Liddell)…” (sensing a pattern here) “… where they really hate each other, (though) they were close at one point.”
I have to agree with Couture on this point. The feud really does seem to be more for show. Maybe Evans does feel some kind of way about having Greg Jackson on the opposite side of the cage, but I honestly think he’s focused on beating Jones for the title, and not letting this drama distract him.

When asked who he thinks has the best shot of taking the belt from Jones, Couture gave a surprising (to no one) answer: “I think a fighter like Dan Henderson or even Chael Sonnen, who is a very big 185-pounder and used to compete as a light heavyweight with strong wrestling. They have to take him out of his comfort zone and take away his reach advantage. There is no longer anyone in the division and maybe not in the sport as far as Jones’ reach. His takedown defense is good and he has very good wrestling. He has very unorthodox striking which makes him very dangerous. I think you have to use the fence, use your wrestling and force him to fight your fight. Either one of those guys can do that.”

Sounds like Couture is describing his own style. Who knows, maybe his style is the one to dethrone the champ. They say styles make fights and so far Jones’ style is beating the crap out of all the others. Will Evans heed the words of a former heavyweight and light heavyweight champion? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean we can’t ponder them. What do you think about Couture’s picks? Should Sonnen move up if (when) he loses to Anderson? Should Hendo just keep being Hendo?


27 Responses to “Couture | Sonnen And Hendo Have The Best Styles To Beat Jon Jones | UFC NEWS”

  1. Mike says:

    Not the most professionally written article I’ve read. Too many biased opinions. Did someone really get paid for writing this?

  2. Jujitsu Player says:

    Saying Chael has a chance against Jones is ridiculous. Hendo is fair enough, at the very least Hendo he would have a punchers chance…

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      It’s not far fetched to say that Chael will fight at 205 after he loses to Anderson. He’s not dropping to 170 LOL.

      • Jujitsu Player says:

        I think he could hang with a quite few guys in the LHW division but thats a different game to challenging/beating Jones. Chael doesn’t have great stand up, he got tuned up by Bisping , also Jones is so big and strong with his own wrestling game I can’t see him being abel to use it effectively.

        So pumped for Saturdays fight, I hope Rashad is on top form and makes it a great fight but I’m going for a Jones win…

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Seems like it will be. Rashad came in at 204lbs that tells me a lot about where he is mentally.

  3. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I agree, mainly because Randy is the MAN. You have to defeat Jones off his back, he needs a wrestler or combo of BJJ guy preferably. Shogun, Rampage, Machida although they are great strikers, they were a foot reach disadvantage and played into Jone’s style advantages. When have you seen Jones use his wrestling predominately? Jones wants to keep it standing unless he’s getting outclassed like in the Machida fight.

    Evan’s can’t leave Jones room to breath. He’s needs to be on him like white on rice!

    • GRT 3000 says:

      I think the Rashad/Jones fight will be similar to Machida. Rashad will give him some problems in rounds one and part of round two…Jones will make the adjustments and then it’ll be games over; he’s not a knock out kinda dude, so I’d say a sub in the third.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        Rashad isn’t go to make the same mistakes his predecessors made by staying in the wrong range. That Rampage fight drove me crazy he had the tools but he couldn’t get inside (epic chin, KO power and excellent TDD). Machida his problem was backing off when he had Jones running like a girl, also not allowing himself to recover after getting clocked with one of Jone’s pointy elbows. He didn’t pace himself.

        Rashad is as fast as Machida but I don’t think he’ll keep it standing for long unless he wants tire Jones out on the cage. You have 5 rounds… He’s gonna pace himself and when Jones makes a mistake he’ll capitalize on it (at least that’s what I would do). Rampage, Shogun and Machida have been in the game longer than Rashad. Rashad it the healthiest fighter to challenge Jones for the title.

  4. Lol says:

    I agree with randy. I said the same thing. Hendo because of his deadly counter attacks and sonnen bc of his relentless wrestling

  5. jew jitsu says:

    Randy is a steroid fuck
    Of course he’s gonna tell u someone who only wrestles can hump u 4 5 rounds …
    Steroid Fuck !
    Even bj said it makes him sad
    Some of the legends in the sport …
    People he looks up 2 are steroid fucks

  6. Not You says:

    What needs to happen is when Jones comes out in whatever fancy pants stance he decides, Rashad needs to run across the cage, blast double him to the ground and puns his face round after round. He just has to make sure he finishes. That way the judges wont score the decision to Jones for the way he was blocking his face

  7. jew jitsu says:

    Randy is a steroid fuck
    Of course he’s gonna tell u someone who only wrestles can hump u 4 5 rounds …
    Steroid Fuck !
    Even bj said it makes him sad
    Some of the legends in the sport …
    People he looks up 2 are steroid fucks …
    I dont like Jon jones but let’s be honest
    If Hendo doesn’t stop jones in 2 rounds his career is over .. Jones will kill him literally and figuratively … Hendo can survive a shields mount … Even a shogun mount .. But Jon jones gets him on his back and starts dropping bows on a tired Hendo .. And he will be done forever .. Seriously brain dead
    And sonnen?
    Did you all not see his last fight ??
    He’s done at 185 he ain’t shit !
    Jones would toss him around

    • You sir are a moron.. says:

      You must be the most uneducated mma fan if all time to call randy “the natural ” Couture a steroid fuck.go back to wwe.

      • A.James says:

        Are you saying its impossible? The guy was how old and still competed at a high level? He’s suspect for sure. Look at his physique during his bout with Lesnar. C’mon!

        • BasRutt says:

          Randy was juicing for sure or TRT which is the same thing….no way he could have competed at the top level at that age.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I can’t believe your hating on Randy for using TRT while fighting in his late 30s and 40s.

      I highly doubt BJ was talking about Randy when he was talking about former champs on steroids. BJ isn’t known for accusing without evidence.

  8. slacker says:

    I’m not sure about Hendo other than a puncher’s chance, mainly because I question his speed in being able to close the distance on Jones. Machida clearly showed that the in-and-out strategy works effectively with Jones. But that kind of speed is a gift, which I think only Machida and Rashad have at LW. Sonnen I agree would have a shot because of his explosive take – downs and wrestling. Although in a 5 rd. fight, he would need some good BJJ to submit him and complete the job. Otherwise, Jones would probably finish Sonnen in the later rounds. I really think Rashad has the best chance from LW down, other than Silva. Machida exposed the first area of weakness in Jone’s armor. If Rashad studies that fight properly, he has a great shot at beating Jones. I can clearly see a way. And Rashad has the tools to execute.

  9. Kingron says:

    The problem is that Evans isn’t that type of striker. he is a good striker but he doesn’t strike like Machida, which is to strike in quick bursts and then get out of the way of danger.

    • slacker says:

      That’s true. But he is great at catching leg kicks as we saw against Davis. Davis also has long legs so that was a great tune – up for fighting Jones. So, once Jones gets taken down from leg kicks a couple times, it becomes more of an arm striking match, which is great for Evans because then he can, and will rush in with his explosive take – downs much easier. Also, Rashad does have the ability to move in-and-out quickly with striking without getting hit. He did it in the 1st. round with Machida. He didn’t connect much, but that is because Machida is a mongoose. Jones is not nearly as quick as Machida in avoiding strikes. Machida’s mistake against Jones was not taking him down when Jones started backing him up to the fence and closing the distance in the 2nd. round. By that point, Jones had abandoned his kicks because Machida was countering off them so well. With Jones, its all about his reach advantage; he doesn’t have incredible power in any of his strikes. So, once he gives you something, like closing the distance and giving up that distance advantage, you gotta take it.

      • A.James says:

        Rashad doesn’t stand a chance. The people who watched him develope are against him and he’s facing a high level opponent. If Rashad wins its by dry humping.

        • slacker says:

          I thought you just said he doesn’t stand a chance?!? Did you watch the Evans – Davis fight? You don’t think Evans can catch some of Jone’s kicks and take him down? None of Machida, Rampage, Shogun, or Bader are guys who look for that kind of take – down. I think you are in for a surprise tonight.

  10. jew jitsu says:

    And rashad does what sonnen does only better

  11. Anti-Zuffa says:

    I know Jones is good, we all do. But Jones has several flaws in his game, several. He wins because of the length of his limbs, his cardio/speed, and because he’s hard to predict. . that’s it. Everyone keeps saying he’s this amazing wrestler, but he’s not at all. He has never wrestled at a major level in his life. The reason he does so well is because of the length of his legs, he can get them out a lot farther than others, dug into the mat, giving him a huge amount of leverage. I know Chael could out wrestle him for a fact, but there’s no way in hell he could stand with him. However, I’ve been saying all along that Hendo has the best chance over anyone in that division against Jones. He’s an Olympic wrestler, a Roman Greco master, and he has more power in each hand than Jones will ever see against anyone and would only dream he could have himself. A good gameplan for Hendo would be to execute his Greco against the cage tiring Jones and then get a few good shots in. Machida showed that Jones’s chin is not all that great. I mean he can take some heat, but not Hendo heat. Jones’s best chance against Hendo would be his cardio, letting Hendo tire himself out and then getting some elbows or a guilotene in.

  12. thetude says:

    Couture is right and wrong. He is right about having to keep jones on the mat, he is wrong about Rashad not doing it. Rashad isnt stupind, he is not going to try to outstrike jones, but in my opinion even if the fight stays on the ground, Jones still will win, he just needs a top mount position to end the fight really quick. Oh yea, FUCK YOU RANDY COUTURE,and FUCK YOU CHAEL SONNEN! Bones would shit all over both of you!

  13. Donnybrook says:

    Of course Randy would say that, he’s buddy’s with both of them so his opinion is purely biased. Sorry Randy I laughed when you mentioned Sonnen… Jones would beat him like a red headed step child but the fight would probably sell because I would pay to see Sonnen elbowed into oblivion. Hendo on the other hand does have a punchers chance if he can keep it on the feet and land the “H-bomb” but that a mighty big IF… I still don’t see it happening though.

  14. Bjj BB says:

    Wow!! Never thought id hear any1 say randy is juicing!! That has to be the dumbest shit ive ever heard!! Have u seen his diet?!! If i was in the ufc id be trying to eat like him, hendo, chael, rashad and any1 for that matter wont beat jones and i think randy is wrong!! Jones was a wrestler 1st b4 fighting, he shows it but hes so great at striking and his bjj that he dont just lay on u like every1 else, jones is a true mma fighter and does not need any1 hating on him, even if u dont like him u have to respect his craft cuz its REAL and not only about one thing!!

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