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Thursday, 02/13/2014, 12:25 pm

Cormier Gets a Fight, UFC Signs Undefeated Prospect For UFC 170 Bout

We’ve been back and forth on this one a few times since yesterday’s news on Rashad Evan’s fight canceling injury.

The UFC originally opted to postpone the light-heavyweight showdown (between Cormier & Evans), but after a public plea from Cormier, UFC officials have signed Patrick Cummins, an undefeated all-american wrestling product out of SoCal’s Reign training center.

Cummins comes in on just 9-days notice to face the top ranked, Daniel Cormier.

UFC 170 goes down next weekend from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas. Cormier vs Cummins take the co-main event slot and Rousey vs. McMann are slated for the main.




0 Responses to “Cormier Gets a Fight, UFC Signs Undefeated Prospect For UFC 170 Bout”

  1. Chris says:

    Cormier by murder in the 1st. I have a friend that trains with Munoz at Reign, I’ll have to ask him about the new guy. I can’t imagine he’s ready for a guy like Cormier though.

    • idubtheman says:

      Murder or did you mean smother by decision.. Cormiers gameplan (like always)

      1. Push up against cage and lean/smother while throwing short punches..
      2. Take down and lay on top smothering his opponent for a very boring fight.

      • Robert says:

        You obviously have seen none of his fights outside of his two in the UFC.

        • idubtheman says:

          Ive seen every single one of his fights starting from the the GrandPrix and his first few fights were nice since he was taking more chances and new to the game. His bigfoot KO was awesome but he has had only 2 finishes in his past 8 fights.. He has a boring style now because he just smothers.. its garbage. Also, dont tell me what I have and havent seen. Ive been watching MMA since k-1 and pride. Paid for every fight live and I know when I see a fighter who has a ton of potential but like to play it safe and doesn’t like getting hit so he sticks to the boring version of wrestling based fight style..

      • Chris says:

        I mean devastating KO. Word is that his drop in weight has really tightened up his striking and gave him a bigger burst of speed. He’ll feel this guy out and then drop him cold late in the 1st or the 2nd. I’ve been wrong before though. Yeah, he isn’t my favorite fighter and I don’t like his style, but I have a feeling.

  2. Gogoplata says:

    I love this! Why? Because we’re giving someone we don’t know an opportunity to play with the big boys. A chance many wish they had, and this guy will be considered a true underdog. I love the idea of bringing in random talent like this instead of postponing fights. You never know if this guy may be the next big thing. The only way to find out if you’re true fighting material is to get in that cage and fight. Look at how Jon Jones progressed as some no name kid to the top prospect. I’d love to see this fight and I’ll be cheering for both men.

  3. James Whitehead says:

    I like a good ROCKY story any day in any sport.

  4. UFC 84 Forever says:

    I hope Cormier gets upset but honestly that’s mostly just because I just rewatched the Rocky series.

  5. presidentofmma says:

    lol dana’s plan is to make cormier look like a world beater

  6. zack says:

    i hope dc gets beat. Hes thinks hes unbeatable and Gods gift to mma. Not to mention he puts on lackluster performances. I watched the interview on fs1 with dc and cummings last night and dc was being a total douche i hope he gets his ass knocked out.

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