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Tuesday, 02/28/2012, 09:50 am

Confirmed | Openly Gay Fighter Joins Ultimate Fighter Cast

Yesterday we released the roster for next week’s “Ultimate Fighter Live on FX” cast. Included on that roster is the first openly gay fighter signed to the UFC.

His name is Dakota Cochrane and at the time of the roster release I had no clue he was gay, in fact, I’m not sure many did.

But leave it to head honcho “Zeus” to discover the fighter’s sexual preference and not only that, but deliver undeniable proof on the matter.

As the title says, Dakota is openly gay. But how openly gay is openly gay really? It’s unlikely that we will see him wearing rainbow badges on his shorts or anything like that, in fact, if this truth had not surfaced it would have probably remained an unknown. But Dakota had some skeletons in his closet under an alias named “Sean Cody” and these skeletons surfaced and made his sexuality known.

Sean Cody is his “porn actor” name and Zeus dug up some tastefully edited still shots of this fighters acting indiscretions that are completely work friendly you can find on page two.

For the record, and please note, this is a positive step forward in gay awareness and acceptance. Please do not slander or defame in the comments section. I personally have nothing wrong with the gay community and while I myself am not gay, I have attended Pride day in Long Beach California several times in support of my younger sister and her girlfriend, so please keep it clean.

Jump to the next page if you want the proof and can handle it (PG 13).

Props to for the find and reveal.

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