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Wednesday, 02/12/2014, 07:56 pm

Cormier Asks For Any Fighter To Step Up And Fight Him Next Week

Calling all heavyweight and light-heavyweight fighters currently signed to the UFC. There’s an opportunity for cash and prizes at next week’s UFC 170 event in the form of a Daniel Cormier co-main event.

As we learned earlier today, Rashad Evans was forced out of his bout and into rehabilitation following a fight canceling injury.

In an interview with Ariel Helwani, Cormier asked the UFC roster to step up and take the fight:

“I’m hoping I can get someone to fight. There’s somebody out there that wants to step up to take a fight at this moment. I saw on Twitter that Chael wants to fight. Ok, let Chael fight. Anthony Johnson fought a couple of weeks ago, he’s still in shape. Let him fight. Or if there’s a heavyweight. I’ll fight at heavyweight. There’s somebody out there. I don’t want this work to be for nothing. I’ve killed myself in this gym. I’ve spent ten weeks away from my family. I haven’t seen my girlfriend and kids because I’ve been training so hard… I’d fight Chael in a heartbeat. I ‘d fight Anthony Johnson in a heartbeat. I’d fight any of those guys. There’s somebody out there who wants to fight. Line ’em up. Then Rashad and I will fight later and that won’t bother me. I just want to fight now. I just don’t want this work to be for nothing. There’s somebody out there that wants to fight.


0 Responses to “Cormier Asks For Any Fighter To Step Up And Fight Him Next Week”

  1. Silva says:

    #FREETHIAGO and let them fight!!!

  2. UFC 84 Forever says:

    I thought the gangster from West Linn already stepped up to the plate? All jokes aside hopefully his fight gets saved and by someone who will be a good challenge for him.

  3. punchkick says:

    rumble vs dc

  4. Brandon Canterbury says:

    Sonnen says he willl do it so let them fight.

  5. Luke says:

    I’m a huge Chael fan and I think it’s awesome that he is always ready to fight, but don’t give that fight to him. He’ll get killed. If he had trouble with Rashad an Jon’s size, imagine Cormier who was a heavyweight. Let’s not mention he is an Olympic wrestler with big K.O power. If Chael can’t get the fight to the ground, which he probably won’t, he’ll go to sleep with the first couple of hits. I wouldn’t want to see him go out like that again. Let him worry and stay healthy for Wandy. I say let Phil Davis step in or even Overeem as a heavyweight fight. That’ll be awesome.

  6. Xaninho says:

    Jimmy Manuwa, Anthony Johnson or Phil Davis.

  7. adam says:

    Yo Brandon Chapel? Who Dave? Plus I think DC vs a church would be stupid. Just playing.

  8. Alessandro Sartori says:

    i’m availale, ican can fight both in heavyweight at 212lbs 96kgs im at right now today or i can easily drop to light heavyweight at 205lbs 93kgs. Fightin out of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil via Redondo Beach, Los Angeles County, California USA. Out of BTT Brazilian Top Team Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Black House Arirva Machado Redondo Beach Redondo Beach, Los Angeles County, California, USA!!! LET’S GET IT ON!! CALL DANA WHITE AND DANIEL CORMIER AND TELL THEM I’M READY TO RUMBLE!! Oss!! Samurai!!

  9. bob bob says:

    let him bang bro

  10. bensitkren says:

    bigfoot silva, barnett, big or lil nog, ryan bader or hendo?

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