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Wednesday, 10/31/2012, 07:00 am

Cormier Believes Jon Jones Is A Tougher Fight Than JDS | MMA NEWS

“If [teammate Cain Velasquez] is not the champion, why not stay at heavyweight? I’m 10-0 at heavyweight. I’m undefeated. I haven’t lost. If Cain’s not the champion, why wouldn’t I stay up and fight? … Jon Jones is a tougher fight. I think Jon Jones is a tougher fight because of his ability to wrestle. Obviously Junior’s a bigger puncher and extremely confident, as he should be, but I think Jon’s a tougher fight for a guy like me because of his wrestling ability.”

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13 Responses to “Cormier Believes Jon Jones Is A Tougher Fight Than JDS | MMA NEWS”

  1. macheetah says:

    Lies! No one buy into this crap, he’s not finishing GSP

  2. Xaninho says:

    *cough*bullshit*cough*. Ofcourse an Olympic wrestler is scared of a much lower level wrestler…..It’s a big ‘if’ whether Cormier could keep JDS down or not already. But it’s perfectly clear JDS would outstrike Cormier with ease.

    Cormier thinks Jones is a better chance to wear a belt in the UFC and is trying to get the fans interested in that fight by saying it’s the tougher opponent, which is bullshit.

  3. Ddddddd says:

    So Cormier is downplaying his teammates
    challenger that took his belt with ease?
    So if Cain wins does he need to beat Johnny
    afterwords to be legitimate? I always hope
    for an American champ but Junior is too cool
    to wish a loss and Cain doesn’t claim to be an
    American champ anyways.

  4. Mars the Avenger says:

    What is with all these Heavyweights fighting at Light Heavyweight?

  5. KIDD433 says:

    Jones is only winning because hes fightin much smaller guys and because of his freak reach advantage.Dos Santos has been winning because hes been knocking guys the F U C K out.Cormier is talking out of his kunt.Dos Santos is a champ,Jones is a chump.No comparison

  6. .... says:

    Amen to the last comment…

  7. GRT 3000 says:

    And Cormier thinks he such a big wheel that he can name drop JBJ and JDS like he’s their arch nemesis…why? come ‘prove’ yourself in the majors (UFC) before getting all high and mighty abt the division champions dick; 10 and 0 – I see 8 cans on that record, Bigfoot (ok) and a washed up Barnett. you need allot more work to be evn close to contention imo. But with the shit-show callout circus Chael has created it seems like it’s open season in the UFC. They need to squash that BS if they want to remain legitimate.

  8. KIDD433 says:

    Good point GRT

  9. Kenny powers says:

    First of all, Cormier is like the coolest most humble guy in all of mma, so sayin he’s cocky makes you sound retarded, and he’s a talented fighter, and I think he’d smash a lot of the heavyweights in the UFC. But I don’t think the wrestling between JDS and bones would be a difference. JDS would definitely stuff his takedowns, he is the quickest and most athletic heavyweight the UFC has ever seen, and at his size that’s crazy. Just like Aldo vs mendes showed, u don’t have to be a great wrestler to stop a great wrestlers TD, u just gotta be strong and quick. Cain couldn’t even touch JDS in the first fight, and I don’t think DC would either, and would fall to his boxing like everyone else. And for everyone saying JDS vs Cain 2 will be any different, pfff….hilarious.

  10. Dario says:

    Cormier is a fucking moron. Jon Jones is only beating people in LHW because of his size and reach advantage. He has major holes in his stand up game, he’s been outstruck by a lot of his opponents. He’s a chump, not a champ. He’s afraid to fight. JDS is a real champ who’s literally knocking all of his opponents out. Neither Cormier nor bitch Bones would stand a chance against JDS.

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