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Wednesday, 11/20/2013, 08:36 am

Evidence Shows GSP Lawsuit Against Ex-Manager Worth Millions, Star Already Forced To Pay $700k +

One of the many rumors that have come out since Georges St. Pierre’s strange decision to walk away from the sport is apparently a multi-million dollar lawsuit between St. Pierre and his former manager Shari Spencer.

The news was exposed by St. Pierre’s first manager Stephane Patry when he said “the only thing that I can think of… he had a manager for three years, a woman named Shari Spencer. It didn’t end well between them… it ended very badly with Shari Spencer and I know she’s suing him for several million dollars,” he said. “I don’t know if the lawsuit is advancing against Georges and he’s gonna lose it but I don’t see another problem.”

The woman in question, Spencer, took to twitter to dispel this rumor.

Now, TMZ, the same website that published unfounded rumors about St. Pierre facing an unplanned pregnancy and a family illness apparently has court documents that prove otherwise.

From TMZ:

“Georges St-Pierre cut a $737k check to his former manager — after the woman sued the UFC champ for screwing her out of her contract … and according to court docs, she could still be in line for a multi-million dollar payday. TMZ Sports has obtained documents filed in Clark County, Nevada, which show GSP was sued by ex-manager Shari Spencer after the two parted ways in 2011…. The court docs show … the judge agreed with Shari and ordered GSP to cut a check for $737,066.35 — which the fighter paid back in April. But there’s more … the judge also ordered GSP to pay Shari’s management company the following:

— 20% of future revenue on various UFC Pay-Per-View fights
— 20% of royalties earned under a 2008 UFC merchandising contract
— 5% of future revenues from sponsorships she apparently helped him earn (including Affliction and RUSHFit).”

It is not yet clear whether St. Pierre still owes Spencer money from his RUSHfit DVDs, if he owes her money on PPV revenue, or if all of this is another unsubstantiated rumor, but it would make UFC President Dana White’s comments of “[St. Pierre’s] problems aren’t as bad as he thinks they are” seem more reasonable.

Want to see the proof? Click here for the legal docs!


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  1. The natural says:

    So why did that bitch go on twitter and try to make a funny comment like that what sneaky bi*** go online wen u oviously are taking adv of gsp talk about evil she made him fill out a contract that if she represents him or not she making 20% off him for rest off his life c’mon this sounds like a south park episode what a shady sneaky company u were fired

  2. Ddddddddd says:

    Don’t screw. then they can’t sue.

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