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Thursday, 02/09/2012, 02:21 pm

Confirmed | Diaz vs. Condit II Nixed | Nick Diaz Suspended By NSAC For Failing Drug Test

For the past two days the entire MMA world has been running around in circles trying to get a handle on the Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit rematch situation.

UFC president Dana White came out and said the deal is done and will be finalized on Friday, only to be debunked by Cesar Gracie later the same day. However, as time went on Cesar and team withdrew their initial statement and opened the door to the possibility of a rematch.

Late last night, (3 a.m. to be exact) I was tipped off by Cesar Gracie that there was a temporary issue that will keep Nick out of action. Now that the NSAC has released their version of events and I can now publicly divulge the details.

After his loss to Carlos Condit at UFC 143 this past weekend Nick Diaz was required to submit to a post-fight drug screening. This is common practice for the State of Nevada when fighters compete in the evening’s main event.

In the days after the post-fight drug screening it was learned that Nick Diaz was found to have marijuana in his system and will subsequently get his license to fight suspended.

Marijuana is a banned substance in all Athletic jurisdictions. This is not Nicks’ fist infraction for Marijuana use, he failed a post-fight drug screening back in 2007 after he faced and beat Takanori Gomi in Las Vegas.

In this instance it would appear that history has indeed repeated itself and the Stockton native will need to prove rehabilitation to the commission after serving his suspension if he wants to try and regain his license for future events inside the state of Nevada.

While Nick Diaz proclaimed his desire to retire after his decision loss to Carlos Condit last weekend, the possibility of a rematch with the current interim title holder put him back in fight mode. Now, the consequences of his actions are biting him back as he will no longer be able to partake in one of the biggest rematches in UFC history.

If Diaz where to have been victorious over Condit in a rematch he would have been able to settle his grudge with champion Georges St. Pierre in what would have been one of the biggest fights in UFC history.

In the end, Nick Diaz not only loses the chance to prove he is better than Carlos Condit, but he also lost the chance to earn a UFC title, compete against GSP and earn millions of dollars in the process.

The fans also lose as well because after several years of anticipation the Diaz vs. GSP fight is now further away from happening than ever before.

When it is all said and done Diaz likely faces a 12 month suspension, a fine of his fight purse and will have to reapply for his license with the state once his suspension is up.

For a fighter who admittedly uses marijuana and is stubborn, controversial and just down right set in his ways, this may indeed be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and as such I wouldn’t be surprised if his retirement sticks. Either because he does not want to rehabilitate and refuses to cooperate with the re-licensing procedures of Nevada or he just plain doesn’t care to fight anymore.

Either way, in the end more than Diaz, it’s the sport and the fans that are the biggest losers in this recent string of events.

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0 Responses to “Confirmed | Diaz vs. Condit II Nixed | Nick Diaz Suspended By NSAC For Failing Drug Test”

    • isaiah D says:

      Weed should not be banned when its legal to use in the state your from. Its not giving him any major advantage other then helping him relax better after practice and help with focus. I dont think the majority of mma would even put a failed text of weed even in the same ballpark as steroids. 2 month suspension max, slap on the wrist, small fine. Should be nothing more..

      • Lmpwao says:

        Whether it’s legal to use in your state or not has nothing to do with it….if your employer says it’s banned…it’s banned…he’s pissed hot before and has denied submitting to drug tests I don’t know how many times….he needs to get his head out of his ass…he just lost a shot at something millions of people would die for…AND stay clean for.

      • mrsoulo says:

        I completely agree with u.

  1. RhendO says:

    Fuckin really? 12 months for weed. I’ve seen fighters get less than that for PED’s…. weed, really?

  2. Sully says:

    There is a god! Thank fuck for no rematch.

  3. the original steve says:

    oh nick. come on man detox pills.

  4. omg says:

    Really nick? You couldn’t get someone else’s pee?

  5. Shaundi says:

    12 months is too much of a layoff for weed… its not PED’s…

  6. jay says:

    Absolutely gutted!

  7. slacker says:

    Oh well. They can fight again later. No need for an immediate re – match. Condit can enjoy his victory now. The initial derision towards him is going to fade away and the praises for his truly brilliiant performance will shine forth and shine on! Congratulations Carlos. You are a champion!

  8. Brian says:

    It’s 12 months because he’s a repeat offender, should of known better and especially being in the main event that he would get tested afterwards.

  9. mellow fellow says:

    they made it seem like steroids come on fine his ass and lets move on

  10. toneloc24 says:

    So let me get this straight… Nick Diaz and all his fans were Sao upset about him getting robbed out of a decision against Condit but even if he wouldn’t got the decision it would’ve got changed to a no contest cause of the failed drug screen? Lol that’s funny. But anyway this is ridiculous that he can’t smoke the weed that is prescribed to him by a doctor but it’s ok for some fighters to get there testosterone levels artifically elevated. What kinda sense does that make??

    • VanDamme says:

      You sure it was prescribed by a doctor? This guys dosnt give a shit about rules and procedures but you think he would go out of his way to get a doctors note? I’m sure he has more weed going around him then water?!?

      • RCS says:

        it’s been reported he has a card.

      • Chris-Jitsu says:

        Yes it was prescribed by the doctor. He has a medical marijuana card.

        • Mucks says:

          yeah he clearly has anxiety about public speaking and the UFC made him speak publicly for months. I’m sure he was going home and getting high.
          It should be legal federally. Here in colorado and there in California its is legal on the state level. Dozens and dozens of UFC fighter regularly use alcohol and tobacco, which are just as bad if not worse, and for some reason those substances get a pass.

  11. Pistol Pete says:

    This blows.

  12. mike says:

    its not a PED! legalize freedom!

  13. toneloc24 says:

    If he would’ve won the decision*

  14. 209 says:

    its fricken weed. how gay is this? people who roid themselves up into freaks and test positive get 6 months. but a guy with a medical marijuana card who smokes days before a fight gets a full year off and his fight liscense revoked. complete crap

    • Lmpwao says:

      Funny you can spell marijuana right but can’t spell license right…..doesn’t matter if he has a card or not…it’s the same with the military and most other jobs…you might have authorization to toke up from your doc….but it doesn’t mean it’s allowed in your job if they say it’s illegal. It’s a rule that he broke…again and he’s getting punished for it….end of story….he’s lucky his ass isn’t back out on the streets for it.

  15. Why Nick? WHY? says:

    Seriously? He couldn’t wait until AFTER the fight to toke up? That’s bogus. And here i was hoping Werdum was juicing it.

    • Mr.Rusk says:

      You do know that it stays in your system for around 2 weeks right? There’s no way to differentiate between how often you use from when you used it

      • Koshchek loves cock says:

        It stays in your system for 3 months bro.

      • Thurgood Jenkins says:

        THC can stay in your system anywhere from a few days to 6 months to a year. It is dependent upon the individual. Once ingested, the THC attaches itself to the smoker’s fat cells. Thus, a person may not have smoked for months but does something to burn a fat cell containing THC, and the THC releases itself back into the bloodstream. Seeing how Diaz has very little body fat and the fact the guy trains like a maniac, he probably smoked very, very close to the time of the drug test.


    HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! AWESOME!!!! Thank God the business machine that is the UFC will not be able to force another fucking undeserved “re-match” down our throats! Great job Nick!!!

  17. For weed seriously?? its not even a dam drug its just a plant
    Dana is on some bitch shit

  18. Rob says:

    For a fighter who admittedly uses marijuana and is stubborn, controversial and just down right set in his ways, this may indeed be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and as such I wouldn’t be surprised if his retirement sticks

    Enough said the guy is set in ways and could have been something great but throws it all away with his view on life.

  19. Koshchek is a felcher says:

    They’ll just fight in another state probably geniuses!

  20. Mr Groove says:

    Keep puffing Nick, I don’t see nothing wrong with it. It’s not like you’re roiding up but more relaxing….

    • Anomie says:

      This is probably why it is illegal in the Athletic Commissions… It’s noted for its pain reduction and relaxation effects which could be beneficial in MMA. Commonly fighters gas themselves out by having too much adrenaline running in their bodies.

      • Mucks says:

        Anomie— wake up bro… you D.A.R.E class lied to you. Pot is no where near as harmful as tobacco and alcohol and by no means a performance enhancer!!! By your logic Mayhem Miller should have been suspended for chewing in every episode of TUF because tobacco is a stimulant.

      • Thurgood Jenkins says:

        Yea, there’s an argument there for the way it helps combat pain, but have you ever smoked yourself or seen someone after they smoke? I’ve never seen someone smoke weed and have an adrenaline rush. Hand-eye coordination is far from perfect. The body itself becomes sluggish, tired. To me, that far exceeds argument about the way it is used to treat pain.

  21. kaja says:

    It’s not even an enhancement drug to give a fighter an edge. Well, maybe an edge on sleeping and the munchies! If anything, it’s a negative working drug for a fighter.

  22. Phil says:

    It’s a stupid rule, but a rule nonetheless. Nick knew about this fight far enough ahead of time to lay off the ganja for a while and detox. I think he just doesn’t care.

  23. Jason says:

    damn! it! this is lame! of all people Nick should be able to smoke weed! its not a performince inhancer when people smoke and say. “im just taking the edge off” it’s the competitive edge there loosing. pot is no bid deal. if fighters are aloud to drink alcohol or take pain pills or valum or anything like that they should be allowed to smoke pot. Plus its legal in CA. just a shame Nick is a hell of a fighter!

  24. Matt says:

    Couldnt they just fight in another state?

  25. asdfjhka says:

    at least it’s weed not roid

  26. earvingotti says:

    I’m pretty sure he was clean leading up to the fight.
    I bet he toked up after the bad decision. I would have

  27. chardt says:

    Pot is not an athletic enhancer…so shouldn’t be regarded as a ‘banned’ substance. Unless he’s got the munchies so bad he pours it on the finish the fight to get to the pizza in the dressing room.

  28. Tom Harrison says:

    This is ridiculous. Smoking weed isn’t going to enhance his performance. It smacks of hypocrisy. Weed is illegal, yes, but to be on a list of sports drug testing, just isn’t necessary. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

  29. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    All I can say is that marijuana is the prohibition of our time! “Burn One Down” – Ben Harper…I’ll blaze one in your honor Mr. Diaz. One love from the central cali and the city of “NO”. Stop the war on weed!!!

  30. exit 8 says:

    A true martial artist. Right. No true martial artist uses drugs. You love the sport so much, yet you disrespect it by doing drugs.

    • learntoread says:

      It’s herb pal, stop acting like such a damn PRUDE.

    • zach says:

      Lol caffeine is more of a drug then weed come on now, and its not like your any better of a fighter than diaz too acting like so much better people who smoke

    • Mr.Rusk says:

      Lol you don’t know a whole lot about the history of martial arts do ya

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      By your logic, no mixed martial artist drinks alcohol or coffee. After all, they are technically drugs.

    • mike says:

      marijuana used to be one of the leading substances used in all ailment remedies. therefore not a drug. it was classified as a drug once large pharmaceutical companies began mass producing pills with major side effects so they can create another pill to tackle the side effects of the original pill used to cure your ailment. calling marijuana use(not abusively) doing drugs is like calling the practice of using herbal ginseng doing drugs

      • Thurgood Jenkins says:

        Don’t forget its illegality is largely due to it being a cheap substitute for paper. William Randolph Hearst and other millionaires were losing lots of money back in the 20s and 30s.

  31. david says:

    hahahahaaha i was confident it was diaz, now all those fagget diaz nuthuggers on the other thread that said “oh it must be someone from jacksons camp they are cheaters and greasers” yeah you fags? you can all eat a FAT DICK hahahahahahahahahaha

  32. Fighter Fix says:

    I feel like they are less lenient on the “lesser” PED’s. I still don’t think he cheated.

    • learntoread says:

      Remember, not only did they fine him and suspend Nick last time, they also altered the biggest win of his career (at that point) from a W to “No Contest”.
      Pretty over the top if you ask me. Being that Diego Sanchez tested positive for Weed after his win over Joe Riggs @ UFC Fight Night 7 and his WIN was not taken away from him / altered.

      • Stevo the great says:

        +1… are spot on, he beat Gomi with a gogopata when gomi was on a demolition streak. And after that they changed it to a no contest over weed……but yet in Pride (Where they fought) everyone was on roids……and that was ok…..but weed and nick diaz not ok…..what BULLSHIT!!!! I am starting to believe that they do have it out for nick.

        • Stevo the great says:

          Let’s see Condit Vs Diaz rematch in Japan……he can fight there! And they are about to do ufc japan… it DANA don’t be a lame!

  33. Phil says:

    1st – It’s the NSAC’s rule, not Dana’s
    2nd – The athletic commissions uphold each other’s suspensions. So no, they won’t fight in another state.

    • Sam Garvin says:

      Thank you…It’s about time someone figures it out. Otherwise, Sonnen would’ve fought else where during his year suspended and Barnett wouldn’t have had to fight in Japan for all those years. Seriously, only Texas would be stupid enough to allow most fighters to get licensed while being suspended in another state.

  34. T.J. says:

    Should just be a small fine. 12 months for an unadulterated plant that occurs naturally in nature is disproportionate.

  35. yoo says:

    if anything, weed was in your system it wouldnt help u at all in a fight would probly be worse for u so the drug fail proves nothing dosent mean he cheated to fight better

  36. Mike McMack says:

    Nothing wrong with a little Mary Jane, but when it comes at this kind of cost you have to ask Nick what the hell he was thinking. Oh well, on to a boring fight between GSP and Condit. GSP will win it for sure and us MMA fans will lose out on having one of the biggest rematches ever. There’s plenty of time to get high, I don’t understand Nick’s decision here.

  37. ShaunHornby209 says:

    does this mean he cant fight in nevada only? or does this apply to everywhere else aswell?

    • Mike McMack says:

      No, the UFC honors the stipulations enforced by any State Athletic commision, part of those stipulations is that Nevada will request that all other State commissions not their suspension by not licensing him either. Texas would most likely do it but the UFC won’t let it happen at the expense of hurting their relationship with Nevada. It’s totally a political thing but the UFC is at the mercy of all the State Athletic commissions so the have to play ball their way.

  38. lono says:

    Why should he stop smoking weed? I hope he tells the nsacto suck it and does follow thru with retirement. Screw them and the system keeping the man down

  39. freedaweed says:

    hey dumbass, if you actually knew something, you would know WEED IS NOT A PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUG. STEROIDS ARE. If anything, tylenol and advil are more dangerous than weed. theres nothing wrong with weed you fool.

  40. Happypills says:

    Easy solution: have the fight in a different state. He doesn’t want to fight in Nevada anyway. Just hold the rematch in Cali where his license is still valid. Problem solved.

  41. Diaz is an idiot says:

    “the fans are the real losers”…….Diaz is still the loser…mma will go on without this pathetic excuse for an athlete. Although he is athletic…hes not a real athlete…real athletes want to compete..they will do ANYTHING to compete…”where you at, carlos?” lol ummm…holding the belt and above you on every level of life..thats where.

  42. Dayne says:

    okay diaz nuthuggers.. he lost fair and square jus accept the fact. theres nothing you or anyone can do about it, keep it in the past.

  43. joe b. says:

    You shouldn’t be on any kind of banned substance at this level of MMA. Listen you noobs, the discussion of whether weed is detrimental or not is not valid, it is used on patients after chemotherapy because it reduces pain so don’t bring up shit that it doesn’t give fighters an advantage. Nick new the rules, he broke them so stop making up excuses, he isn’t asking for you to suck his nuts. The guy made a bad decision ( once again ) and now the idiot won’t get a rematch with Carlos. Back down to the bottom of the ladder for him,

  44. DeepSeaGod says:

    What an idiot! This guy makes 200k plus a fight and he can’t lay off the weed until he actually retires? Cmon man!

  45. Boooyah says:

    Even though marijuana can hardly be described as performance enhancing you still have to consider the fact that it is a drug and that as an professional athlete you are obliged to act as one. Nick Diaz may be a great fighter but obviously he cannot handle the attention a great fighter gets, so he acts immature and unprofessional.
    Now, most likely I will get flamed for stating my viewpoints, but in advance I’ll say the following: this is not a matter of whether weed should or should not be legalized, it’s a matter of a (pro) fighter not abiding to the rules and regulations set by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, and therefore it is only fair that he is being punished.

    I certainly must say that as a fan of the sport, I find it very disappointing that the chances of a Diaz vs. GSP event happening are nearly minute. Though I still believe that Condit did win by points – a small victory indeed – but he did the most boring thing he could do; stick to the game plan and move away from Diaz’s punches-in-bunches.

  46. BJC says:

    Ya Gracie Jitz
    That’s where I want to send my kids.To learn from a bunch of Pot heads

  47. kevin9999 says:

    Weed enhances your thoughts and in a fight can help. You can be more focused and definatly fight better if you are high on weed. This does not work for everyone but I know for a fact it helps alot of people in a fight or any sport. I think Nick uses it as a medicine since he seems to be ADHD. I think he can process his thoughts better and put sentences together when he is high. Without weed he has social issues.

  48. ElCarlo says:

    Weed doesn’t enhance anything other than your appreciation for music ,food and a relaxing time…very different from steroids!!!

  49. JTL says:

    Question? Does marijuana makes you numb? I mean that could help not feel pain or hard punches that bad right? That’s the only help I think marijuana could do for Nick in a fight I don’t doubt the guy skills I like his attitude inside the octagon. And if he has been doing it for a while now his system is use to it

  50. kevin9999 says:

    If he wasnt high he would of buckled from that body shot. It helps alot with numbing out pain. I would think that would be an advantage. Don’t you? No one said it was like steroids.

  51. Trey says:

    Why people happy saying he got what he deserves its weed people first off its suppose to be a disadvantage to his endurance a and that shit go be legal by end of this year anyway so the people making it seem like its steroids or some shit saying he got what he deserves come on now you just hating on the guy people wanna be like theres diaz nutthuggers what ever that stupid shit means people that hate on nick diaz are really the nutthuggers and fuck the nsac for making that shit out to look like somebody’s taking steroids too but still weed is suppose to be a disadvantage he really deserves a reward for that shit cuz that should have have condit a massive advantage nick should’ve gotten very tired for all that chasing of condit he was doing but oh well still don’t think its a big deal its not like its a performance enhancer its really a enhancer for condit to go vb on there and get a knockout but he was to scared now they just use this to prevent him from running another marathon

  52. Zach Adams says:

    To tell u the truth Nick Diaz is no doubt a good fighter? Am I a fan? No, and never will be. A: Because he’s a stuck up asshole. B: He has trouble admiting his losses. Do I think he deserves to fight gsp? No. Why? because he obviously isn’t responsible enough. If the UFC was paying me millions of dollars to fight and not take drugs then no problem. Just hand me the check and ill do whatever u need.

    Now him being suspended for 12 months for weed. Now ALOT of fans are saying its not fair. Well he’s really lucky. His many people lose their job for just for one failed drug test for weed. And he’s failed two of them. He’s considerably lucky.

    Who would win between GSP and Diaz? Well I am a true GSP fan and I’ve taken Diaz skills and stats into consideration and I still think GSP would demolish him. Why? OK, George is a GREAT technical fighter on a usual fight. No he’s not and exciting fighter to watch but when he is pissed off and disrespected… Do I really have to remind u about the koshchek fight? That was just a beatdown. U really don’t wanna fight GSP and if u SOMEHOW piss him off then u really don’t even wanna see a picture of him. He’s a beast none the less.

  53. Charger01 says:

    If it was the other way around and Condit got busted u Diaz fans would be chewing him up one side and down the other. You guys have mental issues

  54. IknowMMA says:

    Bahahaha man Diaz is such a pot head that is no secret! Haha but above all this is so funny because of all you Diaz fans hahaha! Wishing it was Condit hahaha, what a bunch of losers!

  55. Matt says:

    Could they not fight in another state?

  56. slacker says:

    This guy is an expert on self – sabotage. Loses a fight for missing pressers. Loses another one because of illegal drug use. He is MMA’s version of Mike Tyson. Maybe “Iron Mike” can go talk to Nick and straighten him out before he completely ruins his life.

  57. Trey says:

    And people saying he did drugs weed is not a drug its not anything remotely close to a drug and people who say it is obviously you’ve never read a book cause a drug is a chemical substance used on the treatment, prevention, or diagnose of a disease or to enhance performance and ability weed doesn’t do any of that so yea go read a book stupid ass people

  58. BJC says:

    I’m waiting for one of the Diaz nuthuggers to say he was setup.That it was Greg Jacksons camp put it in his water bottle…..LMAO

    • its common knowledge that the diaz bros blaze like crazy.. not even diaz nuthuggers can claim foul.. it just shows that diaz is scared of gsp.. he was looking for an out and he found it..



  59. onanz says:

    What a fucking loser.

  60. Mick says:

    diaz….you stupid, stupid motherfucker….fuckin it up for everyone…

  61. dez says:

    if other fighters can use band substances like trt with doctor consent then you should be able to do the same fucking thing for weed! What fucking bullshit!

    • MJ says:

      Doctors wouldn’t prescribe a drug for recreational purposes and the comparison to TRT is just stupid.

      • Kyle Z says:

        So to you TRT being allowed, and pot not being allowed makes any sense?? If so, you’re the idiot.

        • Shawn says:

          TRT can b perscribed in appropriate doses for a given purpose. For older fighters who dont produce as much testosterone as they should, or younger fighters who have a medical condition that they don’t naturally produce testosterone. Either way, n whether anyone likes it or not, its not a banned substance when used as perscribed to the athletic commission. Weed is. Nick knew that. And also knowing he’d get tested after the fight, shows that he really doesn’t give a shit about anyone or anything except him and his own, in a sport where its not just about the individual. Sucks. But he deserves what he gets. No ones fault but himself. Even the Diaz nuthuggers know this. Dont know why they are still huggin. Monkey see, monkey do I guess. Lol

  62. Grease St. Pierre says:

    this aint the place to argue about marijuana and if it should be legalized…. Too bad Diaz, he cant be a professional for once?

  63. BJC says:

    Taken from the N.Y. Times

    Diaz, a talented fighter who has always marched to his own drum, has made no secret of his marijuana use in the past.

    In 2009, he told the Los Angeles Times: “I’m more consistent about everything being a cannabis user.”

    “I’m happy to get loaded, hear some good music . . . I remain consistent. And I have an easy way to deal with (the drug tests). I can pass a drug test in eight days with herbal cleansers. I drink 10 pounds of water and sweat out 10 pounds of water every day. I’ll be fine.”

    Guess he didnt get it quite right this time

  64. Xaninho says:

    Weed’s not a PED it’s not helping anyone to become a better fighter.

    Sure I can get real creative smoking some, but at the same time I just don’t give a shit.

    • Shawn says:

      PED or not, its still a banned substance in the Nevada Atheletic commission. Rules are rules. You cant be professional to follow them, you bring upon yourself to deal with the consequences. No ones fault but his.

  65. harry pothead says:

    I can understand TRT or Steroids, but Marijuana?! really?! how does one get an edge on his opponent by smoking herb?

    • Kyle Z says:

      Any MMA fighter can use TRT with so little as a doctor’s note. But obviously that’s not performance enhancing…. wait… Agree with you, beyond hypocritical

  66. Zack says:

    It’s just a lil bud. If everyone smoked the world would be a better place. FACT!

  67. BJC says:

    The Nevada commission routinely tests for steroids, stimulants and what it calls “drugs of abuse.”

    Abuse of alcohol and marijuana can affect the way a fighter handles himself in the ring, the commission argues. So-called social drugs can dull reflexes, reduce skill level and set the scene for a possible mismatch in which a fighter can get hurt.

    • Kyle Z says:

      They NEVER bust anyone for abuse of alcohol. Soo many fighters have admitted to getting hammered all training camp when they were younger. Sanchez and Brookins to name a couple.

      A) Calling pot a drug of abuse is the dumbest thing ever

      B) Rule 467.5 If there are that many rules, shoot me

      C) Does anyone realize how completely contradictory it is to allow Testosterone Replace Therapy (TRT) and pot isn’t allowed????? TRT is LITERALLY used to increase testosterone, almost every single case, (in MMA) its for a guy who used to use steroids, and is now lacking. Beyond stupid.

  68. kujo says:

    All of you saying that it doesn’t enhance performance obviously haven’t smoked or have some cheap crap. The few times I did it my focus was out of this world and I had much more endurance since it was harder to get stressed and have an adrenaline dump. Please, stop with the childrens banter. Its banned, if he had a card or a note then he wouldn’t be suspended. End of story

    • Kyle Z says:

      Fact: Clearly you’ve never smoked. Pot has never helped anyone’s endurance ever. Focus out of this world?? I think you’re talking about addorall

      Fact: You’re an idiot.

    • Mat says:

      Uh coming from a long time stoner I’m gonna go ahead and say your an idiot who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Increase your focus? Not in my considerable experience. Clam you down, sure. Should we ban something that helps people cope with stress?

      Should we ban pre-workout drinks and caffeine too since they increase your focus as well? Eggs and tuna are well documented brain food, they increase your focus, I say ban them (rolls eyes).

      • Shawn says:

        Actually, with a proper amount (not goin crazy and different amounts affect people differently), your not too stoned, it helps you to be more relaxed, and your tolerance to pain increases. The last two are key things in a fight.

  69. lex walker says:

    That’s gay as fuck u can drink but u can’t smoke…..gtfo

  70. Lmpwao says:

    2nd time failing a drug test…and who knows how many times he’s refused to take drug tests in the past…..Maybe Dana should realize that Diaz isn’t worth the hassle and not let him fight in the UFC or Strikeforce again…he can find another fighter with same kind of shitty attitude who can at least stay clean long enough to pass a freaking piss test and bring in as much revenue if not more then Diaz.

  71. Kyle Z says:

    Besides the absolute hypocrisy of TRT being allowed, and pot being disallowed, the other thing I absolutely don’t understand is this: It’s not like he actually fought high, so how could it hinder his performance in any way shape or form?? He could’ve gotten completely hammered, been hungover before his fight and they wouldn’t have a problem (don’t kid yourself, just cause alcohol is listed under drugs of abuse, they don’t give two shits about someone drinking)

    God, I just keep coming back to how TRT (obviously a performance enhancer) is allowed and pot (a performance detractor) is not. For this and a myriad of other reasons I hate Keith Kizer

    • Shawn says:

      I’m a fan of the ganj. But rules are rules. You don’t like them, don’t fight. Its a pro sport, be professional. Follow the rules. Thats all there is to it. And there’s nothing anyone can say or do anything about the rules, whether they suck or not. There’s some stupid laws out there too, but do you really want to get caught and risk going to jail?

  72. What is their policy on the drug know as alcohol? I bet they turn their blind eye to the worlds most deadly drug and burn down the “potheads” instead,….I wouldn’t be surprised if they get some money from the alcohol companies

  73. JL says:

    Dude…this article is too bias. You’re coming down on Diaz cuz he whooped your guy and you got a grudge. The weed laws are all ridiculous (weed gives NO unfair advantage to any athlete who uses) and that’s what you should be getting on your soap box about. Word is BJ is a stoner too, and maybe he’s just more “responsible” on keepin’ it under wraps. Stupid laws abound, even into our sport we love so much.

  74. G says:

    First of all, weed shouldn’t be banned, because it’s not a performance ENHANCING drug. It’s a performance DECREASING drug. Secondly, how stupid does the UFC have to be to only look at the results of tests AFTER fights are over? I swear to god, if Sonnen abuses drugs again and we find out AFTER the fight, I will stop watching UFC entirely.

  75. GRT 3000 says:

    Well there you have it. Tired of hearing abt this dude and his string of drama and fuck-ups. next!

  76. If Diaz is that bad and that bad a pot head… how did he pass the 137 testing?

  77. Hawaiian Warrior says:

    I would like to hear what Joe Rogan has to say about this.

  78. Chartmonster says:

    Dammit! I wanted to see Condit kick his face in again.

  79. Skander says:

    I honestly think that weed should be removed from the list of banned substences, I think it’s just ridiculous to have a plant in the same list than testosterone,Winstrol and Stanozolol

  80. i wud bj bj :) says:

    absolutely m8 ive had enough 2! gr8 fighter shit attitude! on the other hand weed shud b legal in all areas of EVERYTHING LOL FTW !!!!!!!!!!!

  81. AirBud says:

    Just curious…isn’t smoking pot illegal? Perhaps that’s why is considered banned by the UFC?

  82. Mat says:

    I’m still a big Diaz fan, and I’m still a stoner. I think weed should not be a banned substance, it’s not like this increases his skills or chances in a fight in any way, but it is banned. Nick should have taken this more seriously and gotten it out of his system. I can speak from experience and say it isn’t all that hard, and I’m not in the top shape Diaz is in. Disappointing. I wanted to see a rematch, and I wanted to see Diaz vs GSP.

  83. mason says:

    Since when is weed a performance enhancing drug? hahahahahahaha

  84. thebigv57 says:

    I’m a 34 year old testicular Cancer survivor. I can tell you from experience. 4 years ago they removed my testicle. I never received testosterone replacement and I got fat like a neutered house cat. bones got thinner and weaker. I was so tired I had to drag myself out of bed, irritable, and unhappy, and poor memory. I finally researched and got tested my T levels were 225 normal is 400 to 800. I began T injections this summer gained my bone and muscle mass back and I feel 20 again. I have stamina and can train again. It is a natural occuring substance that a male body requires to be a male. a real doctor only gives you enough to be normal. they test your levels every 3 months. thats why real athletes like Dan Henderson can entertain us in the twilight of there career without failing tests. when they get greedy they give themselves the shots at home and over do it. TRT is a real thing that I consider to have saved me from a life of obesity, diabetes, osteoperosis, depression.memory loss and weakness. check your balls early detection is the key.

    • You are an inspiration! says:

      Imma go to a doc rite now!

      • thebigv57 says:

        Thanks man! Before TRT my bones got so brittle I was walking out of training with hairline fractures in my feet and my fists weekly. I just didn’t talk about it. thought it was just me getting old my neck and spine was really taking damage from grappling. I lived on an ice pack and rice pillow. I would have 5 minutes of domination and just gas completely out no amount of running or cardio made it better. I didnt even have a lump my ball just felt heavier than normal. went to urologist caught it before it spread so no Chemo or Radiation for me. It effects men ages 15-35 the most. So seriously check your balls everybody!

  85. You mean to tell me that Cesar Gracie knew this whole time? I really think Nick Diaz needs to stop surrounding himself with “Yes” men, and start taking his training seriously. This should be an invitation to join the PennTraining Center, where drug- free is the way to be.

  86. Mary Jane shouldnt be illegal in any way. So stupid. That should be a choice for anyone to make for themselves. THC couldn’t make you “better” in any way. So if a fighter chooses to smoke its not going to make him a beast. Also, there has been ZERO deaths from weed. Ever.

    • Flex/Slam Student says:

      Ethics. Any mind-altering substance is not okay. Besides, if one want to put on pounds, weed could be used to promote it. Basic idea is that taking drugs is used to achieve something unnatural.

      Anyone who can do drugs can live to be 90 but will their quality of life be better? I think not. Zero deaths…. but missing teeth and the ones left are yellow, less than average respiratory system, wheezing, “Still at Risk of endangering life and others by pot-head stupidity, just like drinking and driving,” slow metabolism, the list can go on.

      Regarding bud, anyone can make a choice to smoke/eat it but if you are a Pro Athlete would you jeopardize that shit?

      PS. MJ helps jiu jitsuists in my gym. I’m sure most agree. In essence, it does make people better in SOME way.

      8=========0D ~o (NickDiaz)

    • James Troy says:

      actually weed has caused many deaths. from using to selling to trafficking. the death rate aroudn weed is comparable to any other. (whether its 1 or 100000, 1 is 1 too many) get your head out of your ass and stop doing drugs.

  87. Sean says:

    Diaz isn’t proffesional…give me a break. If its medical cannibas, i don’t see how its different than prescibed TRT. TRT is going to give you a big strength advantage, what is marijuana gonna do to help you fight? He does that in his private time, just like a lot of other fighters like to celebrate with alcohol. Can’t believe hes getting more heat than steriod users, thats unbelievable. Unless he was high during the fight and that helped him, i don’t see how this is an issue at all. TRT has way more significant affects, especially related to fighting. If ppl really claim to be more focused while high i thinks its because they are heavy users that are dependent on it to be relaxed, and being relaxed can make you focus better(without stress). Whatever…

  88. Uncle Chael says:

    Let the guy smoke weed in peace. lol I honestly don’t see the problem in this, but I understand the point since weed is an illegal substance. In my point of view I think It’s retarded that weed is illegal but alcohol is not. Then again, there is nothing we can do about it so oh well..

    • Flex/Slam Student says:

      I agree. Alcohol should have stricter laws since they make people stupid fast and do stupid shi!t. But there is something we can do….

      …and we are doing it. Pot clubs sprouting everywhere in the Bay Area!! bitches!!! Or rather Medical Prescription Dispensaries, LOL.

  89. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    What a twist!? All this news about a rematch with Condit, BJ Penn and GSP begging to fight Diaz and now none of these things will happen. It was all for naught and I don’t think Diaz will fight again.

  90. Kalani says:

    i’m all about the maryjane and to each it’s own for people’s vices. But rules are rules. Good things happen to good people and that nick diaz is far from good.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I don’t think Nick is a bad person just a troubled one.

      • mikej says:

        Diaz is more normal than you. And more normal than you too. You’re troubled. You work 60 hours a week, are in debt to your neck, and have a miserable marriage. Nick Diaz is probably more normal and healthy than 9 out of ten people. Come on now. WTF is troubled?

        • Flex/Slam Student says:

          Naw… they from da streets, mang! Stockton has some shady peeps. It’s not that they aren’t good, it’s how they choose to live life. Lodi is similar but small.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Uhhh…. No he isn’t. I don’t fight for a living although that sounds like an interesting career. Rich people are troubled too. Let’s say I work 60 hrs a week, and I am in debt to my neck and have a miserable marriage wouldn’t that make me normal?

          I am not talking about money and marriage problems I am talking about his psychological issues. He is extremely paranoid that people are out to get him and sounds like he has had a tough life. He dropped out of school at age 16, which probably wouldn’t have happened if he had a good parental figure encouraging him. A person who could have explained to him the value of an education. Not Ceaser Gracie. He could have become a gang member but didn’t. I’d say he is troubled and isn’t the bad guy he is perceived to be.

  91. lukkylou says:

    After thinking you were cheated on a fight you cant blame him for turning to weed to take the edge off. Honestly i would have done the same thing

  92. snoop froggy dogg says:

    Im headed to the 209 to smoke a BLEEZY wit my boy Diaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. drew says:


  94. drew says:

    oh ya side note just watched the fight again, this fight is to damn close to give a winner i think a draw could of worked, but fuck draws, rematch needs to happen b4 one of these guys face gsp a rematch would be fucking rowdy to be honest about it

    • Flex/Slam Student says:

      Draw = $$$ for everyone. Rematch surely to follow and hype will draw all the big $ movers. Wishful thinking now… Diaz did chump move, or didn’t pay off the right people, or didn’t have the connections to help out.

      Cook Town, Las Vegas!!

  95. guamy says:

    There is no problem with weed, the Government just wants to control any and every aspect of your life as they can. they want you to pay them for every thing you chose to do.
    if they made heroin legal i dont think any in this room that is not already on heroin would go out and do it. i know the effects of heroin and i know what i can do to your mind and body.

  96. dana white says:

    nick diaz will never fight in the ufc again. there are talks about rematch with paul daley at strickforce. best place for him. that way he can smoke weed and still win by not fighting the elite. ufc v pride november 2012.

    • Jason says:

      @ dana white
      if nobody in strikeforce is “Elite” then why did the ufc purchase them?
      lol.. get real…

      your comment is a complete bs contradiction…

    • jrogers says:

      good Danna should have shit canned this guy last time I dont care about the pot but he is suposed to be a pro and if he cant follow these simple rules then wtf. He is realy talented but where the hell is his head.I am going to hold you to it I will never buy a fight with Diaz on the card I picked him in that fight and he made me look the fool. His post fight interview did it for me what a tard “if I woulda known I was behind I bet I coulda finished him” what a dip shit

      • Jason says:

        @ jrogers
        do you buy ufc ppv to watch interviews or watch real fights?
        if your in it for the interviews then you should NOT be buying the ufc events anyway..
        Nick Diaz is a fighter… not a speech giver…
        last i checked thats what mixes martial arts was about…
        the fight..
        not the interview..
        Nick Diaz not only won that fight but hes a better fighter.
        the ufc is all butt hurt because they see the $ going out the window… nothing more. any other excuse is pure bs.
        I will pay to see Nick Diaz Fight on ufc no matter how much weed he smokes…or i will pay to see him fight elsewhere…bottom line.

  97. Luke says:

    He is from Nor-Cal (as am I – Sonoma County)…How could you not smoke weed living up here? It is part of the culture up here. He is medicating. He seems to choose Herb over pharmacutical methods such as pain killers, pills, etc. GO NICK! REP THE BAY!!

  98. Javier C says:

    Dude Ur report sucks that’s not at all what the fighters are thinking no one knows but they sure aren’t thinking that. People are gonna think he’s taking performance drugs that would actually have an effect on the fight. This is the equivalent of writing about a fighter having a bottle of wine, and if that were the case the media would celebrate him.

  99. dana white says:

    @ jason

    think you have a soft spot for nick, its all about the interviews these days thats what true ufc fans want to see a good interview not druggies fighting in a cage if i wanted to see that i would go down to your local pub (PEACE OUT)

    • Jason says:

      @ Dana White
      I think he got robbed in his fight against condit and I like watching him fight.
      If thats a soft spot then call it what you will.
      I hardly think using weed makes you a “druggie”..
      Thats something someone who is either extremely ignorant or very bitter says.
      the ufc seems to have no problem with Joe Rogan smoking pot… is he a “Druggie” too?
      and whats with the “its all about the interviews these days thats what true ufc fans want to see a good interview” ? are you freakin kidding me?
      we want to see good fights…period.

  100. paul skinbak says:

    @ dana white

    i 100% agree we want to see good interviews not good fights. spend your time thinking about what your going to say not how your going to fight

  101. Troy says:

    Nick is one of the greatest fighters and a very difficult style. I have never cared for his attitude but always tune in to his fights, he’s a bully that you want to beat up but can’t and then he sticks the finger in your face to pour more salt on the fresh wounds he just inflicted. He could have a stories career as young as he is and would surely end up in the hall if fame. But his hard headedness and poor attitude will pit Jim in the hall of shame. Condit did win te fight but even if Diaz would’ve win he would’ve had a negative spin and disrespected the UFC and the current champion. For this he would receive a handsome bounty. His work ethic is outstanding but his attitude is terrible, he is a cry baby and that’s a little humorous since he is so tough, I think he’s only tough on the outside but he’s a pussy on the inside. Actually he’s a big pussy on the inside. Te bully that you can’t beat just beat himself, I find that to be fitting and somewhat enjoyable since I stuck up for many wimpy kids in school against guys just like him. I always won and so did the wimpy kids. All you wimps out there. Take pride in Diaz’ fall, it’s an enjoyable display of pure pussyness. I love it. If he could humble up I would get on the Diaz triain, but his train has no engine at this point. Enjoy your pure shittyness Diaz. Your brother will end up with the career and the hall of fame and is kicking ass, he’s got an attitude as well but is getting more humble as he grows. His striking is much better than his elder and his jujitsu is better as well. As I have always stated I would hire attitude over skill any day.

  102. Mitch says:

    Nick Diaz is the most entertaining fighter in MMA. Nobody puts the show on that Nick does. I think he has issues from childhood that plagues him today based on interviews ive seen of him. I hope he doesn’t retire because I love to watch him fight but if he does retire I hope he finds something to make him happy.

  103. EnGlAnD N PrOuD says:


    • Jason says:

      @ EnGlAnD N PrOuD

      so where are all the English Title Holders?
      oh, wait .. there is none.


      I’m sure there is a very reasonable excuse for that??
      let me know when you think up a good one 😉

  104. zuperior says:

    sounds like a lot of law enforcement butt smellers are here……..thats what is wrong with the whole weed argument. bs prohibition is ok on weed but make budweiser stronger. big part of MMA died to me because of all this police loving shit. ok to serve and protect not ok to steamroll people personal rights. Diaz should have cleaned up though, ill give you that. screw vegas fights now

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