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Monday, 02/27/2012, 08:31 am

Countdown To Ultimate Fighter Brazil (Video)

He is about to begin his stint as coach on The Ultimate Fighter Brasil. Before starting his rigorous taping schedule, Wanderlei Silva took time out to meet the fans, and pay a surprise visit to fighters at XGYM in Rio for a pep talk and to exercise his coaching skills. The Ultimate Fighter Brasil debuts on March 25. Check for listings and airdates.

“The big game is just starting. We just had the first broadcast on FOX [and Globo]. Of course, it’s been good years until now, but I think that what’s coming is much bigger. Everyone can get the opportunity, the sky is made with a lot of stars. You just have to make yours shine. Stay with the right people and the right trainers. Stay focused and keep training. Nowadays, when you start fighting, a lot of people come around offering you stuff. ‘Let’s do this! Let’s go over here!’ The thing is to stay focused, to study the art. To come into the gym and train. Eat well, sleep well. We depend on out bodies because on fight days, your buddies won’t fight the fight for you. It will be you up there and if you lose, those guys will find someone else to suck up to.”


5 Responses to “Countdown To Ultimate Fighter Brazil (Video)”

  1. Jimbo says:

    Wow what a great speech by Wanderlei, some good advice for up incoming fighters.

  2. Jason N says:

    I will not be able to watch this one due to the FUEL TV debacle. So as far as i’m concerned it isn’t happening. Too bad because it probably would be good.

    F@$K FUEL TV.

  3. Scotty says:

    Is Raphael Feijao and Jacare part of the fighters that are competing or is this there gym and are just training? Wouldn’t think they would be apart of the competition cause they are already with strikeforce…

  4. The_Gooch1 says:

    Great speech!

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