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Tuesday, 04/02/2013, 10:39 am

Cormier on Mir Fight: “I’m Going To Make Him Check Out”

Frank Mir is eager to provide Daniel Cormier with a warm UFC welcome.

After hearing Mir (16-6, 14-6 UFC) firing shots towards him about not being able to finish fights without help from the referee (in an interview with MMA Fight Corner), UFC Heavyweight Daniel “DC” Cormier responded strongly.

The longtime UFC veteran, Mir welcomes “DC” to the UFC April 20 at UFC on FOX 7.

Cormier (11-0) who has been on a tear on his way to his upcoming UFC debut, has displayed his power with heavy hands, and in turn his ability to end fights.

Cormier vented to Bleacher Report.

“To the point of me not being a guy that can finish fights, I’m going to tell you right now and this is 100 percent true-Frank Mir says I can’t finish fights? Okay that’s fine. My intention in this fight is not to finish Frank Mir. I’m going beat up on Frank Mir for 15 minutes and I’m going to make him stay in that cage with me.If Frank Mir gets finished, it will be because he quit. We’ve all seen some of his fights where we’re like ‘what exactly happened there?’. Know that in this one, if he gets finished it will be because he quits. I’m going to make him check out of that fight, I’m not going to do it for him. I’m not going to do it for him. When he wants out of the fight, he’ll get out of the fight. So watch the fight on April 20. If Frank Mir gets finished it’s because he checked out.”

Frank Mir will undoubtedly need the fight to hit the canvas early to last in the octagon with Cormier. His ground attack could combine well with his size advantage to catch “DC” in a bad position, but on the feet the heavyweight battle is lopsided. Cormier possesses elite athleticism, and moves like a much smaller fighter. He will be quicker on his feet, and that will give the last Strikeforce heavyweight title holder a clear advantage come April 20.


6 Responses to “Cormier on Mir Fight: “I’m Going To Make Him Check Out””

  1. Mir for the Win says:

    Can’t wait for this fight. I like DC and he is a great broadcaster. But I like Mir more. Mir by submission.

    • GET RID OF NATE "The Cheat" (forever) says:

      Mir is in for a horrible beating in this one. I doubt it lasts 2 rounds before ref stops it due to nonstop barrage in punches by Cormier. Yes Mir has the ROID advantage but Cormier is 10 times the athlete Mir could ever dream of being.

      Mir will probably retire after this fight and blame the loss on some B.S. injury

      • Dude says:

        Cormier was a collegiate wrestler. You cannot be a college wrestler and NOT take steroids. The future will show that Cormier will have taken more steroids than Frank Mir. But I doubt either of them are still juicing today.
        Everyone’s judging that Cormier will “retire” Mir because Cormier KO’d Bigfoot, who KO’d the Reem. Silva, while having big names under his belt, is over-rated imo. Cormier is also over-rated. Mir is under-rated. It’s a perfect set up for a Cormier letdown. We’ll find out soon.

        • GET RID OF NATE "The Cheat" (forever) says:

          Cormier was an Olympic athlete for at least 8 years wrestling on world scene being tested NONSTOP. Cormier is one of the few (10-15%) of CLEAN MMA fighters. Cormier will mop the floor with FRank mir. Mir is on TRT which is anabolic steroids. Mir put on 30 lbs of muscle after he got smashed by Brock and was hell bent on getting revenge so he hooked up with world strongman Mark Philipi and that’s when Mir really hit the ROIDS hard for at least a year straight. You sir are a complete IDIOT as Cormier is the real deal. I realize you probably came over with Brock from FAKE ASS WRASSLIN so your mentality is to rot for guys with big (FAKE) roided up muscles but your boy Mir doesn’t stand a chance in hell against Cormier. You won’t have the balls to come back here and admit you were wrong

        • I Heard... says:

          …that this douchebag, GRON the cheat, is a whiney little bitch. Are you in a mental hospital? All you do is whine and accuse people of shit YOU HAVE ZERO idea about. Do you wear a tin foil hat? You are a conspiracy theory nut that has never fought a day in your life and thinks he knows something. That’s what I Heard….

  2. Ddddddd says:

    Always trying to play mental games with guys that feed off it.
    Frank your f$cked.

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