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Tuesday, 04/17/2012, 03:02 pm

Controversial Lesnar Interview | "I'm not a superstar, I'm An A$$ Kicker."

“I’m not a superstar, I’m an ass kicker. I am Brock Lesnar, that’s it. I left the WWE, everybody thought, here’s a guy, there’s no way in hell he’s gonna make it in the UFC, but I climbed that mountain and became UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world and I proved everybody wrong. Why did I come back to the WWE? This isn’t a feel-good moment. This isn’t ‘Oh I miss coming through the curtain, I miss all the fans.’ At the end of the day, I don’t care about anybody but Brock Lesnar. For me this is strictly business. We need a guy to legitimize this company and Brock Lesnar is that guy. We’re tired of John Cena’s bullcrap. John Cena is not the real guy. The only reason John is in the spot that he’s in is because I left. If I was still around for the last eight years, John Cena’s the guy that’d be carrying my bags into the building. There’s nothing about Brock Lesnar that’s fake. It was very evident last week when I took John Cena down and busted his mouth open. This is real. What’s running through John Cena’s mind? I don’t give a crap what’s running through his mind. What’s more important is what’s running down his leg. Piss. The guy’s scared. Shitting his pants is what he’s doing. This isn’t a wrestling match on April 29, this is an ‘Extreme Rules’ match. I got one objective in mind: Utter freakin’ chaos. Bring the pain to John Cena. I’m comin’ for a fight John Cena. What makes me happy? Beatin’ people up, that makes me happy.”


64 Responses to “Controversial Lesnar Interview | "I'm not a superstar, I'm An A$$ Kicker."”

  1. PREDICTABLE says:

    Shooting prairie dogs also makes him happy… We’ve got a badass over here! lol

  2. Xaninho says:

    Yeah he is the toughest pretend fighter around!

  3. Random Ant says:

    Ive been following this blog for a few years never commented until now I don’t understand why an MMA blog is posting “Wrestling Promos” Brock Lesnar has thanked Dana for everything and isn’t the asshole he plays off to be this is just going to create more fuel to the WWE and MMA fan war when we can all appreciate both sides and what they bring to the table.

  4. john robinson says:

    i bet you he wears tapout too…..

  5. Frank The Tank says:

    this is dumb.

  6. trololol says:

    i like the part where he said he was the WWE champ three times….like he earned it somehow…

  7. fox says:

    That will never happen mma fans all know wrestling is scripted sure some wrestlers have been killed and of course the falls and everything is real tough enough showed us the impact the ring has on their body but at the end of it all its scripted mma fans have outgrown that and got.tired of seeing a wrestler get his ass beat all match then suddenly the ref gets knocked down or out and then the wrestler who got his ass beat all match does his moves and that one move is.enough to keep.the other fresh wrestler down long enough to pin him have the ref recover crawl over and.count to three wrestling in our.generation was alway fake but now you can watch raw one.night n pretty much guess what’s going on

  8. koolG says:

    really? thats why you are back in wrestling cuz u couldnt handle fighting for real.

  9. Ts says:

    Fuck Brock!!! I thought this was an MMA site,not wrestling.If he is done with MMA he got no Bizness here talking about what’s going on in that Circus called WWE..

  10. joe says:

    he was a champ in mma he is correct till people figured his ass out and learned all u have to do is hit glass chin because hes a bitch ive watch his entry into mma and yep he was a great takedown artist thats all people nothing else and now he thinks he is going to change peoples minds about fake ass wrestling aint going to happen brock

  11. dante040 says:

    Why do people hate on Lesner? He retired, prob because he was worried about his health. He did have about a foot of his colon removed. So he found a job that simply requires mostly just showing up, and occasionally some scripted physical activity for a lot of money

  12. slacker says:

    What an over – compensating redneck buffoon!

  13. Yuza says:

    what he meant to say was “im not a superstar, im and a$$ whole”

  14. SlimCharles says:

    Says the guy who got manhandled in less than 5 minutes by The Reem. I’d laugh if John Cena throws some knees into his midsection and causes Brock to shit his pants.

  15. Kingsforge says:

    This is just standard script wrestling hype, no point looking any further into it. Fair play to the guy that he came back after nearly being killed by his medical problems, it just took too much out of him to continue. One kick to the gut by Overeem it was game over, you could see how much it hurt. Credit where credits due, especially as far as the tonne of money he’s making.

    • Anti-Zuffa says:

      I’m not one to side with Brock, he was a one trick pony, but you’re talking about a Juiced up Reem who kicked him exactly where he just had 12inches or 1 foot of his intestine removed. He should never have even came back to MMA. . .you’re an idiot! It wasn’t like Overrated did anything special, he targeted a huge weekness like a pussy. I could have kicked Brock there and it would have been game over. It wasn’t even a liver kick, go back and watch it. .

  16. Apox says:

    Brock Lesnar couldn’t handle the competition in the UFC, He knew it, The fans knew and his Wife knew it long before anyone did. He got out before he made himself look anymore like a fool then he already had. Everyone knows that the Heavy weight divisions talent wasn’t the highest when he made his debut. I mean for Christ sakes the Champ was an Old Man on his way out the Door. (Not that I think Couture didn’t deserve the title at the time but his fighting career was long over the only real reason he had the belt is no one had the skill or the heart the couture had.) Lesnar Beat up an Old Man for that Belt. Did he win any other fight in an Impressive fashion? No. The Health Herring fight was a Joke.(Lesnar rocks him early in the first round and can’t finish the guy) He got Lucky in the Mir rematch, even luckier in the Carwin fight and well lets just admit it Cain Velasquez Fuckin Destroyed Lesnar. Lesnar left to go back to something he felt safe doing and knew he was less likely to get hurt doing. Then again thats just my opinion.. The Opinion of an HUGE Lesnar fan that is.

  17. MMACRAVER says:

    This is actually pretty genius on his part and the WWE

    Especially the whole part about an “Extreme Rules” Match.

    Trying to take a pinch of the UFC and add it to their own brand in order to capitalize on the success the UFC is having.

    Wont work long term though. Unless they completely shift to more realistic and brutal wrestling.

    I never understood the world of WWE/WWF/WCW/TNT and whatever else… It just seems so ridiculous.. even when I was 8.

    • The real deal says:

      Complete Fkn moron to say they brought the hardcore in to try and steal mma success. Maybe you didn’t know something called ECW. WWF has had hardcore rules in place prob before UFC even come together

  18. otter says:

    How is this supposed to be controversial? It’s a WWE promo. He’s doing the whole “bad guy” shtick.

    Seems like everyone wants to bash Lesnar.

  19. Nando says:

    Wait, were you saying something? I couldn’t stop looking at that scar Cain Velasquez gave you.

  20. Jason Cramer says:

    Brock failed in the UFC and he will fail back in the WWE as well. Yeah he became Champion in the UFC but that didnt last long.

  21. Nick says:

    Man you guys are some haters. Kerboard warriors over here. The man did a lot for the sport of MMA. Give him his dues. If he wants to go back to wrestling because his body can’t take MMA anymore let him. You’ll probably never accomplish half of what he has. Let alone make that money. So what wrestling is fake? It’s his paycheck not yours.


  23. mxbrand says:

    you climbed your way to the top of that mountain on roids, and when the ufc put you against someone who uses just as much and is just as big you got your ass handed to you!, the only good fighters he beat was cotour n that was all size and mir. valasquez ate your fucking lunch like a bully on the playgound and overeem ended you with a body kick, stfu and have fun knowing the outcome of your matches before they start. I’m happy he left mma!!!

  24. Twayne says:

    Brock Lesnar Is Da’ Man!!! WAAAARRR BROCK!!!!


  25. nick says:

    what a douche. How the fuck is this controversial? It’s a wwe commercial. and it sucks, like lesnar

  26. Fedor says:

    I wonder if there was this much hatred for Ken Shamrock when he did the same thing Brock Lesnar is now doing.

  27. Papatapout says:

    Ok lets set the record straight, all you losers saying fuck WWE cant lie and say they didnt watch it growing up, WWE paved the way in this country for live fighting fake or not, we all grew up watching Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage(r.i.p.) As for Brock, I liked Brock in UFC he beat all odds and did become champ. And if sit there and say hes stupid or dumb, your retarded, think about it, he became champ theres no where to go but down from there, and hes proly making 10 times what he made in the UFC being back in the WWE.Dana knew what he was doing when he brought Brock into the UFC, at the time the heavyweight division was dropping in ratings, brock shows up and what do you know heavyweights become the most viewed division. Its all busine$$, thats all I can say…

  28. Donnybrook says:

    For the sake of MMA fans around the globe please don’t post any WWE promo shit again… keep it real!.

  29. JSP says:

    So is DeathClutch still sponsoring him?

  30. Pijan says:

    Don’t worry, all Cena has to do is tap him on the chin or kick him the gut. Lesnar was a joke of a fighter, good riddance. Brock was garbage in the UFC, and he still is. He was lucky, that is all. His name got him in the UFC, it got him a title shot, and it got him back in the WWE when he got his ass beat. Any celeb could have stepped in his shoes and pulled in bigger ratings. Name brand is not the same thing as technical skill, the guy was shit.

  31. T.DADDY says:


  32. Lesner was nothing more than a publicity stunt that failed. Thats the only way he “earned” a title shot after only 3 fights (the first one he lost mind you), when other, better fighters had to wait years for. Its the only reason he was called “one of the best”. Marketing knew fans of MMA, NOT Lesner, would still tune in to find out if he was really as good as they say he was. And wouldn’t you know it, HE WASN’T. He couldn’t vut it in the NFL, and now he can’t in the UFC. He was in it for the money, same as the idiots who hired him. Now he is back to acting like he is fighting as opposed to actually fighting. And you know what? If that is where he feels he belongs, as an actor and not the real thing, then fine. At least he knows where he BELONGS!

    Mind you all this is coming from someone who actually wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. Wow, was I a fool.

    • Dannyboy says:

      I agree totally

      • Eric Logan says:

        You were probably a fan of his when he was a fighter. If you think he is less of a man because he went back to that garbage on tv, you are a snake.

    • Eric Logan says:

      Wow you sound like a fake fan. Way to show your loyalty! I guess it is alright to support someone when they are on the top which Lesnar was at one time, and then you have to dump on them when they aren’t anymore. Damn! Remind me not to have you as a friend. First sign of trouble you would just bail! Same goes to all the one time Fedor fans out there. He is the king of the world until he starts losing and then all you snakes shed your “super fan” status and shit all over the guy. LOSERS!
      I guess you really are a fool.

  33. Sick Brah says:

    Biggest faggot ever. ‘Arse kicker’ until someone properly hits you, then you curl up like a bitch.

    Also socially retarded and up himself.

    Ranks you pretty low in life mate.

  34. Tony says:

    Shut up!!! u dont know anything William, He defended his title twice, He destroyed frank mir on their second fight, and Beat some one who at the time was undefeated, shane Carwin. People talk mad shit about this guy but he has done things they will never be able to do. He could knock your head off in a second.. Pay some respect to the former UFC heavyweight champion. I dont like wrestling, but he feels he cant compete in the sport anymore, what do you expect him to do? I hate WWE but its a job, and if its going to get him paid. Then good luck to him

    • The Anti Billy says:

      I don’t care for that sort of wrestling, but I respect the people that do it and the people who enjoy it. It takes an athlete to perform the jumps and flips that they do, it is amazing, but i don’t care for the overall entertainment that they go for.

      Brock a failure? Really? Most working individuals will tell you the goal for working is to earn more money. Yeah, job satisfaction, public service, promotion, yada yada yada..I get all that. But money is the motivator for most. Brock has made a ton of money and will continue to make a ton of money for years to come. I wish we all could “fail” like Brock has.

      Brock is hated because of his personality–cool. I understand we can ‘t all get along. But to say he’s a failure because of the outcome of his MMA career is retarded. He reached the pinnacle of MMA and stayed there for almost 2 years. He did things right to reach that goal and he’s moving on while millions of Americans are still struggling to reach their first goal. If he’s a failure, so are millions of Americans.

    • mean 170 says:

      I respect real fighters, not clowns.

  35. Dannyboy says:

    A message to BJ Just my opinion but please stop posting articles about Brock Lesnar. I think most of us mma fans really don’t care what he has to say. Especially when it pertains to him fake fighting in WWE.

    • Eric Logan says:

      Fuck your opinion! I’m a REAL MMA fan and Lesnar was a great addition to the UFC. Brock brought a ton of those WWF fans to the mixed martial arts game and you were probably one of them and in return made UFC noticed by the general population. You can’t knock the guy for that. He would still kick your ass and all the haters out there would get their shit beat too. Thank you for posting this for the real MMA fans out here to see. I don’t watch WWF or WWE, so I don’t see his on tv.
      as far as your opinion DannyBoy, if you don’t like to see shit on Brock just keep on trolling past the video to something else. Real fan? FUCK that!

  36. Dick Diaz says:

    lmao weird…

  37. Brend0magic says:

    I like the “new” Brock, even though pro-wrestling isn’t my thing, I’m gonna check it out just to see him on there. Maybe watch it with my lil bro or something.

  38. Pancho says:

    Hell yeah! Love Brock!

  39. hanggloves says:

    he speaks now like a WWE superstar LOL! Steve Austin is the best trash talker in WWE brock!

  40. toneloc24 says:

    Brock knows exactly where he belongs that’s why hes back in the WWE. He’s making more money than any of us could even imagine and some of you sound kinda bitter about it. He’s obviously not ashamed of being in fake fights or he wouldn’t be doing it on national TV, and why would he be? If you wouldn’t put on fake fights for insane amounts of money your an idiot. Oh yea and this interview is fuckn awesome!

  41. Tbaudiogarden says:

    Uh yeah can you count how many people didn’t get knocked the f out by carwin 2! Can u count how many people beat Velasquez 1! Brocks loses were all to future hall of famers or dopers (overeem) he’s earned his place and changed mms forever! And he beat Mir’s ass twice just made a rookie mistake when the UFC threw him to the wolves! RESPECT!

  42. Unbelieveable tekkers says:

    Fuck off Brock! You wasn’t running your mouth like that to fighters in the UFC! This guy is a genuine bully n that article proves it. What a fuckin loser.

  43. Turkeykneck fun chav says:

    so what he is saing is that he went in and fucked up cenas face not for show?
    so he condones real physical violence and battery in illegal ways as it wasnt a sanctioned fight infront of children and minors????

    i think not brock, that is scripted, this comment is scripted and you cannot legitimise WWE as its WWE (world wresteling entertainment)

    extreme bout my ass

  44. McCombski says:

    Scared Shitless ??? humm you should know that feeling pretty good form when cain was wooping ur ass when allaistar was wooping ur ass and you ran all over the cage like a litte bitch looking for the door….

  45. Yogurt slinger says:

    The man is a beast and that’s a fact…if only he got involved in MMA sooner and didn’t have to go what he had to go through. He’s a promotions dream and the guy can sell tickets end of story.

  46. Veer says:

    WOW.I love those people who dominate everyone.Brock is the real ass kicker and was always better than Gaynation.CENA IS SCARED THATS TRUE.

  47. Veer says:

    I love those people who dominate everyone.Brock is the real ass kicker and was always better than Gaynation.CENA IS SCARED THATS TRUE.

  48. BROCK LESNER IS PLAST FROM PASS I DONT MEAN IN A GOOD WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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