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Wednesday, 02/12/2014, 10:16 am

Couture Says 34 Countries Have Signed On To Bring MMA To The Olympics

With himself and the UFC officially on the outs, Randy Couture keeps his name relevant doing stints with Bellator when he’s not on set making motion picture blockbusters.

The UFC/MMA legend recently talked about the sport of Mixed Martial Arts going to the Olympics while attending a Hollywood event.

TMZ has the scoop:

UFC legend Randy Couture says there’s serious momentum in the fight to get MMA back in the Olympics … with more than 30 COUNTRIES on board and ready to roll.

Couture was leaving an event in L.A. this weekend when he said, “I think there’s 34 or 39 countries that have signed petitions” for a sport called pankration … an ancient form of MMA.


16 Responses to “Couture Says 34 Countries Have Signed On To Bring MMA To The Olympics”

  1. adam says:

    they are on the outs meaning they have nothing to do with each other. I don’t think it says bad books at all.

  2. seminalcacti says:

    Randy and the UFC burned their bridges a long time ago. Randy isn’t even allowed to corner his son in the UFC. I remember the UFC posting every paycheck they paid to Randy online for everybody in the public to view.

  3. Andrew Brown says:

    A: Randy Coutre son is no longer with the UFC.Ryan was given his walking papers months ago when he went 1-3 in the Octagon. B: Couture had a job set up by the UFC with Fox as a top announcer and fucked off to do a Bellator reality fight show similar to TUF original format bot current. Dana took this as a slap in the face run him down in the media etc. Now I personally hate Dana but as he said Randy is still on the hook contractually with his announcing job and 3 fights left technically on his contract when he out of the blue retired for the 3rd time!!

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