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Monday, 11/12/2012, 08:08 am

Condit: “I Have Nothing To Lose” At UFC 154 | UFC NEWS

“I have nothing to lose. He’s out there, he’s got his friends, his family, everybody’s watching, he’s in his hometown, feel like all the pressure’s on him. I can just go out there and shine. It’s a very familiar role. I’ve found myself in this position time and time again throughout my career, and I really think that I thrive as the underdog, I don’t have a lot to lose, I don’t feel a lot of pressure. I can go out there and just have fun, do what I came to do, which is fight.”

“I’m expecting Georges to come into this fight with a lot more fire inside. I know he’s taken a lot of criticism in the past for his recent title defenses, he’s been out for a long time, and according to him he’s found all new motivation. I’m excited about that. I would love to fight the Georges who’s hungry, and wanting to go out there and really display his skills. That’s Georges St-Pierre is the best, and that’s the guy that I’ve admired and been a fan of for many years.”

“This is basically the culmination of 14 years of mixed martial arts training, a lot of dedication, a lot of sacrifice. On a lot of different levels it’s going to be very satisfying.”



24 Responses to “Condit: “I Have Nothing To Lose” At UFC 154 | UFC NEWS”

  1. saiasaka says:

    Of course you have nothing to lose; you already lose the fight against Nick Diaz so it’s like when you win at gambling, you spend the money easily

  2. TheTude says:

    Nick Diaz lost, dont believe me, check again. The dicision was unanimous, Diaz fought foolishly, always trying to be the aggressor and at the end of the fight he paid for it. MMA isnt all offense, maybe if he showed he had some defensive skills the judges would be more impressed but he put himself out there too much and got lit up by Condit dozens of times.

    • Nuitari X says:

      Actually, I think Diaz’s defense was pretty good and that’s why he didn’t end up staring at the ceiling like 93% of Condit’s past opponents. Condit won but I still can’t wait to see Diaz fight again. I think Condit is gonna take the title from GSP.

    • RS says:

      I agree. It might’ve been pretty close, but Carlos clearly won it. It would’ve been dumb to stand there and bang with a flat-footed boxer like Diaz.. “Stick and move”.. just because he had to back-peddle does not mean he only ran. He clearly did the damage, and has the numbers over Diaz in that fight. (It made me sick when people compared Guida-Maynard to Diaz-Condit. That Guida fight defined “running” in a fight much more than the Condit-Diaz fight did.) No matter how many times I watch the fight over, I do not see Diaz winning that fight.

    • +1 says:

      +1 thats also how johnson beat benavidez

  3. maurice says:

    I truly feel like gsp at 100 or 70 percent isnt enough to beat condit. Condit will be too much for gsp wherever the fight goes. Better chin, bjj, longer, better chin far better striking and he can match gsp cardio. Gsp cant play in condits guard like he does with every1 else. In 25 mins i believe kampmann, diaz and condit would all finish gsp. Condit is also one of the few fighters who can win a round off his back, because of his constant strikes from the bottom and sub and sweep attempts

    • Albert says:

      You have some crazy beliefs brother

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        Can you imagine if Condit lands a punch on GSP one -third as hard as the one he KO’d Hardy with? GSP can’t take a shot and i just don’t see him going 5 rounds with Condit without getting clipped. Condit by 4th TKO.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Maurice instead of repeating Condit has a better chin than GSP twice you should have said Condit has about 10 times better chin than GSP. Also I agree Condit, Diaz can beat GSP and I would add Ellenberger, Hendricks to that list and Rory ROIDER but GSP has a pass from ever having to fight Rory. Do you remember the right hand that Sheilds took from Dan Hendersen? Same right hand that KO’d Bisping and Sheilds survived so can you imagine if Ellenberger landed that same right hand he landed on Sheilds on GSP. LIGHT OUT for at least 5 minutes for GSP. Also remember GSP’s last fight with Sheilds that fight was pretty much even (BORING) no real winner and fans were the biggest losers as they will never have back that wasted 25 minutes of their lives and or the $50 alot of fans wasted on that fight. I doubt too many fans are going to take anymore chances of wasting $50 plus bucks on a GSP fight. I will watch it at the sports bar so i can at least be entertained by all the BOOOOOOOS at GSP.

      • Sasquatch says:

        “I doubt too many fans are going to take anymore chances of wasting $50 plus bucks on a GSP fight”… My guess is your going to look real stupid after GSP vs Condit draws the most PPV of the year (I’m buying it!)… just because you hate GSP doesn’t mean everyone does.

  4. magoo says:

    I’m sure that’s what you want to believe more rice! But fact of the matter is GSP will dictate this fight and there’s not a damn thing Carlos can do about it….not even run!

  5. Dante says:

    He’s right, he has nothing to lose. The pressure is on Georges. Ultimately, however, I think GSP 2.0 pulls it off, and without much trouble. I’ll admit I’m a GSP fan though. I won’t hate on Carlos, tough as nails, great fighter, but I just think he (and every other welterweight) is outclassed at this point. Similar to the Middleweight division, everyone else is basically fighting for second best.

    That said, all the best to Carlos in this and every future fight. I wouldn’t be mad at all if he pulled of an upset and took the title.

  6. 123 says:

    carlos condit will win in an exciting way.. its weird how he has got haters because he beat nick diaz.. carlos condit is a monster.

  7. GGina says:

    LOL!! Nothing to lose? You have everything to lose. You lose this fight and you probably won’t see a title fight for another 2-3 years and that’s a big maybe. Just ask Dan Hardy who had nothing to lose also. Look at where he is at now.

  8. saiasaka says:

    Did you realy think that Condit is gonna avoid GSP’s takedown ? GSP is like a bull and condit is taller so GSP is going to take him down no doubt !

  9. slacker says:

    GSP will not be quite as explosive as before the injury. He will still get some take – downs, but look for Condit to throw some feints and then knee GSP in the face coming in. This is going to be a mental chess match of timing and mind – reading between two highly skilled warriors. On the other hand, I won’t be surprised at all if Condit catches GSP with something unpredictable that rocks him and then gives him the TKO victory.

    • allmightysandman says:

      lol…yeah you’re the first one to think that a knee to the face will stop the GSP TD’s.

      if you don’t think that’s been every guy’s plan for stopping the TD’s then you must be new to MMA. There is no one so far that has come close to a successful game plan against post-serra GSP, and I just don’t see a single area that Condit will dictate the fight.

      GSP on his feet may not represent the same KO danger that Condit does, but GSP can handle strikers and grapplers alike.

      Condit is a lesser version of GSP.

      GSP retains the belt IMO.

      • slacker says:

        In his 6 title defenses, I have never seen one guy attempt a knee when GSP is coming in. Condit’s stand – up is superior to GSP’s. It’s gonna be a good fight. Condit will hurt him at some point in the fight, and not because of a eye poke. i.e. Jake Shields.

  10. Sasquatch says:

    GSP by whatever he wants…

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I’m not even a fan of Condit anymore after he ran away from Diaz for 25 minutes and I’m still no fan of Diaz. I’m a fan of REAL FIGHTERS like what Condit was before he was scared of Diaz. However no way Condit will be afraid of GSP as far as striking goes and power. ( he may be afraid of being “FITCHED” ie: lay n prayed for 25 minutes. no way GSP will actuall fight Condit and or scrap with him. This will be alot of GSP trying to hold Condit against the fence and taking him down as much as possible while he checks the clock non-stop like he always does. No fighter in MMA is more afraid of being hit than GSP. Matt Serra took GSP’s heart and now he fights for records and sponserships and has absolutaly not an ounce of care in world of ever trying to entertain the fans again. GSP is a SAFE-POINT fighter until the day he retires. I want to see GSP fight Hendricks or Ellenberger. Too bad GSP will always have a PASS from fighting Rory ROIDER because I think Rory would hurt him. I think we will see the same GSP we saw in his last fight 570+ days ago against Sheilds where he did his usual jabbberfest for 25 minutes. I think Ellenberger would do the same thing to GSP as he did to Sheilds. GSP doesn’t have the power to hurt condit where as Condit could graze GSP with 50% power and still have twice the power Serra had when he KO’d GSP. I just lost all respect for GSP after he started training with Greg ” NO ACTION” Jackson. If i thought for a minute the old GSP would ever fight again I would be a fan of his but we will never see the GSP that laid down the worst 5 round brutal beating on Fitch that has ever occurred in a UFC title fight. GSP made every inch of Fitch’s body purple and Fitch wasn’t able to train for over 3 months. H e will never fight like that again

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