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Wednesday, 05/08/2013, 12:57 pm

Connecticut a step closer to legalizing MMA

Connecticut is closer to getting on board with mixed martial arts.

A bill easily passed the state’s House of Representatives on Tuesday to have the sport legalized in the state. reported that HB-5277 passed by a 117-26 vote. The bill now makes its way to the state senate, where if brought for a vote would then put MMA on the verge of being legal.

The UFC has been working to get the sport sanctioned in New York. The organization makes regular visits to nearby New Jersey. Now Connecticut could be on that list.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Charles Clemons and Sen. Andres Ayala, already enjoys plenty of support with 34 co-sponsors.

“If MMA is legalized in Connecticut, it will mean jobs – union jobs – and economic activity for people and communities where it is desperately needed,” Ayala stated.

“MMA is the fastest growing sport in the nation. Fans in Connecticut watch it on broadcast, cable and pay-per-view television. They travel to other states and countries to watch it live. We should legalize it here in Connecticut and attract fans from other states and countries to our communities.”


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