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Thursday, 08/15/2013, 11:25 am

Cormier Moving Down To 205 For Health Regardless Of Velasquez vs. JDS III Outcome

“I don’t want to fight Cain (Velasquez) but I also want to start living life a little healthier, I’ve got kids now. A lot of fans have asked me to go down to 205, they’ve been asking me since I started fighting. So now I’m doing it, but I’m starting to put the earnest on them, I want them to do it with me. I have a website and I can watch their progress as we go down together.”

“I’m confident (Junior dos Santos) won’t win that fight and, as I said, it doesn’t matter. I want to try to live healthier for my kids and for my family. I want to live a longer life, a healthier life, so I’m going to go down regardless.”

– Daniel Cormier via Fuel TV’s ‘UFC Tonight’.


9 Responses to “Cormier Moving Down To 205 For Health Regardless Of Velasquez vs. JDS III Outcome”

  1. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    I think it’s a really smart move. Even with all the extra fat he’s pretty fast. If he can get down to his natural weight, keep the power and probably get even faster and more agile he can do some real damage in the 205 division, maybe even challenge Jones.

  2. Well, he does have the gift of gab.. says:

    ..meaning, he can talk with the best MMA commentators. But,saying he is changing weight class for his family and health? You risk your health every day you train or step in the Octagon. Fighting is highly risky. Training to fight is highly risky.
    If JDS just so happens to win the fight (I got Cain this time, but you never know…), DC will come to his senses and remain in the HW division. For him to drop to LHW when there is so much for him to prove in the HW division will eat at him. IMHO.

    • Are you fucking stupid.. says:

      The guy is overweight.. His natural weight class is 205..

      He really needs to lose weight for health reasons… Shit if he drops to 205 and gets in shape.. Who knows what kind of hell he could cause in the 205 division. Jones better move up to HW I will tell you that much.

      • Obviously you know him says:

        since he allows you to suck on his knob like you are doing now.
        He wrestled above 205 lbs you dumbf***. Health reasons? Cutting weight and depriving your body of water is hazardous to one’s health, idiot. And his “natural weight” is what he walks around at right now! It certainly isn’t 205. If Cain didn’t hold the belt, you know fckn well he wouldn’t be moving down. Not fighting a friend? Cool, nothing against that. Loyalty is admirable. DC isn’t a fat slob who needs to lose weight, you brain-dead fck. Stay in school, dipsh*t.

  3. Ddddddddd says:

    He obviously needs to drop weight. I think what Jones said about him could have got him goin.

  4. drew says:

    dammmmmmm 205 getn a fuckn a stud down there now no one is going to knock that guy out or out wrestle him or get him in any bad spot in a fight dude will be the cain of 205…same gym housin the 205 champ and hw champ couldnt happen to any better men

  5. Dubious says:

    No thanks DC, I do not want to “go down together” with you… Rhonda Rousey maybe, but not you.

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