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Thursday, 05/17/2012, 07:04 am

Cormier Prepared To Use Unseen Tactics To Best Barnett In GP Final | MMA NEWSb

“I do what I have been training. As I said before when I fought Bigfoot Silva, I do what I have done my entire life. I have won a lot. I’ve won at every level and competed with the best at every level. So I just have to go out and do what I’m trained to do, do what I’m used to doing, and that’s competing hard, competing smart and getting my hand raised. History shows that I am pretty good at that, I find ways to win. Going back to him saying I’m just not prepared for that, well, there’s some tricks that I have. There’s some things that I know that he’s not prepared for, that he hasn’t seen before. What’s Josh Barnett going to do when he has to fight from his back or stand in front of me the whole time where he can’t get on top. Those are things that he is not used to.”

This Saturday the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix will conclude and the winner crowned.

Daniel Cormier will take on Josh Barnett in the final bout. With a glaring experience edge over Cormier, Barnett has gone on record numerous times proclaiming that he has the advantage in the bout, but what the AKA fighter wants to point out is his ever evolving game and his depth of competition on the wrestling circuit.

Does Cormier still have a few unseen surprises for his opponent this Saturday? According to what he told “The MMA Hour” he most certainly does.


4 Responses to “Cormier Prepared To Use Unseen Tactics To Best Barnett In GP Final | MMA NEWSb”

  1. Ken says:

    Cormier got this !!!!

  2. Michael hamlin says:

    Go for it American wrestling is the best style ever!!!!

  3. feenom says:

    Props to Cormier, but Barnett in my opinion, will be too much for Cormier to handle. Barnett wins in the stand up, wins on the ground as well. Any fighter can get beat in MMA but Barnett is a beast!

  4. Numba1Ghani says:

    Josh Barnett is pretty good for a roidbaby juicehead but DC is a fuckin animal he’s gona destroy Barnett whether Barnett aka the RoidMaster aka the JuiceBaby Assassin has steroids in his system or not.

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