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Condit vs. Koscheck In The Works For UFC 143

During last Saturday’s UFC 138 post-fight press conference, UFC president Dana White started off hinting at a new welterweight matchup on the horizon.

You could tell by his demeanor that he wasn’t 100% confident with the announcement but the media in attendance got him to confirm that they are working on scheduling a welterweight clash between Josh Koscheck and Carlos Condit.

Bout agreements have been distributed and Koscheck is good to go, the only missing link to the puzzle is a Condit signature and White assured the media that this is the fight that Condit wants, so the execution of contracts should just be a formality.

“Right now, Carlos Condit wants to fight. He wants to fight on the same card as GSP and Diaz, so we’ll see what happens. Koscheck has been offered,” said White.

“It could be with Koscheck. Condit wanted that fight,” he continued.

UFC 143 is expected to take place at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas on Super Bowl weekend. Georges St. Pierre will be the headliner against his newest title challenger Nick Diaz.

Condit has been on a rollercoaster ride as of late. The welterweight contender was first up for a fight against BJ Penn at UFC 137 until he was pulled into the main event for a shot at the UFC’s welterweight title. GSP was forced off the card and Condit was promised his spot held for title contention. That promise was broken and GSP now faces Diaz.

Koscheck offered to face Condit as a fill-in for GSP at UFC 137 on less than two weeks notice. At the time, Condit thought it would be wise to deny the offer for his chance at a postponed title shot, but it is Koscheck who gets the last laugh and after a successful campaign through twitter books the match up he wants except this time he will have a full training camp to prepare.

UFC 143 has not yet been made official by the UFC so stay tuned as this officially unofficial card gets put together.

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11 Responses to “Condit vs. Koscheck In The Works For UFC 143”

  1. Los Pollos Hermanos says:

    I think this fight is a great fight but at the poorest time!!!
    Say Kos does win against Carlos, what then?
    Also, If Ellenberger loses to Diego then Who’s the # 1 contender????
    Surely don’t want to see Kos get the shot (especially if gsp remains champ), he needs at least another win or 2 beyond Condit, if he’s even that fortunate.
    Diego, well yeah a few fights out as well.
    So that leaves us Fitch or Hendrick?
    WTF, too many match-ups to get Fitched at this time!
    Carlos vs Jake, winner means a #1 contender that GSP hasn’t fought yet or at least new blood for DIaz, that most people agree are in line for a title shot.
    Even Rumble I like as a match up for Jake or Carlos more due to momentum, as well as being match-ups that just make sense at this time

  2. James Wolfe says:

    I believe Diaz, Condit and Ellenberger all deserve a shot at the title. All 3 could be champ within the year.

    I think all 3 matchups will be interesting and one of them will defeat GSP. I think Ellenberger has the best shot. I look forward to all 3.

  3. Zack says:

    This fight should’ve already happened two weeks ago

  4. MichaeL says:

    This fight makes no sense to me.

  5. Fabian Inyau says:

    Yeah i agree with the top two comments. The Kos fight right now doesn’t make sense. It should be Condit vs Ellenberger !! Kos can fight Sanchez. Rumble is fighting Belfort at UFC 142; I think he is using this fight (though this is a middleweight matchup) to get into the title race at the welterweight division.

  6. I am hoping Sanchez defeats Ellenberger. I’ve been a fan of Sanchez since the King of the Cage days. He’s always been on the cusp of being great. Condit can and will defeat Kos and I am putting my money on Diaz beating GSP which means Diaz vs. Condit and then Sanchez should get the chance if he can keep on winning decisively and in entertaining fashion. That is my 2 cents and hopeful wish for the future of this division. ALTHOUGH I would trade all of that in for a Sanchez vs. KOS rematch!

    • Zack says:

      If by some miracle Diaz beats gsp there is prolly gunna be an immediate rematch between Diaz and gsp. I can’t see the champ who has defended his belt multiple times not getting a immediate rematch. Bj clearly lost to Edgar and got his rematch. No one is gunna beat gsp unless the ko him standing up. And I think carlos condit And ellenberger have the best chance. So UFC 143 should be main event: gsp vs Diaz co main event: condit vs ellenberger. With the winner becoming the number one contender. Noone wants to see koscheck get dominated again

  7. Digs says:

    LW, WW, and LHW are stacked right now chock full of potential champions.

    That would be sick to have 3 WW fights at UFC 143. The top 5 WW’s in action….we’ll see who’s really on top of their game and ready to be champ.

  8. JAT says:

    i think condit wants to fight on the same card as gsp and diaz just in case diaz pulls the same crap as last time then condit will fill in his place

  9. Creature says:

    I like this fight, i think its going to be a pretty good one honestly. Im not sure who to pick here but im leaning more towards condit.. But with that said i think it should be Fitch/Condit here for the #1 contender.. i know Dana and 80% of Fans really hate Fitch but the guy wins, and gets screwed because hes not “exciting”. hate him or not the guy deserves more credit than hes given. And another chance to get a crack at the Title.

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