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Tuesday, 12/04/2012, 04:50 pm

Couture responds to Seagal’s no holds barred challenge | MMA News

It was a while back now, that Randy Couture joked that the only way he would come out of retirement is if the UFC were to offer him a fight with Steven Seagal.

Clearly, Seagal didn’t take Randy Couture’s remarks as that of a joking manner, as he told the following to Ariel Helwani of the MMA Hour:

“I always thought that Randy was my friend and a gentleman. I’m kind of confused as to why he would say that,” Seagal said on the show. “All I can say is, I’m here. Anybody can find me anytime and anyplace. If Randy really wants to fight me, he can fight me anytime he wants. It’ll be for free, and it’ll be some place where there are no witnesses.” When asked if this hypothetical match would take place under MMA rules, Seagal told Ariel Helwani, “I don’t play by rules. That’s not how I fight.”

So the folks at MMA.TV decided to give “Captain America” a call to see what type of reaction he would have to the Seagal remarks:

“I’m the one that started the joke as an off-handed comment I made to Jay Glazer — that I’d only come out of retirement if it were to fight Seagal. Obviously now somebody has talked to him about it and it has gotten some legs,” Couture chuckled to MMA.TV over the phone today.

“I’m not surprised that he wants to do it in private, remote location where nobody could see it happen. Obviously I intended it as a joke. I don’t think it would really happen.”

Couture is clearly bemused by the actor’s ominous-sounding statements. Asked if he was intimidated by Seagal’s claim that the fight would be truly no holds barred, Couture neatly replied, “I don’t think that changes the nature of the fight at all.”

So it’s safe to say that Couture is not going to take Seagal up on his battle-to-the-death challenge, then, right? “Hey, it could happen organically I suppose,” Couture ended, simply.



38 Responses to “Couture responds to Seagal’s no holds barred challenge | MMA News”

  1. Enzo says:

    Seagal would’ve smoked Randy’s ass

  2. LMAO says:

    This is a joke… Steven Segal was, and always will be a “B” rate actor, without real skills. Out of shape, less than famous, has-been trying to become relevant again by calling out someone whos way passed his skill level. Segal, Sonnen and “Spits”-bing must be close friends hahaha

  3. Swampyballs says:

    That Kung Fu nonsense isnt gonna do shit when Randy has that fatass mounted and is pummeling his face.

    • Chester says:

      Dude, do you fight? Segal doesn’t actually do Kung Fu. He does Aikido. I think Randy will beat him into the afterlife too, but to correct your statement…Kung Fu has worked for thousands of years and it continues to work.

      • Harry says:

        This is ridiculous. I can’t believe how many fools believe in Steven seagal. I always thought is mma fans were a littleore intelligent than that. I think half the people on this thread believe wwe wrestling is real too. I did wing chun for a bit and it sux. Punches have no power, footwork is the worst I’ve ever seen. If UFC proved one thing, it’s that king fu is a load if shit. Name one champion that did king fu. Hell name one decent fighter that did Kung fu, or aikido, or any traditional martial arts. I know gsp did karate. But I don’t see him train in it now. Boxing, Muay Thai, bjj and wrestling work. Randy would hurt seagal so bad he’d wish he was back in a movie really quick. Never let the lines between a real professional fighter, and a martial arts movie star get mixed.

        • Chris says:

          Bruce Lee. And for you to think MMA is the ultimate way of training you’re sadly mistaken. While it is good to know how to strike and how to fight on the ground, it comes down to the proper execution of techniques with the correct timing to render any opponent helpless. You know nothing about fighting at elite levels and you have just proven that by saying that Kung fu is horrible and BJJ is the best thing to happen since sliced bread. Sorry but every fight is one strike away from being over.

        • fsunoles10 says:

          go look up a guy name eshan shafiq, he was a kung fu grandmaster who won kickboxing, tkd, and alot of other different styles of combat tourneys using his kung fu.also machida still practices karate from what i understand everyday so yea there is another example proving how retarded your comment was.

  4. YoungLove says:

    I’ve seen at least ten fights that no one knows ever took place and I must say that it pays to be rich. I know that when Seagal says a place that no one would know he really means a place where the price for admission has to be right. Invites sent the usual way I’am in baby. If the fight stays standing up I say it’s Seagal’s game if it goes to the ground Randy will most probably have a better ground game with his wrestling background. Seagal please for the love of all that is right “do not wear tights”.

  5. get ur head out says:

    of Seagal’s ass you fuckwits, the guy is a tall fat guy and Aikido and Kung fu have no place against people with knowledge of practical martial arts, sure you can beat up some random on a bus who knows nothing but you’re fucking kidding yourself if you’re going out on a major limb trying to aikido counter an mma fighter or kung fu scorpion kick his ass

  6. ASN says:

    Yes, aikido is mostly tradition and demo’s now days, but there’s a reason it’s not a sport. It’s designed to MAME you. Rather than throw a punch or a kick to wear the opponent down or set them up for a takedown, aikido would rather pop your shoulder out with a turn, or break your wrist with a twist, or break something else as you crash to the ground in a crunchy mess. Seagal is a GRAND MASTER at Aikido. Have some respect. He could probably beat all your asses. Maybe at the same time. “He’s just an actor!” And a lot of people said the same about Bruce Lee. Not saying Seagal is anywhere near a Bruce Lee, but he’s still pretty damn skilled!
    With that being said…. I still think Randy would take em lol.

    • rummble says:

      thank you, that makes sense atleast, the other guys are just saying….

    • Harry says:

      Seagal backed down from a fight with van damme. My god randy would slam him through the ground. Those silly little slaps and wrist locks don’t even look like they’d work. And ps I loved Bruce lee movies but even he was an actor. Chuck Norris would have destroyed him in real life. Chuck says so in a nice way on YouTube. Once again never confuse an actor with a professional fighter. This thread is ridiculous!

      • Ezzie says:

        whoah! Bruce Lee was an actor??? he was a martial arts practitioner before he became an actor. he performed his abilities in tournaments. people who questioned his theories or his teachings made him prove it to them in tournaments or shows. hr proved people wrong when he pushed his body’s capability to the limit with his martial art philosophy.

        Please don’t say Bruce Lee was just an actor.

      • fred says:

        It was actually the other way around: Norris said Lee would kill him, especially after working with him on Game of Death/Return of the Dragon. Check your source, this is pretty easy to find.

      • Jonny says:

        ROFL. You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

      • bahaha says:

        uhh you know Chuck Norris was an actor to right? so now who sounds like the idiot? and btw, those aikido “wrist locks” you think are sissy-ish, would make u look like a bitch while on ur 1 knee beggin for him to let go

  7. Gene LeBelle says:

    I already choked Steven out and made him shit his pants… and I’m 80 years old. Just sayin’…

  8. jun says:

    No witness, no rules… Seems like Seagal fight plan is to beat Couture with a teaser. LOL!

  9. Boat painter says:

    Couture would smash him inside of two minutes. Period.

  10. Cam says:

    i love how every1 comments on seagals acting skills, i think people forget he is a 7th degree black belt aikido master. . . .

    • fsunoles10 says:

      seagal has never preformed in competition all he does is demonstrations which are choreographed like a bitch. and aikido is uselss in a fight without weapons, wtf is a wrist lock gonna do when your gettin punched in the face which brings me to my next point everybody has a plan till you get punched in the face

  11. Hayden says:

    Notice how Seagal says, no holds barred, not MMA. The only way Seagal has a chance is to gouge Randy’s eyes, punch his throat, bend or break his fingers,bite etc. But Randy wouldn’t let any of that happen because he is too fast and strong. Randy Couture closes his eyes tackles the fat slob Seagal gets him on the ground and it’s all over. Aikido has no defence against takedowns.

  12. lnewlf1325 says:

    Seagal made these same stupid comments years ago after talking crap about Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris. Then about 5 guys (Denis Alexio, Bill Wallace, Benny “The Jet”, and a couple of others I can’t remember off the top of my head) all stepped up and said any one of them would fight him he never responded. He is such an ass clown.

  13. chris macmillan says:

    who wants 2 watch 2 old bastards fight eachother anyway go to ur local nursing home and switch some old cunts meds around ull probally get somthing simular hahahahahahahahahah

  14. Shane Mead (@Shaneoo88) says:

    In his defense, Ariel Helwani presented Randy’s comments as if it were a legit challenge rather than a joke. Ariel stirring the pot again.

  15. iconictech says:

    AwTxmAtG ha ha ha

  16. Edster says:

    Segels to old to be fighting, although I belive Akido is to take your opponet out. Throat punches, eye jabs ect. and those wrist locks are no joke, He’ll break that MF unless you think quick. As far as Bruce Lee go to Youtube and punch in ” Bruce Lee Ping Pong” and tell me the guy aint totally incredible.

  17. Iceman says:

    A fight in a remote area? No witnesses? Where’s the fun in that? He doesn’t play by the rules?… what’s he gonna do? gang up on randy? I want to see this happen inside the octagon… NO RULES, just tapout. Dana! can you make this happen? :)

  18. HelpMeRhonda says:

    Couture must be on drugs, he definitely crossed the line. You don’t belittle an Akido master by challenging him to a duel. What a dumb jock thing to say.

  19. Really?? says:

    Bunch of idiots on here. You morons who know nothing about MMA or even fighting for that matter are simply Ignorant. Go train a bit and learn something before leaving your stupidity in writing!
    Couture is a professional MMA fighter. Key word here is FIGHTER. The “Akido Master” is not. To sit and compare the two is not even possible. Ridiculous.
    Fight snapshot: Couture enters fight “arena”…..Grand Master looks at MMA guy..shits Gi, re-evaluates life and the towel is thrown in!!

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