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Saturday, 06/08/2013, 09:45 am

Couture: Banning Me From My Sons Corner Was Over The Line

For an MMA Legend like Randy Couture, watching your son enter the UFC’s Octagon for the first time and follow in your footsteps has to be a crowning moment.

Ryan Couture, a Strikeforce veteran, made the merge to the UFC a couple of months back and he was forced to do so without his longtime coach and father in his corner.

Dana White and the UFC have banned Randy from ever attending a UFC event. So much so, that they won’t let him corner his son or even buy a ticket.

A harsh and bold move by the UFC brass, but business is business.

Here is Couture’s side as told to Ben Fowlkes.

“In my opinion, that’s over the line … How would he like it if I was in a position to affect his son’s lives and careers that way? On one hand, he wants to tell my son he’ll treat him like any other fighter, and give him an out if he wants out, but then he turns right around and tells him, ‘You won’t be able to have your dad corner you.’ I’ve been part of his camp and part of his career since the beginning. He’s not treating him like any other fighter. I don’t see Greg Jackson being eliminated from Georges St. Pierre’s or Jon Jones’ corners. He’s in the same show I’m in. I think there’s a bit of a double-standard going on there.”


117 Responses to “Couture: Banning Me From My Sons Corner Was Over The Line”

  1. Alonso Gonzalez says:

    dana white is a bitch with money

  2. Brett Anderson says:

    F UFC ! I’m pissed they treat randy couture like that. I lost all respect for the UFC and don’t expect to see any more of my money.

  3. Slim Charles says:

    Yeah, that is overboard…

  4. gvd says:

    That’s a low move, even for the UFC.

  5. It is apparent says:

    that we all don’t know the entire story between Randy Couture and the UFC. But, Dana White said that the Couture the public sees is not the real Couture.

    I believe him. Couture, a UFC HOF member, shouldn’t have signed with Spike to do their version of TUF. You are going against the organization that was the vehicle that made you famous. No loyalty on Couture’s part. I think Couture never thought it would get to this point even after Dana White warned him. Couture made a business decision.

    • Really? says:

      Answer me this, if the man has to work in order to pay his bills, and the UFC is no longer paying him, you would rather have him be loyal to the UFC and not pay his bills, than to proactively seek for employment which will?

      • Well, says:

        when the UFC signed the Fox deal just 2 years ago, Couture was commentating on many of the FX and Fuel cards. So he was employed by the UFC. But, loyalty is huge to Dana White. i.e Chuck, Matt Hughes..Something was said behind closed doors that made Couture go against the UFC. Couture made the decision. White then made his decision. Now Couture is crying about it. Well, he knew what the outcome would be, but went ahead anyway. There are so many other “jobs” he could have tried for in MMA, but went totally against the UFC. Plus, Dana isn’t too fond of Spike either, which was probably another reason why Couture got the UFC death penalty! Sorry, it’s business, but it’s also personal.

    • some guy says:

      why in the hell should it matter if he signed with spike? he isnt in any contract with the UFC nor was he fighting for them. so why the hell cant he go work for another company? ol’ DW just has his head so far up his ass he thinks its ok to treat people like that. its a bullshit move and it says a lot about his personality!

  6. 757 says:

    Honestly, fuck Randy Cotour he is a millionaire …literally. I have never ever ever heard of Randy Cotour giving anything back in charity or anything else. Now his son is his main focus…..interesting where was he when he dumped Ryan’s mom.Get the whole story first before you start crying the blues for Randy, and realize that in a pinch he wouldn’t do one thing for you personally. He made a shit ton of money so feel bad for him he certainly doesn’t feel bad for anyone else. Just for example look at Cigano and so many other fighters. They share their prosperity with others. I have been watching this sport for a long time and have never witnessed Randy giving back….sorry no pitty here.

  7. T.DADDY says:

    Randy turned his back on the UFC… I don’t know why everybody is blaming Dana… it was Randys choice to join a RIVAL company… he wasn’t worried about his son when he jumped ship and now he’s tryin to make Dana out as the bad guy… Randy fought his whole career for UFC they built him up as this all American hero… made him all kinds of money and he joins a rival… that just seems shady

  8. GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    If anyone should be banned from the UFC and cageside should be Greg “NO ACTION” Jackson. The man who RUINED UFC 151.

  9. jdog says:

    I understand the rival thing but even before they bought Strikeforce which WAS a REAL rival to the UFC they still allowed MANY fighters to corner others in the UFC look at Dan Henderson as one, that was very low and public how he left the UFC for Strikeforce yet he was still allowed to corner UFC fighters, look at Nick Diaz who was allowed to corner his brother Nate in fights. Point is this IS DANA WHITE being an A$$. People saying Randy doesn’t give back to charity, give me a break man, I know first hand he DOES give back to charity, he has made MANY toys for tots appearances as well as other fundraisers for charities, just because a person doesn’t go out and say “LOOK I JUST GAVE TOYS FOR TOTS $100,000 FOR THEIR CAUSE” doesn’t mean they don’t. When Randy went to Belator Dana said he was working on something for Randy and Randy was in, then he was out and signed for Belator, so to me it sounds shady but….. people go where the money is, everyone believing how great the UFC is needs to really look at it. Look at Belator, people say it is really bad, they don’t pay bla bla bla then you have others who say it is great they pay great and bla bla bla. There is always two sides to a story no matter WHO is involved and point is others who WENT to a COMPETITOR were still ALLOWED to corner fighters BUT Randy was NOT allowed to corner his own SON….. NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK AT IT THAT IS A FORM OF DISCRIMINATION OR BIAS POINT BLANK…

  10. 757 says:

    Why all the capitals. No …you are wrong I would like to know when that was that he contributed. You are full of shit. He does not give back. The UFC did make him allot of money, he did jump to other organizations, he did leave the UFC after they brought him back, put in in the HOF, he made movies, appeared on the Ultimate fighter, got the profile match against James ToneY to rep MMA. Fuck that greedy prick. You and the rest of the Randy nut huggers. Go ask Randy to pay your rent or feed you because you can’t afford food and see what he does. Get a fucking brain in your head man. Put down the comic books and get in the real world.

    • Know your facts says:

      757, why you so mad, bro? First of all why would anyone ask Randy to pay their rent or to get fed by him, we are Americans, we earn our own living, no need for hand outs! Secondly, in a similar situation, do you think the UFC will pay your rent or feed your mouth, NO! Lastly, know your facts, bro, my neighbor two doors down used to train with Randy in Gresham, Oregon and he has mentioned to me, before any of this drama, how much of a good guy he is and that he’s given back to his community where he grew up. Be careful pointing your finger and judging other people’s character, without truly knowing who they are, bro!

    • jdog says:

      757 You dont know your a$$ from a hole in the ground. I volunteer with Toys For Tots EVERY year, I have met Randy the last 3 years in a row and EACH year he HAS donated a check to the foundation, he also helps deliver some of the toys to the needy children. I speak the truth you just spit out so much hate, what did he do sleep with your mom or something??? Did he take your girlfriend from you??? I think you are one of those people who think that if you are rich you must give to non working people (namely you) or something. Does Dana White pay your rent? Does Chael Sonnen, Pete Rose, Tom Brady or Lebron??? You should get your facts straight before you spew that crap out of your mouth, once again the last 3 years Randy HAS helped with toys for tots and has given a check to the fund each year. I am not saying I am a friend of him but he dang sure remembers my name each year and is more than happy to come up and shake my hand and slap my back then start talking about the children and asking where and what we have planned EVERY time he sees me. I am not saying what he did was right, but again, everyone goes where the money is, a millionaire or not or even a billionaire doesn’t start giving all their money away, they keep trying to make AS MUCH MONEY as they can PERIOD wise up and get that hate from your head before it ruins your life

      • jcat says:

        meow…..meeeeeeooowwwwwwww! meeooooww.
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        MEOW!!!!! MEOwwwwwwwww. meow. meow. meow.

        what? u think u ruff? meow.

    • K2 says:

      757 were you not the same douchwad talking shit about how GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) was talking shit about Fitch? So here you are again. Talking shit about people…

  11. 757 says:

    First of all dummy I’m not mad. I don’t even know your dumb ass. Ok your right now that I guess your neighbors who used to live near your friend and had a cousin who used to train with a guy who used to know Randy’s friend and he told a guy who then told you about Randy it’s all good. Besides the rent thing was a hypothetical example for the sake of the conversation. I realize that we all work for our money…besides you if your to dumb to catch on. I will be real careful pointing fingers OR WHAT ASSHOLE!!!! You punk mother fucker. Shut up and quit defending people who don’t give a shit about you or your funking 18 friends removed who knew Randy Cotour…..He is a real good guy who’s been married 8 fucking times. What a dick!!!!!! oh yeah I mean you not Randy he’s a great guy!

  12. 757 says:

    Hey jdog donations are tax write offs you immature rookie. All the little mom and girlfriend insults make you look like a little boy…no wonder your star struck. Why don’t you get him to sign your baseball glove for you….ha ha foolish little boy. Lastly sleeping with someones mom or stealing a girlfriend is all very familiar ground to Randy just ask Ryan. Careful he may sleep with yours too! If your old enough to have one. Who knows with as much as he has done maybe your defending him because he is your long lost dad!!! ha ha you asshole little kid what a joke! get a life and try and understand the real world. Keep defending people who don’t care about you….ha ha ha…..h yeah now hurry up and change your screen name before the next comment

  13. Woah, woah... says:

    Woah, woah, Stone Cold Steve Austin, save it for your next match! I know your type, angry at the world, so you try to be-little other people to make yourself feel better. In other words, you like to player hate from the sidelines. Maybe you ought to change your name from 757 to the mad chatter? Anyway, I can see this isn’t going anywhere, I have work to attend to, but good luck with it all, I hope you have a good day!

  14. 757 says:

    Sasquatch good one used tampon…wow that was really a good comeback. You must use that in school all the time. Your busted. You know it you are one of those little pussies that make up a bunch of different names because your low self esteem won’t let you get some balls busted. Ha ha somebody wants cry you Canadian pussy….ha ha what a joke your to easy.

  15. 757 says:

    Now go get your baseball glove signed by Randy Cotour because he patted you on the back and you got shake hands with him….ha ha hilarious little pussy

  16. 757 says:

    Absolutely positive that assquatch is a self esteem nightmare. Like I said belly hanging over his belt, skinny arms, hairy back, lives at home in the basement……..oh yeah and comes from pussy ass canada. What a laugher…yeah I do have you figured out!

  17. 757 says:

    Asssquatch what’s up? the way you use retard all the time is that you must have an issue of that nature that’s why it’s so sensitive to you. Don’t worry in canada you live in the woods where being inbred is ok and so there is allot of you. I’m SURE YOU FIT RIGHT IN HA HA as for the homo part that and ass raping again are your common theme. You and you ass pirate partner must sit around talking about it all the time. He sucks too at this!!

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