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Wednesday, 10/24/2012, 09:53 am

Condit Coach: The Way To Beat GSP Is To Hurt Him, We Have Something Coming For The TD Attempts | UFC NEWS

Georges is the best in the world at what he does, but at the same time, we know what he does. He does that, and hardly anybody’s been able really to stop it, but with that being said, Carlos has got something for him. Every time he wants to shoot in, we want to not give him the proper distance. We want to not be there when he does shoot, but when he does, we want to have something there for him.”

“He definitely followed my gameplan for Nick Diaz to a T, but with that being said, it’s different with Georges. Nick comes back from the dead. I think Carlos can unload on Georges and do damage early, and that will pay benefits as we go on … . You will see a different fight that way. The way to fight Georges is not to back away and touch him because he’s going to eventually take you down and ride out a decision that way and he could finish you. Georges is great in many different positions, but the way to beat Georges is to hurt him. That’s what this fight is going to come down to: Carlos can strike from so many places. He can hurt you in so many ways. What people have forgotten is that early in Carlos’ career, he was tapping people out left and right. Carlos is great with his submissions and working on them daily. He wants to time Carlos’ footwork to come forward and shoot on Carlos. There’s no doubt about it. He’s got to close the gap. Carlos is longer — we know that, so that’s what we’re looking for. Things are going to happen when one of the two guys close the gap.”

Taking the lead with the coaching of Carlos Condit is none other than Mike Winklejohn of Jackson-Winklejon MMA in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

In this interview with he outlines the basic strategy they are going to try to employ when Carlos faces off with GSP at UFC 154.


22 Responses to “Condit Coach: The Way To Beat GSP Is To Hurt Him, We Have Something Coming For The TD Attempts | UFC NEWS”

  1. B-rad says:

    Winklejohn is a douche, i mean seriously if my last name was winklejohn i would have everyone call me coach mike lol. Its Greg Jackson and this doucheface is what will eventually lead to MMA becoming less popular

  2. T.DADDY says:

    Blah blah blah… GSP wins easy

  3. Jasplanet says:

    This dude is an ass*hole for talking crap and then preform like sh*it. So hes going to sprint away each time GSP shoots for the TD, great defence fuck*face! GSP will jap the eyejuice out of him and then smother the grease out of his skin. Yes GSP has evolved and mutated, he excretes grease these days. Atleast its not TRT so its cool

  4. Tyler says:

    Think its common sense if you hurt someone you have a good chance of winning the fight!

    • hawaiian muay thai says:

      apparentely it’s not common sense to the guys in New mexico haha! plus the only way to hurt someone shooting in on you is to knee them on the shot…so way to give away your “hurt him” plan! i’m sure GSP isn’t expecting knees from a guy who throws a lot of knees……

  5. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    War Condit War! The “natural born killer” is going to win and shock the world people…one love from the “NO” in central cali.

  6. proletariatof1 says:

    Breaking NEWS! This JUST IN!!

    After years of research costing literally billions of dollars, scientists have discovered that the way to win in racing is to cross the finish line before the other participants!

    Phew!! I am so glad we have cleared up the ambiguity!

  7. some guy says:

    team jacksons gameplan involves running?? really damn and here i was thinking that they were all about battles and not point cards! pshhh… winklejohn and jackson should know better than to even hint around their plan to win against GSP! condit is gonna run backwards and throw leg kicks and a few swings GSP will figure out a way to win and he will walk away with that W and the interim belt and condit will go back to jackson and winklejohn and begin to suck them off! team jackson will be the death of MMA!

  8. Greg J says:

    Wait, I know Greg Jackson is GSP’s coach, but wouldn’t Winklejohn have helped train him too? I’m surprised he’s coaching Condit considering he probably knows both fighters well. I would’ve assumed he followed the same approach as Greg and be neutral.

    • Scotty says:

      I’m pretty sure GSP only uses Jackson at the Jackson camp.. He only goes there for a week, two at most as what has been reported just to get a game plan Jackson.. The rest of his camp is either is a couple other places like tri star as his main spot but also goes to Gracie’s in ny.. Don’t think ever uses winklejohn as a striking coach..

  9. Phob says:

    Did he just say he used game plan as nick Diaz fight ? Running around game plan ?

  10. Guss says:

    The best way to beat ANYONE is to hurt them. lol How do you think GSP has been beating up on his opponents. He HURTS them with his consistent jabs, take downs, and GnP. Get up, step and repeat. A few of these, his opponents feel like their face has been trampled on by a herd of buffalo. GSP doesn’t ride out decisions Tinklejon. He’s probably too busy enjoying rearranging people’s faces, that he forgets it’s only a 5 round bout. lol If I was Condit, I wouldn’t stand and trade with St. Pierre. St. Pierre, has much better footwork and boxing than Condit. If Condit stands in front of him trading, he’s going to get peppered with jabs. Jabs that hurt. What he needs to do is do the same thing he did against Diaz, but minimizing the amount of times he was running away. Make the exchanges count, then step out, work the angles, exchange, step out, work angles. Do what GSP would do to him, just be the first to the punch.

  11. aaron says:

    Is this I’ve never understood all the grease sackswingers on Fuckheads, Chuck Condit is going to beat gsp’s arse!! haha. can’t wait.

    • brandon says:

      what we have here is another bj fan pissed of because gsp kicked his ass so bad he had to throw in the towel. i cant wait to see rory permanently retire bj’s washed up ass.

  12. The Truth says:

    GSP’s physique is the difference in this fight. Carlos will have his moments, but he can’t wear Georges out or push him around. I see a lot of outside kicks from Condit and many more prayers that GSP doesn’t get a secure hold on him.

  13. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Well why not just run away like you did in your last fight and land sissssssy kicks that ran up your compubox numbers so the IDIOT nut’huggers think you actually won. OH wait the GSP/Condit fight is in Canada and GSP is loved by judges and not hated like Nick Diaz so ooops that PUS’SSSY A’SSSSSSSSSSSSSS gameplan won’t work on GSP. How about the OLD Carlos Condit show up like the one in hardy fight and just KO GSP’s a’ss EVERYONE knows he starts crying when he seees his own blood. YEP your coach is CORRECT go out there and fight rough him up charge right thru that stupid a’ss jab that everyone just stands ther and takes to nose fro 25 minutes. Even Fitch charged right thru a striker to grab hold of him in his last fight. If that same Fitch showed up every fight I wouldn’t despise him as much as i do for RUINING MMA with lay n pray. First fighter who isn’t going to jst sit there and take GSP’s jab will beat him in aREAL FIGHT. SO WHAT if GSP takes Condit down then just land an elbow and open him up and soon as he sees his blood he will FOLD like a CHEAP a’ss lawn chair. GSP has held the UFC WW belt for way too long never ever fights, GSP is the LEAST drug ie: PED tested fighter in all MMA. 560 days sicne he last fought and he wasn’t stripped of his belt. I respect all the rankings sytems that dropped him for inactivity just like tehy do everyone else. Then the otehr ones made an exeption for might GSP.

  14. AceMMA says:

    Its like Diaz said “with GSP you have to worry about losing a decision and with Condit you have to worry about losing your teeth ! Remember how freaked out and scared GSP was when he got his eye damaged at the end of the Sheilds fight …he can’t handle devastation or being hurt but he still did enough to win the decision. Conditis a way better striker than Sheilds !

  15. 2lowtoe says:

    if i was gsp i would not chase him i would counter him he is so good on the RUN and he will be waiting to DOIT lol who’s got greg jackson???????????????????????????????

  16. buckfastmonster says:

    i seriously hope its a flying knee that ends the rain for gsp

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