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Wednesday, 03/27/2013, 10:32 am

Condit: GSP vs. Diaz Fight Nothing To Write Home About | UFC NEWS

“Yeah, I watched most of that fight. It went very much as I expected it to go. It was a little bit lackluster, nothing to write home about. Georges is very good at what he does, but a lot of his fights aren’t really very exciting.”

Former UFC welterweight interim champion, Carlos Condit, tells Steph Daniels over at that he wasn’t all that impressed with the main event between GSP and Nick Diaz.

Do you agree?


29 Responses to “Condit: GSP vs. Diaz Fight Nothing To Write Home About | UFC NEWS”

  1. 757 says:

    hes right, the fight sucked

    • GET RID OF NATE "The Cheat" (forever) says:

      Condit is the last fighter that should be talking shit about anyone elses fight after he ran away fom Diaz for 25 minutes. Carlos karnes Condit himself. Still don’t know how anyone could say Hendricks/Condit was a close fight. Hendricks dominated the first 2 rounds and coasted and played it safe knowing a title shot was on the line.


      • Kayer says:

        oh my …

        getting into an argument with people like you is like playing chess against a pidgeon …

        as much of a good player you can be, the pidgeon will always do whatever he wants.

        your post gave me cancer

      • toto says:

        i stop u at ur 9th word *talking shit* where do yo usee condit talking shit? lol fucking queer yeah thats wut i thought

      • pplrdumb says:

        uhm actually i gurantee the first round was the only round condit won, considering it was close on the stand up, and he took hendricks back. The last round was very close as well, you are just pissed because he said his opinion about the GSP fight. I am a huge GSP fan and i did not find it lack luster because it is Mixed Martial Arts, but despite what he said about GSP that fight was still very close and if it was a 5 round fight hendricks would have been submitted by the end of it. he was losing momentum as the fight carried on.
        and i dont think you can really say one of the most successful cornermen and mma trainers of all time is ruining mma. clearly you do not train in this sport you are just some idiot fan that likes to run his mouth off. look at your name, there are people who have used far more steroids way more often such as Chael Sonnen, and even Alistar Ovareem.
        Maybe you should actually train for a sport before offering your opinion on it.

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Are you kidding me? That fight was awesome. GSP controlled the whole aspect of that fight. It was up to Diaz to make a fight of it. He failed!! All of GSP’s fights are awesome. The bitches he fights need to bring it to him and MAKE it a fight like Condit did. Most of them are scared of him.

    • danielrchargers says:

      That fight was boring.
      You are just oblivious to that because Georges, most likely, is your “idol”.

      123 is right.
      NO ONE IS SCARED of Georges. They are worried about being laid on for 25 minutes.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        No one is my idol!! Jesus is my icon though! I just appreciate dominance when I see it, And GSP dominates. Can’t you little whiners see that it isn’t up to GSP to do anything but what he does and IT IS up to his opponents to bring the fight to the champion??? It’s so clear unless maybe you are a pothead. Your complaints should fall on his opponents not him.

        • Huh says:

          Yes GSP dominates but all his preflight talk the last 7 fights about finishing an opponent is complete crap when he won’t even pass a guard anymore, tried for no submissions whatsoever, not saying it ain’t impressive because it is but enough is enough when all his fights just end up turning out boring, he dominates w ease and you’d think a finish could be there if he actually went for it, but even in side control he doesn’t try to finish and when he gets the back he just scores points which is fine but he coul easily out hooks in and do or the finish but he too scared

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          I can see your point. He’s not scared just cautious. He wants to out win Silva. He knows Silva is pretty old and will lose soon so he is being cautious. I think he could turn his hips on those jabs into combos and knock somebody out.

        • dalton says:

          I completely agree with everything except the pothead part. I smoked weed and Stoners make the jiu-jitsu world go round, eddie bravo for instance lmao.
          So true though everybody is bitching about him being “boring” he does damage from the top and purposely goes to the body to punish people that pisses him off, look at the BJ penn fight and the Diaz fight side by side. GSP is intelligant and sticks to his gameplan, Diaz was the one saying how if george took him down he would have trouble on the ground. looks like he was wrong

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          @Dalton – I am a bit hard on stoners, but I don’t mean anybody any harm. You are right, Diaz says great have GSP take me down and I’ll bring hell to the game. Yah like that happened. My new favorite fighter is Erick Silva because he brought the fight to Fitch and made it exciting even though Fitch beat his ass up and dominated him. He at least didn’t lay there like a worm and tried to beat him. It’s not GSP, Fitch or any dominator. It’s their screwed up opponents who can’t bring it!! Besides you and me, I really don’t think many people on here actually understand a fight.

  3. 123 says:

    nah no1 is scared of him, they are scared that he will try & hold them down more like..

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      lmao…so what is it? no1 is scared of him, OR they are scared…..Did you actually read what you posted? You must be a Brit. smh, you are ALMOST as bad as a Canadian.

  4. DEM says:

    I’m a wrestler & GSP is boring to me.

  5. KIDD433 says:

    U like watching GSP fights because u just see a greased up buff guy dry hump everyone.Pretty gay.

  6. 123 says:

    @gay wrestler.. keep calm you little worm, you said most fighters are scared of GSP & i corrected you by saying they are only scared because he will try to hold them down the whole fight.. i like GSP, just not the way he fights & whats this about the british & canadians?.. you arrogant fool.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Well then dumbass by definition they are SCARED. smh Are your teeth brown or do you still have any?

      • GRT 3000 says:

        don’t bother @123 – @gayboy wrestler is a write off. I’m convinced he’s one of those super fat Americans that can’t get out of bed lol. & I don’t mean to pee on your tiny brain @gay but there’s strong evidence (and this is fact, so don’t start crying and praying) that Jesus Christ was gay. so if that’s your idol then…well you do the math. hold down the windows key, press R, & type calc if you need a assistance with that.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Your guess’ are about as accurate as your mma knowledge. smh. If you only knew.

        • GRT 3000 says:

          it’s no guess churchy – you self righteous morons conveniently like to forget the FACTS as they are presented. once you’re done spewing your filth all over the internet (like the good Christian you are) pick up your Holy Bible and read up on @JC and his homosexual tendencies. It’s ALL in there.

          JC + your idol + your idol is gay + you like to dry hump dudes in wrestling – you have a tiny brain =

          your stupid & gay.


        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          @GRLT3000 – why is it when I read your drivel all I hear is whaaaaa whaaaa whaaaaa, I’m a worm, whaaa whaaaa in Ellen Degeneres’ voice. You are empty inside aren’t you? Are the drugs your God? Do you see gays everywhere? Are you out yet? lolz.

        • GRT 3000 says:

          ahahaha don’t be mad, cuz it all adds up goof. go post under my handle some more you little bitch. then you can pretend your brain isn’t washed out by a bunch of churchys. smh

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          You’re losing and you are losing it now. lmao.

  7. 123 says:

    r u fat or just a vegetable?

  8. 123 says:

    must be true if u talk out ur ass all day, everyday

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