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Saturday, 05/05/2012, 09:29 am

Just Scrap Radio | Corissa Furr on Diaz vs Miller, Silva vs Sonnen and More | UFC NEWS

By Lynn Mitchell:

The Just Scrap Radio Espisode 3 just got hotter with guest Corissa Furr.  Host Jens Pulver goes straight to the point and asks the sultry guest her thoughts on UFC on Fox 3 Diaz vs Miller.

“Miller obviously a great wrestler he’ll probably control most of the fight with those takedowns.

Although, Nate of course is very dangerous off his back, so he’s got to watch out for those submission attempts but if he can defend against Diaz with his submissions and BJJ then I think Miller can probably grind out the fight.  He’s a really hard guy to finish.  I think Miller will probably grind out the decision on this one.” says Furr

Corissa had the pleasure of hanging out with one of the fighters on this weekend‘s upcoming fight card– Josh Koshcheck.   It was a segment on UFC Ultimate Insider for Fuel TV – a bit like cribs where the viewers are invited along into the home of the UFC welterweight.  She also tells of the great rides Josh possesses.

Corissa talked about the beginning of her career as a model in the automotive industry and being a ring girl for Strikeforce.  Corissa fondly goes into detail about appearing on the popular HBO series Entourage.  She explains the super star rapper Eminem made a cameo on an episode she appears in.

Host Pulver asks her take on the over field of MMA and the UFC.

“For someone like me who’s been a fan.  I’ve been watching since pride days since I was like 19 yrs old.  It’s really a dream come true for a hard core mma fan.  We have so many fights that are free on tv now like UFC on Fox, Fuel TV playing stuff all the time, you got fights on FX.    And I litteraly:   when I got my fuel TV package I’m like in heaven because they show fights literally every day.

The whole evolution of the sport it’s just been amazing especially the past 2 – 3 years and you know if you’re a fan of MMA you definitely can’t complain.  They’re just evolving the sport and bringing us so many fight to watch.  They are not just fights that they throw together – they are great exciting fights to watch.  So it’s awesome I can’t complain.”

Abel asks “Which fighter or who gets you out of your seat?”

“It’s no secret for anyone that knows me – Anderson Silva.  He has broken so many records.  I’ve been watching him since Pride as well.   You guys might laugh at me but I’ve actually named my dog Spider.  So I would have to say he is probably & definitely my favorite fighter of all time.”

Host Pulver quickly runs down the fighters Anderson has beat and starts in on Chael Sonnen.  He says the first fight was close and down to the wire.  Corissa interrupts and says.

“I was having a heart attack at that fight – you have no idea.  As much as Chael talks at the beginning I really hated that guy but he’s actually kind of growing on me because of the charcter he is for the media press It’s getting to a point where he’s just hilarious but I don’t think it’s gonna go the same way as the first fight did to be honest with you.  I just don’t think Chael – know he talks a lot but I just don’t think that Chael can grind out those 4 rounds like he did last time.  I don’t think he’s that hyped up.  I think he has a little bit of intimidation factor b ecause everyone has been giving him such a hard time about those triangles so I think Anderson will control the fight a little bit  more the second around.  Now he knows what to watch out for – at least I hope so because I’ll cry if he looses.”

Corissa Furr says she doesn’t know what’s next for her but she’s definitely keeping busy.  She says she;s been doing a lot of stuff regarding the Mayweather fight but with good reviews and good ratings maybe you’ll see more of Corissa in Fuel Insider.

Corissa promises to comeback to Just Scrap Radio anytime she gets an invite.  Jens and Abel is holding her to that.


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  1. Trisha says:

    Why do she always insist on saying I been a fan since the pride days, I been watching since the pride days to make it seem like you’ve been a hardcore MMA fan to what? To make ppl think your legit and you know what’s up, just be real, and for your 411 UFC been out in 93 before Pride in 97 so even saying you been a pride fan since blah blah is irreverent.

    • HOLY SHIT! says:

      Pretty sure she does 100 times more for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts than you do right? so instead of hating why don’t you just appreciate someone who works hard to help spread MMA to a larger audience.


  2. Lol says:

    Id bang the shit out of her! I never bother hearing what she says. Just want to see her named. Lol

  3. Trisha says:

    @ HOLY FAGGOT! My opinion is my opinion don’t need to appreciate nothing what anyone else do if I so chooses it. Helping hard to spread to larger audience??? Puahahhaha you imbecile, it’s already on FOX tv now, one bitch ain’t spreading nothing but her legs for fame so get your facts straight you fucking loser.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Spreading her legs for fame? How’d you come to that conclusion? Is she banging Dana? One of the Fertita brothers? Since you’re telling someone else to get their facts straight, you must know FOR A FACT that she is spreading her legs for fame, right? I don’t think so. You sound all angry at the girl, like you walked in and busted your boyfriend beating off to her photo shoot pics, or something! Ease back and stop being such an obvious hater

      • U>S>A says:

        too bad thats all shes good for is beating off too, shes all real piece of ass but lets be real, shes fake when it comes to mma coverage and opinion. not hating cause their are some hot chicks that cover mma and their legit, shes not.

        • Nevergonnagetit says:

          Only good to beat off to prolly because a guy like you kept trying but never got it?

    • HOLY SHIT! says:

      WOW – you cannot help but be a hater… thats sad, and your a girl you should be empowering women – your lame!

  4. Andrewkahuna says:

    I wana cum inside

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