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Tuesday, 02/28/2012, 09:50 am

Confirmed | Openly Gay Fighter Joins Ultimate Fighter Cast

Yesterday we released the roster for next week’s “Ultimate Fighter Live on FX” cast. Included on that roster is the first openly gay fighter signed to the UFC.

His name is Dakota Cochrane and at the time of the roster release I had no clue he was gay, in fact, I’m not sure many did.

But leave it to head honcho “Zeus” to discover the fighter’s sexual preference and not only that, but deliver undeniable proof on the matter.

As the title says, Dakota is openly gay. But how openly gay is openly gay really? It’s unlikely that we will see him wearing rainbow badges on his shorts or anything like that, in fact, if this truth had not surfaced it would have probably remained an unknown. But Dakota had some skeletons in his closet under an alias named “Sean Cody” and these skeletons surfaced and made his sexuality known.

Sean Cody is his “porn actor” name and Zeus dug up some tastefully edited still shots of this fighters acting indiscretions that are completely work friendly you can find on page two.

For the record, and please note, this is a positive step forward in gay awareness and acceptance. Please do not slander or defame in the comments section. I personally have nothing wrong with the gay community and while I myself am not gay, I have attended Pride day in Long Beach California several times in support of my younger sister and her girlfriend, so please keep it clean.

Jump to the next page if you want the proof and can handle it (PG 13).

Props to for the find and reveal.

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180 Responses to “Confirmed | Openly Gay Fighter Joins Ultimate Fighter Cast”

  1. casey g says:

    I think Im more worried witht he fact he was a porn star before he was a fighter.

    • jason says:

      seriously. i couldn’t care less about him being gay, but him being a porn star turned fighter is just crazy. hopefully they won’t be ordering any pizza during the filming….

      • Sweet game plan says:

        The pressure is on!!!!!!! Can you imagine the pressure on the guy(s) that have to fight himin the house…they lose to this guy and they’ll never here the end of it..

        • Shawn says:

          You fail to remember, he’s still a guy. Who obviously can fight. The only difference is he likes guys and not girls. Gay guys are stereotyped into on main category, the flaming, high pitched, girl acting type. There’s all kinds. This guys seems to be the type that if you didn’t know and he didn’t say, no one would ever know. Him being gay doesn’t impede his ability to smash someones face. lol So if the other guys lose to him, it’s because he’s a better fighter than they are. Not because he’s gay. And they should see it as such.

        • James says:

          Dakota is a great fighter and he is actually not gay. He did this for the money. It was a mistake that was made many years ago and its behind him. He is actually engaged to a beautiful girl. MMA hour just did a radio interview with him stating this

  2. Matt says:

    C’mon Pedro? What the heck are you doing with this site man?. Now we got the pictures of a homosexual showing his face like he is having an orgasm? Are you trying to turn this site into a circus? I’m being serious

    • Jenn says:

      Dude, you didn’t have to click on the link. He was pretty clear about the content. It’s not like the pics are splashed on the front page, or even the first thing you see in the article.

      If this is true, awesome. But doing gay porn doesn’t mean the guy’s actually gay – I hope there’s some other evidence to support the claim.

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        Huh? What? I’m lost. How do you do gay porn, but not be gay? Whether you pitching or catching, unless it’s forced rape, you’re gay.

        • Run Forrest Run! says:

          “bisexual?” Are you fucking serious? bisexual is not a form of beeing gay?
          i swear this world is getting more fucked up by the day.

        • Nick Ross says:

          Actually there are alot of woman who do gay scenes with other woman that aren’t gay they re just there making money… It’s the same for guys but I hounestly in my opinion couldn’t see a guy sticking his junk into another guy unless he had some weird fantasy about men but thats just my opinion… Weather buddy is gay or not that should have no impact at all on what people think of him tho I mean I have gay friends (Keep in mind they arent the self ritious girly gays no one can stand, youd never know unless he told you ) and I dont tihnk of him any different then any of my other friends, hes cool as fuck and people should think the same here especially if hes a good fighter !

        • Mr.Rusk says:

          It’s call “gay for pay”, but how does he get it up if he isn’t gay? Viagra and injections. watch the porn part of “bigger faster stronger” steroid documentary.

        • David says:

          there are a many straight guys that do gay porn. Its all about the money.

      • Raymond says:

        What the hell do you mean “doing gay porn doesn’t make you gay.”

        Then he’s just a friggin idiot?

      • Ruben says:

        are you shitting me? i dont care how much money it pays, no straight guy does gay porn, period….if you can be erect while playing with another naked dude then im sorry you are gay.

    • Shawn says:

      Lol! Yet, you clicked on the link. Hmmmmm. For whatever reason, you WANTED to see it. I don’t judge, more power to him if he can beat guys up and like them at the same time. As long as he can fight, and shows it.

  3. Zack says:

    What? Lol does gay porn pay more or something? No your just an idiot. If your in gay porn your gay. Chael sonnen should send this guy an invite to his camp tho

    • Jeff says:

      it actually pays exponentially more.

      Google “gay for pay”

      • Run Forrest Run! says:

        And if you dick gets hard watching another mans balls, YOU’RE FUCKING GAY GAY GAY! So that “gay for pay” bullshit is just that, BULLSHIT!

        But yeah keep telling yourself its okey as long as you get paid, YOU FUCKING FAGGOT! HAHAHAHAHAHA

        • Eric says:

          You’re not defending your ‘manhood’ here claiming ‘gay for pay’ doesn’t exist.

          It most certainly does exist. And it’s easy as fuck money. Good money at that.

          Chicks go gay for pay as well. You think all those chicks in lesbian porn are gay? I mean wtf is wrong with you?

  4. Steve M says:

    The opposite, the majority (well I don’t know what percentage but living in L.A in the Valley this is a well known inroad) of male pornstars break into the business doing this because there is more demand then supply, I guess. Gays only make up like 5 or 10% of people you know. I wonder if he was fighting at this time and just making money with the movies, you spend very little time and make a bunch of cash.

  5. Beaner says:

    Yeah doing gay porn isnt gay…… I wasn’t aware straight men got aroused by other men enough to penetrate and be penetrated by said person. They all say its because it pays better but the truth is they prefer it. How desperate do you have to be to if your straight??? But all that aside I could careless if he did lien if he can fight he can fight otherwise he will lose

  6. jonsey says:

    **Flagged and removed**

    • beevis says:

      is there a possible way you can make your comment be more incoherent? you type and probably talk like you’re choking on something there….

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Dude, with that statement, you sound like you’re about 12 years old. I’m willing to bet there are some gay dudes out there that would rock you to sleep, then wake you back up before deciding to take your manhood. Don’t get it twisted, because at the end of the day, they are still men, regardless of their sexual prefferences.

  7. MRGROOVESD says:

    It’s not the fact that he’s gay but he did gay porn before breaking in as a fighter. If he didn’t do that then it would help the gay community a lot but I don’t know how they would accept this. Just my opinion.

  8. freedaweed says:


  9. the original steve says:

    now i don’t mind gay ppl. and i wouldn’t mind having a stand-up only fight with them. but i would never wanna be on the ground with them. you don’t know wat they like

    • Shawn says:

      Ummm…when your grappling and fighting on the ground, there are only two things you can think of at one time. 1. Fighting or 2. Not fighting. I don’t think this guys will be thinking of how big his opponents schlong is while he’s trying to beat his head in. If he did, he’d get his asked kicked instantly. And it’s called being a professional. For him to be in the sport just to check out the guys would mean he’s not taking it seriously. Which I seriously doubt. You guys need to take the gay thing out of your heads. He’s a fighter. Don’t even understand why you blokes have more thoughts about gays and balls, than actual fighting. Many comments about “fags”. Is it because deep down, you guys have the bi-curious bug? NO you can’t suck on my balls. So stop thinking about them. lol

      • the original steve says:

        u dont know shit. you don’t know wat he is into. maybe he likes dominating another man or being dominated by another man it gets him off. im sure if the guys in the house know about this they are gonna have similar opinions to me

  10. SonnenFan says:

    Only concern I have is are the fighters really going to want to grapple with him? I know I wouldn’t feel too comfortable..

  11. Jason says:

    I feel bad for whoever has to train on the ground with him lol.. stay out of the north south position please!!

  12. Koshchek Loves Cock says:

    What’s the big deal? Josh Koshchek has been in the UFC for a long time and we all know he’s gay.

  13. natural born runner says:


  14. Nick says:

    Who care’s as long, as he can fight that’s all I care about.

  15. Adam M Arredondo says:

    You tell us to keep it clean but you’re over there making quips about us not seeing rainbow badges on his shorts. And when you tell us that you’re not a homophobe because you attend Gay Pride day, you remind me of the guy who points out that hes not racist because he has ethnic friends. If youre truly not a homophobe, you don’t need to profess that fact. Plus, you can watch your own comments before reminding us to.

  16. alan says:

    allow me to explain to all of you why having an openly gay guy in MMA is a great step for MMA

  17. dante080 says:

    First off. I’m not sure.he will ne on the show. Historically the UFC does not people associated with th to have a porn backround. Second. I’m not sure he is actually gay. I just read a yahoo article that stated while he appeared in gay porn, he also has been romanticly linked to women. Maybe that have to do gay porn first rumor is true. Either way if he is crushed in the qualifying fight non of its going to matter.

  18. James Wolfe says:

    Who cares and why is this news?

  19. Ruben says:

    Oh wow, i would not be cool fighting a guy like that. When rolling/wrestling theres a lot of full body contact that if you’re not straight i find it hard to not find it a bit sexually arousing….like when you grapple with a hot girl, obviously you aren’t all horny and all but i think many guys would find it a bit pleasurable(in a subtle kind of way)….i assume it would be the same with a gay guy, not to mention a guy who does gay porn

  20. Jason N says:

    WOw. I see having a gay guy as a step forward for gays, but to have a gay porn star in the house is not good for UFC or gay people. Wouldn’t be surprised if one or more guys decide to NOT fight him. Sad they will have to make this choise. Being gay is one thing, having video of the guy is another. Not good.

  21. Jason N says:

    Opps I meant step backward.

  22. banks says:

    I jus hope dude can fight cuz hes already in the hot seat.. poor gay

  23. Steven says:

    Bet they put this on here just so they could have all of the small minded people talk shit and be immature, typical..

  24. alan says:

    allow me to explain to all of you why having someone who is openly gay in MMA is a great step for the sport 1. In the homosexual community, going to the gym has more than just the pass time of working out in it for gay men, that being said he still probably works out more than the average hetero because of the excess time he spends in the gym 2. being openly gay is still reason enough for random, ignorant, and hateful people to pick fights with you. Im willing to bet he has a great deal of fighting experience although im sure much of it is involuntary. 3. now, i have never had gay sex before but i imagine taking anything up the but is fairly painful, not only do gay men take it up the butt, THEY ENJOY IT. that being said you gotta be one tough dude to thrive on pain like that and i can wait to see what kind of level of aggression he can reach after getting punched in the face.

  25. Mike says:

    F@g tryin’ to feel guys up

  26. Mr.Rusk says:

    Wow pitiful amount of gay bashing from people who at least claim to be fans of a sport where guys roll on the ground with each other in hot pants length shorts

    • SonnenFan says:

      Dumbest statement ever made. They’re not “rolling around” with each other, they’re trying to beat the hell out of each other. take that shit out of here.

      No one wants to wrestle a homo, period.

  27. david says:

    personally i dont give a shit if he is gay or not, thats not even our business to be honest, BUT i can see someone on the show calling him a fagget and getting their ass whupped afterwards, they will probably bring him in to create drama and boost ratings, if you watched any of the other seasons on dvd and saw the extra stuff, they wanted personalities on the show, im not sure if they changed their way of selecting fighters (although they do have to fight to get into the house now) but im sure he will be given a chance just like everyone else

    • Shawn says:

      lol. Then they shouldn’t call him a “faggot” then. It’s like Sonnen talking all this trash about Silva, what happens if he loses the rematch, and decisively at that. Now he’s gotta face the world while he takes his foot out of his mouth and ass. Don’t talk shit. Just fight. You win, you win with honor. You lose, you lose with dignity. Lost is the way of true warrior spirits, and rise of the arrogant wannabe thugs.

  28. RVG says:

    who gives a rats ass? can the guy fight or not? thats all i care about.

  29. Run Forrest Run! says:


    I don’t want some faggot grappling with Nate Diaz or whatever.
    And i bet he dont want it either!

  30. Jason N says:

    I’m already going to miss the Brasil TUF (Because of the FUEL TV mess), now there is a gay porn star on the one I can watch on FX. I think the ratings will suffer.

  31. Jeremy says:

    Who cares if he is gay? Can he fight?

  32. xKx says:

    I hope he whoops everybody to shut the haters up.

  33. SGT K says:

    Who cares what he did or who he brings into his bed. The fact is, he was chosen to be on the show b/c he is a talented fighter. Where in Martial Arts does it say anything about having to be straight? Im not gay nor support the lige style, but he is a talented competitor and should be respected the same as any other! And to the comment of who ever loses to hom will never hear the end of it. How sophmoric do you have to be? Its a fight!! 2 ppl step in, one wins. I didnt know sexual preferance had anything to do with ur talent, and determination to train and fight. But what do i know? Stop being a couch commentator and train my man. Then maybe half you guys slandering this man will learn what martial arts is really about… Respect, honor.. Ect. (sorry for spelling, doing this from my phone and just trying to get my view out there)

  34. Sal says:

    It’s stupidity like this that keeps people from advancing in life. Their own league? You all act like its some sort of disease or some shit. Being gay doesn’t impede his ability to kick ass. Gay or not, he made it to wherehe is now, and it’s not because he “scared” his opponents, it’s because he was better than them. Get your head outta your ass and look at this as a whole. It’s this type of homophobia that creates tension between people. Grow up. Stop being so fucken closed minded. You might learn something.

  35. Big J says:

    Dang, they just let his business all out, didn’t they? What is up with having pictures on page 2, I will take your word for it…

  36. jc1 says:

    if the zuffa knew about this, they’ve got some balls putting this guy on because although i agree that this is a well-intended step in the right direction, i can see this backfiring (no pun intended).

  37. Dog chapman says:

    Eh bruddahs if bruddah man can scrap no judge only if was 1 butchie can kus butches are dumb lolololololol

  38. P Williams says:

    Is he OPENLY gay or GAY FOR PAY? There is a difference.

  39. lol says:

    His name would be Dakota..

  40. omgaghost says:

    Why do the ring girls get in trouble for having done porn in the past but this guy doesn’t?

  41. KoloheWahine808 says:

    Wow, I can’t believe some people’s comments. I guess BIGOTRY still exists. Who cares about his sexual orientation? Judge him by his skills, not his sexuality. Can he fight or no? That’s all that matters. You ignorant bigots are not real fans of MMA!

  42. Koshchek Loves Cock says:

    Gives a whole new meaning to “taking the back.”

  43. MMACRAVER says:

    The fact that he did gay porn doesn’t necessarily mean he is even gay.

    You make more money doing gay porn.

    a lot of those guys are actually straight believe it or not.

    Either way I dont really care where this guy sticks his pickle when he is not fighting.

    • Xaninho says:

      Urgh now THAT is just sick! I don’t care if someone is gay, but being straight and having sex with men just to make more money is nasty.

      • MMACRAVER says:

        Yep, more sad then anything.

        Really think about it… Those women who get bukakid by like 10 guys may be doing something that is “straight” but it is still incredibly disgusting.

        These people basically have to shut a part of themselves off, and do it for the money and a whole host of other reasons. (a lot of them are psycologically damaged) (some of course do just like it….)

        Not that far fetched for a man to be able to shut himself off in an equally disgusting although different way.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        And that’s why you shouldn’t drop out of high school…..

        • Xaninho says:

          lol if I would have money problems there would be about a million of other things I could do to get money. I would rather starve and die than doing porn. Unless it’s with Arianny or Brittney ofcourse 😉

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          I am constantly trying to tell younger people (I am in my mid 20s) not to drop out. Stay consistent and finish because I dropped out of college because I was too interested in what the ladies were doing and eventually went back because the real world is tough! Thank god!

          But, Idk if I could handle the shameful occupation of porn either and Idk if anyone would pay to watch you to have sex with either ring girl. haha

  44. guamy says:

    getting your Dik sucked isnt gay. your gay for sucking my dick. lol (harlod kumar)
    you boys ready for your cockmeat sandwich.

  45. G says:

    Sonnen has found his dream man.

  46. Xaninho says:

    It’s all good. I guess it could get awkward for him and the guys he has to share a room with. Maybe more UFC fighters will come out of the closet. I’m pretty sure Sonnen is gay too.

  47. RICK RUCKUS says:

    ‘The fact that he did gay porn doesn’t necessarily mean he is even gay.” LOL!!!! Dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    • MMACRAVER says:

      It’s definitely strange phenomenon… But it is a fact…

      You ignorant fuck….

      Take 2 seconds and google it…. There are way stranger things that happen on this planet… you are the dumbass.

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      I’ve watched two girls go at it on quite a few occasions. In fact, I was at a keg party in high school and two girls started going at it in front of everyone, including their boyfriends. Later that night, both of them fucked their boyfriends. And now both girls are married to men (not the same ones from high school). So, yes it is a plausible scenario. Now Rick, explain to me the difference.

  48. Ronin says:

    who cares that hes gay, but the fact that he did disgusting ass gay pornos is a whole different story, thats gross., meanwhile they wanted to fire chandella powell for doing softcore nude porn??? but they hire a homosexual pornstar for TUF? lol makes sense……..

  49. Dog chapman says:

    Breaking news big nog and dominik cruz openly admits they were married for ten yrs 1st man cpl in ufc

  50. Trevor says:

    Why do all the pictures look like he’s about to bust a nut. Choose different pictures haha

  51. dave says:

    Its about. Frickin. Time

  52. Dick Diaz says: for the latest news brought to you by other mma news sites… lol anyway, i’m willing to bet this guy was gay for pay…

  53. The Godfather says:

    Dana White always says he doesn’t care about the fighters sexuality, but I can just see him flippin’ the fack out calling him some names I will not say…

  54. A.James says:

    The mans gay. Big whoop! He’s gotta have some success on the show to make it into the UFC. What’s not cool is the stint in porn. It’s not a good look for the UFCs public image. One thing is for sure though. Im not clicking on that link!

  55. David says:

    lol Gayboy 😀

  56. JP says:

    If he isn’t flamboyant then I have no problem. It’s the “loud and proud” types that makes me throw up in my mouth.

    It’s just disgusting when men are fags. Just sayin…

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I’m not going to go as far as to say it’s disgusting but “loud and proud” is quite annoying. Okay, I’m glad they have the right to be who they are but come on, not everyone is interested in hearing about your story 24/7. Also PDA from Homosexuals and Heterosexuals is equally irritating.

  57. Donovan Magyer says:

    Yes. If you do gay porn and can get an erection doing it then he is gay enough. Ive seen some publicity stunts, but this one is well….kinda gay. A gay fighter doesnt make much sense unless its a female fighter. Its a double standard, but dont knock it cuz that is just a fact. If either Ronda Rousey or Mesha Tate were lesbians it would attract a shit load more attention, but not this.

    It doesnt make sense. It makes about as much sense as tits on a bull or decaf coffee or better yet, a pretty girl wi short hair. You wld have to be a pretty brave dude to roll wi that guy after seeing those pics on the next page. For real!! WTF!?!

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Well disclosing his laundry for the world to know is a way of hitting a different demographic. I bet more gay people will watch UFC events because of this. It’s not about us, it’s about expanding an audience.

      I thought Nick “The Promise” Ring played for the other team but I guess that ship has sailed.

      If he’s a bad ass fighter even better for everyone.

    • jonas says:

      whoah whoah whoah. have you ever rolled with a woman? to be honest i have, and i don’t think that my mind has strayed to sex when i’m trying my best not to get choked out, and if you are, you’re doing it wrong. who cares if this guy is gay? it’s all the same when you get on the mats.

    • Sweet game plan says:

      Dam, there’s good fights that have been announced or even better Aldo calls out Edgar. That we can comment on, and we have Run Forest Run over here on this blog with like 50 of the 125 comments.. So let’s all congratulate run forest run, he’s been waiting for this day forever.. He calls it Science.. We call it Gay…lol

    • MMACRAVER says:

      There are a lot of things that make less sense then being gay…

      “makes about as much sense as tits on a bull”

      You realize you have nipples right? what the fuck are those for?

    • jg says:

      wow. thank you Donovan Magyer for the blast from the past lesson. I needed to be reminded of all the fucking stupid ways that you can NOT compare gay people to everyone else.

      “tits on a bull” and “decaf coffee” are what you are resting your whole argument on and that is a flimsy ass argument.

      For the uneducated, there are gay players in EVERY SPORT! so don’t go thinking that 1 gy coming out is special, other than the fact he’s out. The rest of your thoughts sound like bullshit.

    • Well, in spite of the ‘warning’ at the top of the thread, I’m sure there’s going to be plenty of people serving generous glasses of ‘HATER-ade’ after they read this…IF they bother to read the whole thing. And to those people, I only have one thing to say…If you think that there are no gay UFC fans out there, or even MORE “extreme” in your mind – OTHER aspiring UFC fighters who are gay, it might be best for you to stay holed up in your snug ‘man-caves’ at home until you are oh, I don’t know…NINETY? OR DEAD? Because you have fallen so far behind the rest of the world already, it really doesn’t matter…

  58. manny says:

    Nobody is going to want to jump in his guard!!!!! It would be funny as hell if he started dry humping people in a fight. Anyway, i think its B.S that they initially fired Chandella Powel for previous porn work and hire this guy for TUF.

  59. T.J. says:

    Unless this secretly turns you on and you’re lashing out to fight it, it shouldn’t matter to you what his sexuality is.

    • jacob lee says:

      what a lie. i hate gays

      • jonas says:

        what does it matter to you if somebody likes a little bit a dick? do you watch girl on girl porn? what somebody else does on their own time should be the least of your worries.

        • jacob lee says:

          male and females are born eith parts designed to mate with each other. In the Bible we are told to be fruitful and multply so how am I to multiply when its physically impossible tovwith another man. its sick and wrong for men to like men and wome to like women. its not physically or anatomically correct……you can”t plug to lamps together. It was adam and eve not adam and steve

        • Dillinger says:

          Don’t worry folks, just an ignorant Bible-thumper here. Nothing to see.

        • Robert says:

          But there is no backlash from doing so that is not possible from having sex with a woman either. You are trying to bury your sexuality man. First of all everyone has religious freedom and religion cannot be used for arguments of more earthly matters. Thats metaphysical stuff. But if you want to put religion into this you are also supposed ot stay a virgin until married which im sure you aren’t against premarrital sex. You cannot masturbate because its a waste of your seed and your having sex with yourself…which is gay lol. When the bible says be fruitful and multiplay and you use a condom and don’t try to have sex to have children you are also going against the bible. Having sex with a condom is equivalent to having sex with another man if your going to use religious texts. How are you supposed to multiply with a condom or birth control. So knowing that you have probably had premarrital sex with a condom or at least pulled out before you are just as bad as any gay man. PS: the reason you jumped on this guy for his comment was because it struck at you and you felt threatened therefore needing to defend it. And you took out your time to read this article on top of that and even went to go read the comments. If you hate gays so much why spend the time to read the article. Because your a latent homosexual thats why….

        • Scott says:

          You’re an ignorant douche. Why not practice tolerance and not hate. You might make it to Heaven that way.

        • GeorgeFTL says:

          Oh there we go. As soon as someone says “In the Bible…” I stop listening. The bible is just a book. And old and outdated book. And in the “Lord of the Rings”… yeah whatever.
          I know gay men that have made a successful career as fire-fighters, policemen and marines. I’m sure a few would make good fighters…

        • jerry says:

          hahaha you quoted the bible as your source of moral code lol.

  60. Who cares says:

    Chandella was not fired for doing porn work, she was fired for not telling Zuffa about the work.
    What I find funny is that half of you think this guy would be attracted to you anyway. You are all paper tigers who hide behind your keyboards making fun of someone because they don’t have the same beliefs or sexual preferences as you.
    He is a fighter no different. Wrestling/BJJ doesn’t change because you are attracted to that sex. I have no problem working my ground game with a female, and I am attracted to them (Married with a child).
    Pull you head out of you ass good on him for not hiding it. No I do not agree with his past career choice but it is the past and doesn’t change his abilities.
    Maybe this is what the country needs so I can stop reading about how another child killed him/her self over some fear filled redneck making fun of them for who they want to take comfort in.

    • Jimmy says:

      Well spoken! It is often that many guys feel a need to ridicule the gay community (and anyone who is associated with it) as a way of proving their masculinity. As you said, guys should not assume that a another gay man will find them attractive and even if they did, it is very unlikely that they would ‘make a move.’ This is a myth.
      What this show is about is finding the most talented fighter, it is not about sexual orientation. Let’s acknowledge what we have learned and move on…nothing else to see, boys.

    • manny says:

      Yea they probably rehired her after they googled this guy and realised how silly it would of been to fire her and to hire him.

  61. Run Forrest Run!! says:


  62. I can’t wait to see all the homophobes tapping early at the first hint of a triangle choke. LOL

  63. MMA and proud says:

    Ronda Rousey is gay and nobody cares. Let’s see this dude fight!


  65. K2 says:

    Gay for pay? Is sucking wang for crack gay? Is man on man prostitution gay? So drilling man ass isn’t gay as long as you make money at it? what a notion…

  66. DewYouKnow8 says:

    Triangle from mount all day. I wouldn’t roll..

  67. Bull says:

    Sean Cody is the website he was on. He used the name “Danny”. I think that he is gay4pay not gay.

    • danriverapv says:

      then why not just become a porn star and fuck bitches instead of dudes? i mean i dont care if this guys gay or not but its no “gay4pay” or some shit like that. hes gay. who cares. expect hardcore religious folk.

  68. No ones gonna wanna fight him, they wouldnt wanna get sued for gay bashing lol

  69. GRT 3000 says:

    First he’s going to kick your ass…then he’s going to fuck it.

  70. check it out we have an exclusive interview where Dakota talks about it over at where we actually contacted him and found out the whole story rather than just posting up without checkin our facts!

  71. elijahhawaii says:

    So is the sister mentioned in the article that of BJ Penn or of “Zeus”? Anyways, it’s so stupid that so many guys assume that there are no gays in (insert macho stereotype profession here) because they think gay guys are all fems. DUH!!!!

  72. Jason N says:

    So you can’t smoke a joint in private but its ok to smoke a C@(k on video. Something wrong there

  73. Donnybrook says:

    Pedro it’s all fine and dandy to run the story about this but to put up a link showing the man in the “moment” is just WRONG!… I sure hope to f**k BJ doesn’t endorse this type of shit! I’m not liking what’s going on here at with all the changes to the format and content. I know your just trying to get more hits on this site man but have some class.

  74. spyro says:

    Hey, if the guy can fight, I don’t give a shit what he likes. Actually, even if he’s no good, he doesn’t negatively affect my life or any of yours.

  75. elijahhawaii says:

    @Donnybrook – without infallible proof, it would just be gossip. As for the content, 1 article does not imply “all the changes” that you say. Lots of the usual stuff is what I see…. and funny this article has generated over 100 comments but all the others have comments in the single digits. Oh well. You see what you wanna see. The chord this article has struck is yours. Enjoy the new season of TUF!

  76. elijahhawaii says:

    Okay. I saw somewhere on this website calling Pedro out for posting those photos and saying all these people are all blowing up the community page calling Pedro out for it.
    What I found there were 9 comments …. including the original post there. Dayum! That’s …. less than 10. And it’s the only post there on the topic. And one other post alone has 57 comments, not to mention a llllll the others. Wow.
    And those 9 commenters are all complaining that saw gay porn photos (that were REALLY PG-rated) even though they were told before they clicked the link that they were about to view still photos from a gay porn but THEY clicked anyway, and now these 9 Yale graduates are complaining that they saw gay porn photos. Should I explain that stupidity one more time? smdh.

    Note to planet Earth – if you don’t want to see gay porn photos, don’t click on a link that says it is about to take you to gay porn photos. DUH!!! OMFG.

    • elijahhawaii says:

      oh. up above. techno striker’s post. LMFAO @ techno striker, who states, “I clicked on a link that I knew was for photos of a gay porn but now I am mad that I saw gay porn. That must be someone else’s fault!” O ….. M….. G…..

  77. This is bullshit says:

    why the fuck does it even matter that the guy is gay? this is fighting not fucking and sexual prefference have no place in this sport. thats part of a persons personal life and has nothing to do with combat sports it neither makes him a better or worse fighter and is pointless to even mention.. props to this guy for letting them run him as the first openly gay fighter but honestly real fight fans arent going to give a shit if he is gay its wether he can fight we’re interested in

  78. This is bullshit says:

    Also i think this could be trouble for this fighter…remember what happen to the ring girls who were in porn?

  79. Lou Rocka says:

    who will dana white ever get to fight him? its a lose, lose situation if u win, u beat a a dude with suger in his tank and if u lose u just got beat by a fag…………!smdh at the ufc..!

    • elijahhawaii says:

      Watch the show and find out. omfg @ YOU. He signed him for the show, didn’t he? (oh and it’s spelled sugar … yu lernd to spel reel gud in skool!! Whut grayd did yu drop owt uf?) I’ll just let Esera Tuaolo know you’re looking for him.

  80. manomad says:

    Lots of gays out there have done martial arts. With the fear of being attacked and killed for who they are, that is enough of a reason.
    Being gay can mean you have to live your life with more courage than a straight person, when it comes to living with the real threat of discrimination.
    Being gay doesnt mean being a total femmy whimp. Only some are like that.
    Being gay or bi crosses all social racial and cultural boundaries.
    All fighters are tested for hiv and other blood diseases. They must all be negative.
    All walks of life have shed their blood in the fight scene. A gay fighter is no different from the rest.
    Highly doutbtful he will be getting it on with anyone on the set of TUF.

  81. Trent says:

    Just because he did gay porn doesnt make him openly gay most porn stars that start out have to do gay porn to make a living, it is what it is and if he can fight then he has my vote

  82. fdfdew says:


  83. Brian says:

    I think anyone can do anything, whether they are gay or straight that does not matter. You don’t walk into your job and daily say I can do this job, because I am straight, so therefore why does it matter what he does in his badroom? I think if he is gay, that he would be happy and open enough to come public and only help better educate people that gay people can do anything and help with the fight against bullying and gay teenage suicide! Because when it comes down to it, it’s all about helping others and being a great role model gay or straight!!

    • Indy says:

      The thing is I don’t make an issue of what people do in the bedroom. Dakota never denied doing gay porn. I respected that. I only had issue with his response about him doing gay porn was a mistake because he benefited a LOT from it. It wasn’t like the man got minimum wage or received mistreatment on the job.

      I have issues with gay pornographers having straight men in gay porn. It causes a LOT of confusion.

  84. Brandon says:

    His porn name isn’t Sean Cody. Sean Cody is the name of a gay porn site that’s been around for many years.

  85. Indy says:

    I know that Dakota didn’t hide about doing gay porn. I do have a problem with him saying that he made a mistake doing it. But what about all that money he got from doing gay porn? Was THAT a mistake as well?

    Now Dakota is trying to convince people that he is totally straight? I think people ought to be genuine and sincere. Are people believing what THEY want to hear or believe?

  86. TMan says:

    C’mon people it’s 2012. Everyone does stupid stuff in college, if you went. Look at Court McGee. Former street junkie and look at the guy now. Everyone deserves a chance at redemption. And if you’ve got a problem with a supposedly gay man competing in the UFC or anywhere else, you’re a bigot and a homophobe and that just makes you a POS. .

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