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Monday, 02/06/2012, 12:50 pm

Condit Camp Responds | Carlos Won The Fight, We Are Not Interested In A Rematch

“At this point, [a rematch] is not something we’re looking to do. We’re looking for Georges. People forget, Carlos waited a long time to get this fight. He was moved around, and shuffled around between fights. He won the fight. It doesn’t interest us at all. I think clearly and decisively, he won the fight. Even [UFC president] Dana [White] scored it for him. All of the opinions that matter scored Carlos as winner… It was a performance that was excellent. He picked apart a very formidable fighter…”

Manager to Carlos Condit, Malki Kawa, says that their camp is not interested in a rematch with Nick Diaz.

Despite his critics, they believe Carlos decisively won the fight and they will now focus their energy on a title unification bout with GSP.


(For the full interview, click HERE.)

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0 Responses to “Condit Camp Responds | Carlos Won The Fight, We Are Not Interested In A Rematch”

  1. jvd says:

    Carlos “The Natural Born Runner” Condit

  2. Jb says:

    You morons with the running comments. He wasnt gonna let Diaz lay on him on the fence… Diazs fault for not changing or having power in his hands. God dam noobs

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Who cares!? He won right? Running pays off for endurance and in the eyes of the judges in this case. I will concede to the fact that he did score more points and that he won the fight but in a boring fashion.

      That fight didn’t tell me who was the better fighter but rather who had the best game plan.

    • Chris says:

      he turned his back and ran away like starnes did.

      he chose not to fight, hit and run only worked because he ran away right after.

      that’s not fighting.

      that’s being a pussy

      • danriverapv says:

        yeah good strategy but dont just run away and kick him, run off the fence, like he did then fight. dont run from the fence then throw some tiny leg kick’s to check diaz’s distance and thats it. BORING AND LAME. yeah he won, but he won by being a scared little baby.

      • Condit is scared homie says:

        Condit is a pussy. And he calls himself a warrior LMFAO

  3. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I wouldn’t want a rematch either if I spent the match running away. I would like to see Condit defend the interim belt before he gets obliterated by GSP.

  4. Mike says:

    The only reason this is a debate is because Diaz has such a cult following.

    To an objective, and knowledgeable MMA spectator its a clear win.

    Ps, no one in their right mind would take a rematch when they’re up for a title shot.

  5. aaron says:

    Diaz lost,get over it… Condit went in there and utilized his gameplan and took Diaz out of his element. I’d love too see NHS whoop on Nick next so he can shut Cesar Gracie up

  6. Nick Fanboy says:

    Split decision is far removed from very decisively, although I agree you did win the fight and you executed your gameplan perfectly. You stated yourself that if you would’ve played Nick Diaz game he would be wearing the belt. Step up, don’t be scared homie!

  7. tim says:

    natural born chicken

  8. Stevo the great says:

    Carlos is a coward! Even he knew he lost the fight you could read it in his body language. Immediately after the fight Diaz raised his hands up because he was confident he won. Carlos on the other hand was looking around confused, then raised his hands after he saw Diaz doing it. Then when they read the decision Carlos looked like he was praying for a miracle, where Diaz looked and felt confident he won. Then during the Post fight Press, Carlos showed up and had some Fonzerelli attitude and kept giving lame answers and sipping his water every 3 seconds. He was drinking the water because he was nervous and still in dis-belief. He had short answers because he really had no answers, even the reporters asked why he ran. Carlos was playing the Gregg Jackson point system and was praying it would pay off like all of GSP’s fights. And it did, but everyone from fans to fighters say Diaz won and Carlos Coward does not deserve the fake belt he has. And now he is worried he would DEFINITELY Lose is a rematch….that’s why he is scared. What kind of fake Champ wants to wait until November to fight? Answer: A scared one.

  9. JamesGJJ says:

    Everybody go learn how to run and fight like carlos… id rather learn to fight like nick.. and we will see who gets their ass whooped bitch ! Gracie Jiu Jitsu motha fuckers !

    • Anomie says:

      By the looks at Condit and Diaz’s faces – Diaz looked like he got his “ass whooped”. Id rather learn to fight in a whole different bunch of strategies and styles – unlike Diaz’s push up against the fence and box. Every fighter who takes him out of that game defeats him.

      • JamesGJJ says:

        Carlos didnt even try to finish nick, Nick cuts easy a fuck bro…its a fucking fight their gonna get cut! but i didnt see carlos KO nick?? and it would be kinda hard for nick to finish carlos when all he did is hit and run!

      • danriverapv says:

        diaz has SO much scar tissue on his face u could paw him and it just might bleed like a faucet.

    • poser says:

      So you know Gracie and his camp?? Awesome. You are truly representing something that you know nothing about. Another Stockton wannabe voicing his opinion on something he can’t change.

  10. Jacky says:

    MMA is about evolving. Obviously Diaz did not learn that after 5 rounds of doing the same thing.

  11. Mike says:

    you don’t go into the fight saying your going to put the guy to sleep and that your a warrior and a finisher etc etc then fight ”tactical” every time carlos got hit he ran.. then he had the nerve to say he was never hurt. i’ve lost all respect for Condit he is just a robot doing and saying whatever his managers are telling him. we all know who ”won” that fight. if your REALLY a NATURAL BORN KILLER you’d fight Diaz again if your so confident you won that fight and that your the better fighter you would give Diaz his rematch. smg and joe rogan/dana white/Carlos greg jackson Condit and the judges scoring that fight. nick clearley won rnds 1 and 2. the 3rd couldve gon either way. condit won the 4th and Nick won the 5th with that takedown at the end. 30 sec more Diaz wouldve grabbed ahold of a limb and we wouldnt be having this arguement. thats how the fight went. thats what I saw and millions of others saw…

    • Tim says:

      I agree 100% but I think Greg Jackson ruined any potential toe to toe fight with his “winning not finishing” game plans. Up until Saturday night I didn’t think Condit would fight that way and now I afraid he will always fight like that and yeah it’s boring.
      I also find it ironic that this fight mirrored the Sonnen v Bisping fight in many ways. Essentially Sonnen won for coming forward and landing a few take downs, pretty much what Diaz did but with less striking and Sonnen won his fight.

  12. Tim says:

    I doesn’t matter what they want the fact is Carlos now holds an interim belt. So therefore if UFC says in the next nine months before GSP heals up Carlos has to defend that title. Guess what? He will have no choice. Last I heard champs don’t pick their opponents. So if they tell him to rematch Diaz he will have to. Also the comment “We aren’t interested in a rematch” is rather pretentious as if they actually have a say when UFC calls. You have a big boy belt now so you fight whoever comes for it regardless of whether or not you’ve beaten them in a prior bout. Not to mention Condit may have put on a great fight but if he fights GSP the way he did Diaz then as fans we will be seeing Dancing with the stars as opposed to a fight.

  13. Just My Opinion says:

    Ok so heres MY opinion and I can only speak for myself…I myself was frustrated watching this fight believing that this was gonna be a war…I also believe Carlos was back peddleing alot in the fight..Yes he fought a smart fight and it showed he had a game plan to win the fight by outpointing Nick…I believe this fight could of went either way with the 1st and 2nd rounds were very close (which i gave to Nick by the way), and with a lot of other people I gave Carlos rounds 3 and 4 with Nick edging the last round…Now my frustration with this whole thing is not that Carlos won but how he won…Before the fight he did talk a good game saying things like Im going to knock him out, Im ready for war and so on and so on. Hence even more excitment on my part for this fight…What I saw wasnt a man trying to finish a fighter but a man trying to just finish a fight with more points…Thats all fine but dont say those things pre-fight and then fight safe…Now I know some people right now are saying maybe that was part of the plan to get in Nicks head like that but you can still talk a good pre-fight without saying your game plan and false statements…He could have just said Im going out there to win the fight no matter what…So when it comes down to it on my part…Carlos and Nick fought for a belt…They both talked about knocking each other out or finishing the other, but in my opinion only Nick came to fight to see who would win convincingly…This isnt the kind of fight I myself and I can say a lot of others wanted to see…Congrats to you Carlos but definitely played it safe and didnt live up to your moniker…Just My Opinion

    • albert says:

      You don’t throw numerous spinning elbows and head kicks at your opponent if you’re not trying to take him out.

      • danriverapv says:

        you miss a kick you come with the spinning back fist to keep distance. thats all carlos wanted in this fight was distance. he was scared, played the point system and he won a weak fight. a fight that was only weak because of him.

  14. cheds says:

    Everybody who is saying condit was point fighting look at diaz’ fights that’s all he does is point fight, and what was condit supposed to do sit against the fence n let diaz tee off on him gtfo. Diaz lost land cried like the little bitch he is, fool is so delusion and so is everybody who says he’s a top fighter. He beat an out of shape bj penn put him up against a real striker and let’s see him drop his hands n talk shit.

  15. Nat says:

    I thought pushing the pace was what won fights not back peddling away…

  16. diaz's nuts209 says:

    Lmao @ nick fanboy, did u even watch it jackass it was UNANIMOUS, that means all 3 judges, condit out scored him easily check compustrike, no one is gonna stand infront of a guy that has that kind of cardio an let him punch them, its diaz’s fault for being so one dimensional, gameplans are used by all the best fighters, also its called counterstriking lol condit finishes way more opponents an diaz’s chin is clearly underrated by all of his fans, cuz he took a shin to the jaw, some elbows an a couple knees. Get off diaz’s nuts ppl
    Condit won easily, where is the uproar from bisping who was ROBBED jus weeks ago!!!!!!!!!

  17. Jacky says:

    The fighters are in there for the money. Diaz admits it himself. He wants the money. The cash. So they can feed their family’s and live their dream life. Nobody wants to loose. Carlos played mindgames with stupid Diaz who has probably no brain cells left. And that is why Diaz fell for it. Congrats Carlos, you deserve it bro

  18. OGpinto93 says:

    First off quit talking about Ali like he ever ran from a punch like a bitch cause u sound retarded. Second fuck condits pussy leg kicks my 5 year old kicks harder. Cyborg ate Nicks legs up those were kick that score points. Condit ran period, I agree nick shouldve taken him down earlier but he still easily won 1,3 and 5 and Carlos didn’t win any 10-8 rounds so hmmm how did he win? Ufc judges don’t kno shit o ya we figured that out a long time ago huh Fucking little kids haha

  19. banks says:

    Ya i dont like the decision i think it was a draw.. thought condit fought a good smart fight but while he clearly outstruck nick i dont think leg kicks should score the same as headshots anyway carlos won and i think its disrespectful to carlos to even talk bout a rematch.. good luck condit you def deserve to be where you are..

  20. learntoread says:

    No real surprise here that Condit’s camp won’t accept the rematch, being that they also wussied out on Koscheck’s challenge for UFC 137 after Georges pulled out of his fight with Carlos.

  21. wide frame says:

    So Condit doesnt want to give nick a rematch. Why would he. I think he should take another fight b4 the GSP fight but i dont think nick should get the shot. Nick lost not by alot in my eye but a lose is a lose. Just cuz nick gets mad and says he is going to retire people wanna give him a rematch. On to the next fight. But he does need to fight again because the way he was looking he will not beat GSP.And I the only one that thinks this interm title is the biggest piece of crap. Your not the champ. Just call the fight an number one contender bout. Why do they wanna walk around with a fake belt.. Go beat the champ to be the champ.

  22. Chris says:

    Carlos Condit LITERALLY TURNED HIS BACK AND RAN, multiple times.

    he should have been docked points for failure to engage in the fight.

    • albert says:

      There was a clear difference btw how Condit moved as opposed to say, Kalib Starnes in his fight with Nate Quarry. I just don’t understand how fans like you see it as running away. If you were a fighter and you had to fight Nick Diaz, would you play into his strength and stand there and bang? Let him walk you into the cage and unleash his 8-10 body shot combo? Come on.

      It’s not like Condit didn’t attack. Diaz just couldn’t fight any other way except how he always fights. He couldn’t adapt. This is coming from a fan of both fighters. I would have been fine with the fight going to either guy, but I did think that Condit did just a bit more.

  23. diaz's nuts209 says:

    Ali used to rope a dope which is sandbagging an worse than what condit did, clearly u know nothing about boxing as u know nothing about mma, GAMEPLAN Ali had one to fool, an those pussy leg kicks almost knocked ur man crush off his feet so he must be real pussy, diaz won 2 rounds he didn’t win the 5th, you don’t win by eating shots for 4mins than getting a takedown, he lost take the diaz nuts out of ur mouth

  24. kerry says:

    Go to fight metric and look at the break down. Condit won and you forget he subs or KOs most of his fights. Perfect game plan when you fight a guy who is know for his chin.

  25. kerry says:

    Go to fight metric and look at the break down. Condit won and you forget he subs or KOs most of his fights. Perfect game plan when you fight a guy who is know for his chin. Was a great chess match and only one person knew it was.

  26. John says:

    I hope he dies from diarrhea.

  27. Pandy says:

    Don’t be scared homie! Looks like the “natural born runner is scared to fight nick Diaz. Pussycat was running all night around the cage. Idk how he even won this fight when nick had rounds 1,2 and 5! Crazy

    • albert says:

      Fighting a smart fight isn’t running. Condit would get out and reset; he just didn’t fight Nick’s fight. It’s not running when you’re constantly engaging. You think people throw spinning elbows to outpoint their opponents?

      Yes, we all wanted to see them toe-to-toe, swinging until one guy drops. Unfortunately, that’s not the best gameplan, and the only way that Nick knows how to fight. In rounds 3, 4 and 3/4 of 5, Condit would back up and then pop off on Nick before he could do his thing- he wasn’t being as evasive as the earlier rounds once he got more comfortable. This is coming from a fan of both fighters.

  28. Kyle says:

    How was Condit like Starnes. Condit was being smart and Diaz hardly hit him when he came in becasue he got out of there. Condit hit him with combos and Nick just stood there and took it. Everyone has lost to Diaz because they didn’t do what Condit did and move out of range. BTW I scored the fight 49-47 Condit. That is all.

  29. Shadow Welch says:

    I watched the fight, and even though there wasn’t the fireworks I was expecting to see. Carlos fought a smart fight. Its Diaz who should have changed his game plan and draw Carlos to fight his kind of fight. If George wants Diaz; he’ll go through Carlos and call out Diaz.

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      +1, Diaz should either sit it out and hope GSP beats Condit or take on Kosh or Hendricks with the winner getting GSP/Condit. This talk of a rematch is stupidity. I wish he’d take it like a man and come out fighting rather than acting like a bitch and talking retirement. It was a close fight, but Condit deserved it. Diaz is acting like it was total domination! Ask Wiman how he feels when he got robbed in the Siver fight….that shit was criminal.

  30. T.J. says:

    1st rule of defence: The best defence is not get hit.

    Condit showed superior movement and footwork. He was the superior martial artist. You want to do maximum damage at the expense of minimal or no damage to youself. If you stand and trade that doesn’t make you a martial artist, it makes you a meathead brawler with a messed up face and the early stages of brain damage, both of which Nick Diaz has.

  31. bj penn is GOAT says:

    you fools stfu , i agree with how carlos condit won and outpointed him throughout the match, but diaz still was very close and was only one round away. lets see a rematrch between the 2 as i belive diaz will change his gameplan and woop his ass. thats my opinion but carlos condit is a great fighter and has a better chance of beating gsp than diaz… so yeah

  32. drew says:


  33. TeaCP says:

    It was a close fight, but for Diaz to say he won is about as credible as Sonnen saying he beat Silva. I would do the same thing if I were Condit, he’s waiting to fight for the strap in a roller coaster ride. He beat the #1 contender so fight to unify the belt next. Besides, with the way that Diaz disrespected him and made a damn fool of himself after the fight, I wouldn’t give him the common courtesy of a rematch.

    • phace says:

      For Diaz to say he won is about as credible as Sonnen saying he beat Silva? There’s no comparison. Sonnen got finished before the final bell and Diaz lost based on the perception of judges who show inconsistencies. People will make their arguments for both sides(some for Condit, some for Diaz) and it’s very much split. I personally think Diaz won rounds 1,2,and 5 making him the winner. However, what goes down in the record books is what the judges say and we have nothing to say but to let them fight again(those of us who disagree with the judges). The Condit camp is doing the wise thing by waiting for GSP because there’s too much risk in fighting a guy like Diaz again right now. I’d like to see a rematch but in reality that wouldn’t be the best BUSINESS decision for their camp. Hopefully Diaz doesn’t really retire. Also, for the record I like both fighters. I’m just going off what I recall seeing the night of the fight.

  34. RCS says:

    Condit won the fight and lost me as a fan. Diaz didn’t get the job done. hope the give him Mr sanchez.

    • Michael says:

      100% agreed. I picked Condit to win because I thought he was a killer. He proved he is just another point fighter. I scored the fight for him, he won, but he avoided a fight. Call it smart if you want, as a fan, I call it boring. All that talk about a dog fight, and how he fights to finish, just went out the window. Congrats to him, but I am no longer a fan. I like to back guys that show up to fight, and Condit was one of those guys until Saturday night.

      • MJ says:

        I agree 100%, I picked Carlos to win, but I am not a fan, and I really thought he would take the fight to Diaz, retreat, retreat, reatreat, leg jab, retreat, counter punch. For a guy who goes around calling himself a Warrior, this isn’t a going out on your shield style of fighting.Guess we will have to wait untill Nov to see if Condit the “warrior” can out point GSP, with a classic Gregg jackson, safety first game plan.Love Diaz or hate him, he doesn’t move backwards and he always puts on a show.

      • DudeIncognito says:

        I’m with you on that Michael. The way the UFC is set up right now it’s weeding out the real fighters in favour of point fighters. And we the fans are losing.

  35. Michael says:

    kinda starting to get sick of greg jackson saying carlos fought a smart fight, how the fuck is running smart? like seriously come on the fight was boring as hell and a rematch should be put in place right away

    • Devin G says:

      it was a smart fight because if he didnt move it would have been Diazs fight, Diaz is a very tough fighter, and one that is hard to figure out how to fight. Carlos didnt fall into what Diaz wanted him to, played his own game, and scored almost twice as many blows at Nick did.

  36. David says:

    This fight is perfect because it separates the boxing fans from the fighting fans. The arguments about game plan and more strikes are so sad. That is why boxing is complete garbage. All the fighters do is run around tapping each other to score points. The beauty of UFC is that it’s a fight. If Diaz didn’t engage continually, it would have been Carlos running in a circle the entire fight. Saying that he knows he would have gotten beaten up, is admitting that Diaz is the better fighter. If you don’t like someone’s strikes, take em down and submit them. But everyone knows Diaz would destroy Condit on the ground. So Condit’s should have had the balls to trust his own striking and really put it to Diaz. You can avoid damage without literally turning your back and running across the octagon. He can take his gameplan and shove it. Real fight fans want to see an actual fight, not that fighting so you don’t lose cowardice.

  37. F*** a rematch.. GSP / Condit will be the REAL war. says:

    You have to ADAPT to win. Carlos realized this and changed it up to get the W.

    I would have done the same thing against the cage smothering “Stockton P***Y Slap” technique that just relies on points.. so Condit’s game plan was to outscore him on his opponents game. Greg Jackson 101 vs Gracie camp point whoring… Condit executed perfectly to get to GSP.. thats what the real goal was.

    • I'll agree on one thing... says:

      The fight was boring… but the point of this fight was to see who could get to GSP. They both wanted it BADDDD, and it made them both be hesitant on implementing BOTH of their monster striking games. It sucks but GSP went and tore his ACL doing gymnastics or what the hell ever.. he should stop showing off and trying to be tinkerbell, and maybe he wouldn’t get injured so much.

  38. BJC says:

    All I seen was Nick wanting to do the hand jive dance with Carlos and crossing his arms like a rapper.WTF is that.your there to fight.
    so fight

  39. jdiz says:

    First I want to say, hats off to both Carlos and Nick, and as much as i’m a Nick Diaz fan, I just want to share this: I remember an advice that Nick Diaz once gave someone before his fight, he said, and I paraphrase. “ok, the plan is to hit the guy more than he hits you.” He should have taken his own advice or change his game plan early on in the fight. He should have pulled Carlos down a lot earlier and fought his kind of fight. Carlos did what he had to do quite impressively. Some fighters “play it smart” the boring way. Carlos did it entertainingly and most importantly, “martial artist-ly” if I may. I was rooting for Nick Diaz coming into the fight, but as Carlos picked Nick Diaz apart, I started to become a fan of Carlos in that particular fight. Pretty gracious and modest guy too.

  40. BJC says:

    Machida is another fighter that backs up and counters.He held the title.I didn’t hear the cry’s that he was running scared

  41. Ryan says:

    Worst thing that happened was Nate beating down Cerrone a few weeks before. Seemed to have those Jackson boys a little scared. I’m not even gonna argue about the desicion, just gonna say I’ll buy Diaz’s next PPV if he chooses to keep fighting. Condits next fight? Zero interest.

  42. David says:

    All you people who hate points fighters and just like to see knockouts know nothing about the sport, a good fighter is a smart fighter Diaz wasn’t smart I agree it wasn’t the most entertaining but why should condit give up a title shot and alot of money and lose just to entertain you.

  43. JamesGJJ says:

    this is just a bunch of ppl with fake names talking shit, nobody gives a fuck what anyone is saying ! this is all pointless hahaha

  44. Jtmacri says:

    I can totally understand Condit’s stance. He worked extremely hard for this shot. On the other hand… If he were confident in his victory he would take a rematch. It will be a while until GSP get’s back and Nick is one of the only guys on his level that gsp hasn’t whooped yet. I’d like to see the rematch. I’d like to see them drop the BS and recognize that their matchup is a unique chance for them to grow as fighters.

  45. Jon says:

    Not sure how anybody could say Condit just ran away. It’s stupid. Diaz backed him up, which he does to every guy he faces, Condit got some shots off and backed away from the cage, which anybody with half a brain realises is what he is SUPPOSED to do; wheel away and retake the centre. Calling it a smart fight isn’t even necessary, he did exactly what every fighter is coached to do. He also landed some beautiful combos and tried some nice spinning moves which came very close to landing. Diaz can walk forward mouthing off all he likes, it won’t mean shit if Carlos is outstriking him.

  46. James Poe says:

    carlos didnt want to fight, he wanted to get paid. Nick wanted to fight. Thats the difference. Who would you rather pay to see?

  47. David says:

    I feel sorry for Ellenberger and Hendricks they at least deserve a shot at condits belt.

  48. Jay Unidos says:

    It’s not all black and white. Yes, Condit had a good game plan, but he gave up the first two rounds setting it up, and you could argue that he lost the 5th as well. The controversy should really be about the state of judging in mma because all of the judges had Nick losing the first round. That’s insane. Now, Condit’s manager wants to wait to fight GSP, which could very easily not be possible until early 2013.

  49. lou johnson says:

    4: Rounds where Condit landed more significant strikes than Diaz. “The Natural Born Killer” outlanded Diaz in round one (29 to 23); round three (32 to 22), round four (36 to 11) and round five (25 to 17).

  50. helwanilookalike says:

    You call it “picked apart” I call it “running like a bitch.” if diaz hadn’t walked him down there would have been no fight

  51. David says:

    If Diaz hadn’t walked him down the fight would have been better condit would have had to stand and trade.

  52. Sean Liang says:

    They should just change the judges’ scores so Diaz and his fan boys will stop crying, but note this, it doesn’t change the fact that Diaz lost the fight.

  53. billson says:

    i want the rematch, but after condit smashes GSP.
    diaz should be condit’s first title defense.
    GSP can get next crack at nick, after he earns his way back up with a couple wins.

  54. slacker says:

    His camp is right on! Diaz was decisively beaten – outstruck with 40 + strikes. Deal with it. Get over your failed attempt at pinning him against the fence, your padded, Strikeforce win streak. And most importantly, be a man! Grow up you sore loser! And Gracie too.

  55. grizzle says:

    If a fighter stalls and doesn’t advance his position on the ground the fight gets stood up. What happens if he’s standing and doesn’t advance, in this case he RAN? He should either knock somebody out like the iceman used to, or get carded pride style!
    Most disappointing fight hype in years.

  56. the original steve says:

    don’t be scared homie

  57. DudeIncognito says:

    The UFC need to implement a new division: The No Judge Division. You can only win via KO or Submission, if no winner by the end of 3 rounds (or 5) – then NO WINNER. What do you think would be the most exciting division?

    I know, never gonna happen.

  58. MJ says:

    GSp v Condit better be on Fox for free, cuz I aint payen to watch a points match, and does anyone doubt that fight will be a 5 round snooze fest from 2 students of the safety first Jackson academy, I would pay to see Diaz fight Kosh or Ellenburger or Sanchez, before I would pay to see Condit and GSP. Call yourself a Warrior Condit then spend 25 minutes on your bike throwing leg jabs, he landed 60 leg kicks that weren’t checked by Diaz, yet no damage, because they were thrown to score not to hurt.Hold onto your fake belt warrior for 9 months without fighting so you can have no contact match with GSP, warrior lol.

  59. Moses White says:

    Condit won, but Condit also ran. He never looked like he was making an attempt to finish Diaz. He did clearly our strike Diaz. You can looks at their faces and see that Condit did more damage. Diaz has a legitimate complaint about Condit running… However, he made no attempt through all 5 rounds to force Condit to change his plan. He made one takedown attempt in a lat ditch effort at the end of the fight and had success. If he wanted Condit to engage he should’ve stopped chasing him and forced Condit to come after him so he could draw some action his way. He made the mistake of not adapting and he paid for it. He can complain all he wants, but he could’ve won the fight if he wasn’t so bullheaded in his desire to strictly stalk and box.

    • mma fans are so stupid when it comes to footwork.. condit wasnt running from the fight.. he just didnt fight diaz’s game.. condit AVOIDED getting stuck on the cage.. at one point condit did rest against the cage and diaz landed around 5 uncontested body shots..

      there is a difference between running and actively avoiding punches while COUNTER STRIKING .. the face damage after the fight tells the true story.. condit circled away from diazs power and picked him apart..

      • cole knight says:

        thank god there is somone with some sanity i agree with you 100% i think condit used the cage like ring ropes and bounced off it. condits taking “gay sucking prick” (GSP) down!!!

        • Sore Loser says:

          no rematch necessary. Condit will lose to GSP. Diaz will be next if he decides to fight again. GSP/Diaz champioinship fight WILL HAPPEN, mark my words. It’ll be just later than planned. Condit will not beat GSP. Condit is not a champion fighter. Semantics, dudes. He ran, he avoided, all semantics. Lost all kinds of respect for Condit. He fought for points, not to finish when all this time he said he is “a warrior,” “a fighter.” This fight sucked because Condit made it into a fight that sucked. I USED TO like Condit before this fight. Not so much now. He is a boring interim champion. Congratulations.

        • SavageKiller says:

          nicely said… I would really like to see diaz vs gsp! hope that fight happens. fuck condit, hahaha

        • syche says:

          Clearly you are very new to mma , They fight in a small octagon – there is no where to run im afraid, If you don’t understand the difference between footwork and running then you have alot to learn, Its unbelievable, no one tunes Machida for winning 17 career fights using that style, but as soon as its precious badfagboy Diaz that gets owned everyone throws a little haffy…sore losers just like Diaz. P.S – GSP would lie on Diaz for 5 rounds anyway

        • Sore Loser says:

          Yup, clearly I am new to MMA. Been watching only since 2000 and the UFC began, what, in 1994? I admit I wasn’t watching UFC back in 2000. Yup, pretty new.

          Machida HAS been criticized MANY times for his style. Machida enjoyed the ride on the JOE ROGAN Hype machine, until he was destroyed by Shogun. He may be a loss away from being demoted to Strikeforce. How quick everyone jumped off of the “Machida Era” train, yeah?

          Obvioiusly, you hate Diaz. I don’t hate Condit, but that fight ended up sucking ass because of Condit. He hit and got out of harm’s way. Cool. He won. Cool. Don’t expect me or many other fans to enjoy that type of “fighting” because we won’t. But even after all of that running, Diaz still had more solid shots. Condit had QUANTITY. Diaz had QUALITY.

          Diaz did err during the fight and that was thinking he was ahead in a close fight. Also, not taking down Condit earlier.

          Congratulations to Condit. Interim Champion. Good luck against GSP. You’re gonna need it.

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        in pride condit would have gotten a red card and dq’d for running the entire fight. footwork is moving while still engaging your opponent. running is turning your back to them and resetting in different areas of the cage, big difference.

        • slacker says:

          How did he spend too much time running and manage to outstrike him by 40 + ? It’s not possible. Diaz fans may not like the style of fight Condit chose. But that is just personal preference. Condit outstruck him by a landslide, made Diaz miss more than he did him, and mixed in quite a few power shots, on the way to a beautifully executed victory.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          90 percent of condits total strikes landed were those leg kicks he threw, half of which were checked by diaz. like i been sayin it was a cheap way to earn a victory, but jackson will take it however they can get it, the only camp proud to earn wins without actually fighting.

        • slacker says:

          Hey. Condit is a humble guy. He said at the post – fight that if he tried to brawl with Diaz, then it would probably be Diaz sitting there with the belt. Unless, you are a great wrestler, which Condit is not, how do you beat a guy with endless cardio and who is impossible to KO (virtually impossible)? They did what they had to do to win. As far as those kicks, quite a few of them did have some real heat on them. You could hear the sound. And Nick did start to slow down a bit in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Those were adding up.

        • Xaninho says:

          junkie c’mon man! Diaz checked about 2 or 3 of all the legkicks he received! He wasn’t checking any of them, having that said I am a bit disappointed in the power Condit threw in his legkicks.

          If it was Aldo throwing the same amount, Diaz would be in a wheelchair right now.

          But still Condit outstruck Diaz and didn’t walk into the typical Diaz trap of standing in the pocket exchanging punches. You simply can’t do that with Diaz, cause he has a great chin.

          Paul Daley came close to finishing Diaz but walked into the trap in the end.

        • Chartmonster says:

 do u know? A red card? Your a fkn idiot..
          Let me see.. If I was Carlos who would I fight. Condit v Diaz or Condit v Gsp..hmmm tough one? Where would the money be and solidify yourself as the best? Hmmm Only a fkn idiot would give up the op to fight Gsp and kick his ass! Hey junkie who you got? Condit v Gsp?

        • guamy says:

          i agree with junkie Condit was back peddling the whole time. his leg kicks did no damage diaz came to fight condit was running a marathon and at times even turned his back to him. if you turn your back to some one in almost any martial arts tourney you get points deducted. if you folks enjoyed watching condit runn from a fight you should go watch Floyd Mayweather boxing or better yet go watch TOM & JERRY. there is no respect in running from a fight, mr “im gonna bury this mother ****** , im a fighter, warrior” LMAO real warriors come to bang not strike and bike like a bitch. I think it makes it worst cause condit is not known for fighting like this, he had as good a chance at KOing Diaz as Diaz had to KO him, diffrence was Diaz was willing to kill or be killed and condit was not. Condit lost a few fans with that performance hope his next 1 is better.

        • syche says:

          please dude every time he darted out he landed 2-3 strikes, please bro come on, he landed more strikes throughout the fight than Diaz…MORE STRIKES…he only would have got a yellow in pride if he ran without striking..think about it for just a second if that was the case Machida would get yellow carded every fight…please man come on think before you post absolute crap

        • Dan says:

          Machida doesn’t turn his back to his opponent and sprint away. He back pedals while parrying, waiting for his opponent to make foot work mistakes so he can counter.

      • lolziez says:

        one-track-minded mma bandwagoners will never understand the techniques in the cage.. yes there are fans favs with people that just go in for finishes, but if thats all people think MMA is all about will slowly but surely realize, its not always about finishes when YOU are the one inside the ring across from someone whose giving you the look of death..Condits strategy was obviously the one that worked against Diaz’s relentless foreward motion. staying consistantly out of range and picking Diaz apart was the right stategy. Great fight all in all. someone finally outplayed the playa and he couldnt handle the fact that someone didnt fall into his gameplan like they usually do.

      • Fenic01 says:

        Ive got to say i completley agree, it was a boring fight and Condit was going for a points win. Well done to him but what a boring fight.

    • Jay WAR says:

      damn right broda.

  60. mma is my religion says:

    Man up bitches and do the rematch.

  61. David says:

    Rather watch five rounds of good technical fighting then a first round KO, I agree this fight wasn’t the best but shut up and type KO in YouTube if you only want to see good knockouts, all you people who just want fast knockouts please learn a thing or two about fighting before you all talk shit.

  62. Philippe says:

    Everytime Diaz backed Condit up to the fence where he does the most damage to his opponent, Condit would just step aside and bring it back to the center where he would engage and kept Diaz out of reach. So when you count how many times Diaz back Condit up to the fence and how easily Condit got away from the fence to the center you have to wonder how dull this fight was because Diaz was just so one dimensional. Its like he went there to just do the same thing over and over and didn’t know what else to do. If you guys blame Condit for running back all the time then you guys should blame Diaz just as much for doing one thing through the whole fight which is just walk forward and talk smack and expecting his fight the whole time.

  63. Condit is scared homie says:

    Condit won the fight but he loss a lot of fans. It was an embarassment running like that all night. You suck Condit, and I’m striking the GSP Condit fight

  64. mma is my religion says:

    Condit should be embarrassed calling himself the natural born killer. The only thing he killed was time off the clock.

  65. mma is my religion says:

    Condit should be embarrassed calling himself the natural born killer. The only thing he killed was time off the clock. Carlos the bolt condit.

  66. derek says:

    Diaz needs to take lessons from Anderson Silva.

  67. mma is my religion says:

    There is only one real New Mexico fighter (deigo sanchez).

  68. Jaime Lopez says:

    F@#K Condit, weak ass bitch. You need some new track shoes.

    • Xaninho says:

      Diaz should have trained on cutting off his opponents escape routes instead doing triathlons.

      Condit used Diaz’s inability to dictate pace and place of the fight and forced his own pace and place of the fight on Diaz.

      • Dave says:

        Diaz trained for a fight, not a foot race

        • slacker says:

          As well as outstriking Diaz in total numbers, here is another point to consider: he had the higher strike percentage! You can’t win by missing your strikes. Diaz controlled the pace at times early on, but Condit ALWAYS controlled the place and position of the fight and made Diaz miss more strikes. The Diaz camp got outsmarted and Diaz himself got out – executed. Condit is the man of the hour! A true champion! Congratulations Carlos!

        • guamy says:

          SLACKER you must have the worst comments on the entire web. dude go stick to mayweather boxing if you liked that fight bro your a moron.
          if it was such a great fight and condit was so good why did he get booooooed the entire fight. he won a BS decision and they booooed even louder when they announced he won, how can you even say he won the 1st round it was clear he won that round but they scored it aginst him. the entire venue was boooooing him because he sucked it up “WARRIOR” LMFAO.

        • slacker says:

          I don’t see a whole lot of truth or sincerity to your critiquing of the fight – just a lot of frustration with losing and a poor attempt at discrediting him. Things like booing and great fight sarcasm- those are purely subjective. It was a well – executed performance by Carlos. Congratulations once again. Part of the reason why Diaz supporters can’t accept defeat, including some media, is that they got so excited about the fight – hype of Diaz fighting GSP, that they were already looking past Carlos, and now they are in shock, disbelief, and denial, that that match – up has slipped through their fingers. Condit told everyone he would play the role of spoiler and he came through brilliantly, fighting the exact opposite to what Diaz expected. They outsmarted his entire camp – not just Nick. IMO, if Diaz wants to become a better fighter, now is the time to say his thank you’s to Cesar for all he has done for him and go find a new coach. Like I have said in some previous posts, where was Gracie when he really needed the proper coaching going into the last round? Nowhere! That is unprofessional and pathetic. He was MIA at the time he needed him most.

      • diaz is known for setting the pace dumbass

        • Xaninho says:

          Did you honestly see Diaz dictating the pace? He was just following Condit around and didn’t know what to do to win the fight.

          It’s not smart to call people with an intelligence superior to yours dumbass by the way..

  69. The_Gooch1 says:

    He’ll change his mind once Dana offers him big bucks!

  70. The_Gooch1 says:

    He’ll change his mind once Dana offers him big buck!

  71. kerry says:

    Angles baby angles. Its not running, its not doing what everyone else does when they fight Diaz. People angry because Condit fought a smart tactical fight and didn’t brawl. Condit finished 8my out pf his last 10book wins… You can’t say that about Diaz.

  72. kerry says:

    Dam. Talk to text

  73. jdog says:

    It reminded me of the Frankie Edgar BJ Penn fight accept that the winner this time DID out strike the loser. It is what it is, this new keep the opponent away and back pedaling is working, the last time that a fighter was given the nod when he kept going forward was the Quinton Jackson Loyoto Machida fight and when they scored it for Jackson everyone said Loyoto won, but when they do it that way on this fight it is the other way around, go figure. It is what it is and Diaz lost regardless of what anyone thinks it WAS left in the hand of the judges, did Diaz try to take him down??? If Condit was only running why did Diaz keep chasing, if he really thought so much why not just stop moving forward and MAKE Condit come to him?? Why because Diaz was okay with the judges taking control of the fight and when it didn’t go his way he cried foul. Maybe he won maybe he didn’t, but regardless it goes down in history as a loss so everyone who doesn’t like it needs to live with it.

  74. Mike Diaz says:

    Team Jackson training another “game plan” fighter…..the Natural Born Runner! Makes me sick …..Team PENN!!!!!

  75. mma is my religion says:

    Breaking news Carlos says his new nickname is now the “roadrunner” and has took up a new fighting style ” throw a kick and then run for your life screaming help me greg.”

  76. Steve O says:

    This was a professional fight not some street fight in the ghettos of Stockton! Diaz is just mad he couldn’t bait Carlos into his one dimensional fight plan! He’s highly overated and has done nothing but beat up UFC rejects the last 5 years. Him and his brother are just paper gangsters who can’t beat top competition!

  77. MMA FAN says:

    If Condit uses the same strategy vs GSP he is certain to loose in my opinion… An official fight for the belt will require a much more dominant performance to win a title (hopefully not a Griffin vs Jackson title win)… From there GSP could fight Diaz. (As probably desired by the fans and GSP as well…)

    P.S.: If Condit were to win vs GSP with the same strategy, he will definitely be on the loosing end of a title defence. Meaning you can’t keep avoiding your opponent while earning points as a title holder. Dominance is required! Not to mention he won’t be living up to his surname ‘Natural born Killer’… rather ‘Natural born runner’ 😉


  78. Jay Unidos says:

    Some of the Condit fans here are crazy with the fightmetric numbers. You realize that leg kicks are figured into those totals, right? Nick actually landed more punches. Just something to think about. A loss is a loss and a win is a win, like Machida said after the first Shogun fight. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what we all think because when you look up their records on Sherdog, Condit has a W and Diaz has a L.

    • Jesse Quinonez says:

      Carlos did what every greg jackson fighter does, the minimum to win. He made sure not to stand and fight Diaz game. Kind of reminds me of st pierre. I agree that he landed more hits but he didn’t fight the fight he said he would. He said many times leading up to the fight that he was going to stand and bang and that he did not do. He also stated that he might take another fight before the st pierre one but now all of a sudden he wants to wait. Same thing happened when st pierre got hurt instead of fighting he wanted to wait. I think Carlos is all about the payday i think he knows that this is only chance to make some real money. He might have won because of the strikes but the aggressor was Diaz. MMA used to be about to fighters leaving all in the cage, but now with fighters coming out of Greg Jackson camp its all about winning and fighting a boring fight. Cant imagine what the st pierre condit fight will be like. Natural Born Killer my ass

    • Xaninho says:

      Condit landed more powershots to the head. Diaz more of those pitter patter 30% jabs

  79. Carlos Condit says:

    What’s up people? Thanks for all the support. It was a tough fight and I don’t want a rematch cause I’m tired from not being aggressive.

  80. mma is my religion says:

    Carlos brought this shit on himself by acting like a badass on the primetime. Calling himself a warrior and saying it was going to be a dog fight. Yeah right…..

  81. Paul Delgado says:

    You guys are talking about Condit having a good strategy by circling away. Watch the fight again. You’ll notice that Condit kept ducking his head and sprinting forward 2-3 steps just to avoid Diaz. How is that a fighter? Ladies and gentlemen thats your new Interim Champion!!! LMFAO. What a joke. I know Dana was biting his tough on this fight. How could he be proud or anyone from the Jackson camp about the way this fight turned out.

    Condit would kick Diaz with toe taps. Did those count as kicks?

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      circling is turning your back to your opponent? yea ok if u say so. he disengaged every time he “used footwork”. u point lovers make me sick.

      • slacker says:

        Hey. There he is. So, how did you score the rounds? I had it 1, 3 & 4 Condit.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          i had 1,2,5 for nick. i thought octagon control should have given nick enough for the win kinda like rampages win v machida, but it seems the scoring changes whenever the judges do.

        • slacker says:

          Interesting. I remember watching the fight and scoring each round as they came. That was how I scored it – 1, 3 & 4 for Condit. I have re – watched it once and I can say my mind didn’t change. But I can say, the 3rd rd. was a much closer rd. than when I watched it live and the 5th rd. was closer to being a draw than watching it live. I can’t remember the Machida – Rampage fight although I did watch it live. On octagon control, I give pace to Diaz in rds. 1 & 2, but place and position to Condit, so I feel solid about giving him both rounds. I think that comes down to perception for the judges and I think because they know Diaz does the most damage with his opponents up against the fence, when Condit ran back to the center, circled away, and/or dodged his punches and moved back to the center, the judges understood that he was bringing the fight where he is strongest. In that case, I think they would perceive that he is influencing and executing octagon control as well. Thats my opinion. I was surprised as anyone at the strategy. I thought he was going to take more giant swings for Nick’s head!

  82. BobO says:

    I respect Condit alot, but Nick won the fight. He won 4 out of 5 rounds, if not all 5. He was backing Carlos up the entire bout. He was landing while doing it. I don’t understand what more he could have done. Carlos never tried to bring it to Nick, it was always some half hearted counter strike. I know this much, you don’t win a fight by defending yourself. ~BobO

  83. B-Wes says:

    Now while I do think Condit won this fight, and rather impressivly post Rd. 2, I think a rematch would be good for all parties. If Condit and his camp are so sure they won decisevly, this would be a good chance to prove it, unless he truely is scared and wants nothing to do with Diaz. Not only that but it would give him a shot to defend his intrem title before the unification bout, maybe add a little prestige to an otherwise usless belt. Diaz would get a chance to redeem himself after a poor showing and maybe attempt to come up with a new game plan. What better reason to come out of ‘retirement’ than for another shot at the man that put you there. GSP doesn’t plan on training heavy until June and he won’t be ready to fight until November, if Carlos were to win again he would be on his toes and have a much better chance at stopping Georges rather than being a bit rusty and opening to another two lackluster rounds. If Diaz wins it sets up the showdown everyone wants to see, Diaz-GSP. Not to mention it’ll garner quite a bit of money and that’s what it’s all about right? If Carlos is so sure of his win, what does he have to lose, and if Diaz and his camp is so sure it was Las Vegas that screwed them over, maybe have it somewhere else so if he loses they can shut their mouths.All the questions of who truely won will be answered, double or nothing?

  84. NateDawgg says:

    I thought the decision was not correct. The fight could have gone either way. I like both these fighters but if anything the decision should have been a split decision. It was in no way unanimous. I had Diaz taking 1 and 5 for sure, Condit taking 3,4. The scores should have been 48-47. There is no way those 2 judges could score the fight 49-46. Congrats to Condit. The AC’s need to hire retired fighters to judge fights now, as from what I’ve seen alot of fighters scored it for Diaz.

  85. Duane says:

    1,2,5 Diaz if not. 1 wash 2,5 diaz 3,4 condit = draw

    Great game plan, lol what a bunch of girls! You fight like that and get no respect PERIOD. And i hope people don’t buy cards with this track star on it, make UFC feel it in the pocket.

    He was part of that dying breed of fighter in MMA. Now he’s president of the group that will drive this sport into the dirt, might sound dumb now but give it some time. Fighters see that you can win a belt by doing that type of crap why not do exactly that, who gives a crap what the fans think that put food in your family mouth! And the fans that get behind this style of fighting blows my mind. This isn’t what this sport is all about, nor was it built on that style of fighting. This sport is about finishing PERIOD, don’t care how you do it. All I’m saying is we will see this so much more in mma so get ready to get what you asked for..

    Put all feelings aside about both fighters, say you’ve never seen either (a noob). You tune in and see a guy kick someones leg and run then win a World Championship Belt w/o even attempting to finish his opponent. Would you want to go out and spend $60 on the next event or run and tell your friends about this great UFC show, highly doubt it! This will loose casual fans easily and they’re the majority. As much as you might think I’m crazy the mma community is 50/50 on the outcome of this past saturday so we can’t all be crazy.

    I hope they do rematch, if not no worries.

  86. Jessed2011 says:

    I like knockouts and submissions as much as the next guy, however I also understand that fighting isnt just about hitting the other person, it is about making the other person miss. Every top level fighter in the world today has been a top flight competitor in one or more styles that make up their base (ie; wrestling, muai thai, jits, etc.). No elite athlete has ever excelled in their sport without finishing an opponent. Name one boxer, wrestler, jits practitioner, kickboxer, etc. that is a world champion or highly ranked that has never finished an opponent? There isnt one. But at the same time, those athletes have also gone the distance with an opponent and either won or lost by decision. The goal of EVERY fighter in mma is to finish their opponent, while taking as little punishment as possible. GSP seems to be the person that critics hammer on the most, because he “Doesnt finish fights……He lay n prays…..He wins by points” Are you serious? take a look at some of his opponents. Dan Hardy…..He had him in a kimura and even told his corner that he could have broken his arm. BJ Penn……..He made him quit (In my book that is better than a finish, because you not only broke his body and his will but you broke his spirit)! Josh Koscheck……He broke his orbital bone and put him on the shelf for quite a while. True, none of these opponents were finished, but it sure as hell wasnt for lack of effort on the part of GSP. He clearly beat his opponents, but could not finish. It is as much a testament to his opponent’s will and warrior spirit. On the other hand look at Anderson Silva and Nick (or is it Prick? I forget) Diaz. Nick complains that Condit ran from him the whole night, and won by points. Ok, but BJ Penn stood right in front of you the whole time, but you couldnt finish him. Anderson Silva clearly outclassed Damian Maia, but didnt finish him. My point is this…….. In any combat sport, the odds of the fight going to a decision are greatly increased, and the odds of it being stopped are severely diminished when 2 fighters of equal caliber are matched against each other. Bottom line….If you like the pure competition and like knowing that anything can happen once the cage door closes, then PPV is for you. If all you want to see is finishes, UFC has a great line of Ultimate Knockouts/Ultimate Submissions dvds for your entertainment dollar.

  87. slacker says:

    There is something here amongst all the complaints about Condit fighting a tactical fight that is so obvious, yet we have all accepted it, and don’t see the contradiction. People are saying Condit didn’t fight, that he was being backed up and that he ran or circled out of attacks constantly, without throwing any punches. Now think about it: If Condit should have to strike – punch his way forward to engage and get away from an attack, Nick should have to punch his way in! That’s logical right? But no. He “walks” his opponents down, not “strikes” his opponents, as he backs them against the fence. He sticks his arm straight out, keeps his left cocked and ready, and “walks” forward – no strikes!!! Do you see the contradiction clearly now and why all this whining and criticism about Carlos not striking his way out of every single “walk down” is hypocritical and unfounded?! Let the same logic and rule apply to Diaz then! Walking your opponent backward with your arm straight out is not dictating or setting a “pace”! It’s a tactic, just the same as what Carlos did to stay on the outside and keep from getting pinned against the fence! Only Condit did it better!!! And that’s why he won!!! He was the better tactician!!!

  88. Jessed2011 says:

    Why would Condit want to have a rematch before fighting GSP? That is a lose lose situation for him. If he wins, so what? He beat an opponent he has already beaten. If he loses, he loses his title shot in which he has earned. The best scenerio is to let him and GSP for the title. Nick needs to take a fight before then, to set up another #1 contender fight in which he would get the loser of the title fight. If condit loses, Nick gets his rematch, if GSP loses, Nick gets a much anticipated fight. My suggestion to Nick is to have a better gameplan if he plans to succeed. Apparently his last gameplan was called Jerry Springer…….Thats when you stand on a stage and decide to talk while someone else tries to punch your fucking head off!!!!

  89. chee who says:

    Isn’t the champ supposed to except all challengers?

    • Duane... says:

      Thank You Chee Who!! THese noobs got the game all twisted.

      And to all you clowns that post a long paragraph and then post the same exact long paragraph on another topic, get real! That’s how minimal your mma knowledge is.

      • Jessed2011 says:

        Ya, i pasted it to another topic that was relevant to one I was already discussing. Do you know what relevance means? Let me explain it in a way that your dumb ass will understand………. Its when things have the same traits/ same things in common…….Example; When you are cheating on your sister by fucking your mom…….Relevance.

  90. chee who says:

    Especially a fight that the fans want to See

  91. Jessed2011 says:

    I believe Condit has. In the span of 3 or 4 months he has trained to fight 3 different fighters, GSP, Koscheck, and Diaz. Diaz had a shot against GSP, lost it, and talked his way back into it . I think Condit has been more than gracious in stepping aside for Diaz, but still wanting to fight, hence the reason he was set to fight Kos. Diaz Lost a chance at the title for his antics, then got another chance that was lost due to GSP injury, and then lost in a decision to Condit. In my opinion Diaz has had 2 legitimate shots at the title in the last couple of months, and he is 0-2 in those shots. One loss by decision to condit, and one loss by forfeit to GSP. A forfeit that was due to his actions and nobody else’s.

  92. Jessed2011 says:

    Diaz has had a chance against GSP, and Condit, and lost both times. Condit has faced Diaz and one, and now he has earned the right to face GSP.

  93. chee who says:

    Condit s a joke

  94. chee who says:

    Condit s a tool

  95. chee who says:

    Condit s a puppet

  96. chee who says:

    No one cares about GSP vs condit

  97. Jessed2011 says:

    That is your whole arguement? Are u fucking serious? No original thoughts to add? did you go to the Diaz school of analytical thinking?

  98. Jessed2011 says:

    Obviously they are. And they have the same philosophy as Diaz as well, which is:” Just run your mouth with no actual thought process or reasoning.”

  99. chee who says:

    Its obvious you guys love the ducking of condit and adore the dry humping of GSP … If that’s your thing I won’t hate.. More power to the gay style of fighting.

    • slacker says:

      Yes, you are completely on to us. lol

    • Jessed2011 says:

      And obviously you like Diaz who bitches and moans no matter what the situations is. He must remind you of your wife perhaps? Oh wait…..your 14 so you dont have a wife. Tell you what… You teach me all of your almighty mma knowledge that you have spent years gaining, and I will explain to you what a vagina feels like, cause you obviously dont know and probably never will. Fair enough chee who?

  100. chee who says:

    I knew it… I bet you want to be on the bottom and have GSP on top of you huh?hugging you and thrusting his hip on yours ..after you play hard to get (aka ducking like condit)

  101. chee who says:

    Nice come back.. Its like you.. “Weak”

  102. chee who says:

    Get with it Yo… Dick in Yo mouth jokes are from 1984.. Come up with new shit.. Bitch

  103. Jessed2011 says:

    HAHAHA! Exactly what I expected in response from you!!!! Jesus Christ……get off the site and go back to eating paste you little retarded motherfucker!!! Come back when you actually have an educated opinion that you would like to share and discuss

  104. Jessed2011 says:

    Dick in yo mouth jokes are out, but gay jokes are in? makes sense that you are the authority on both. Is it cause you have handled so many balls that you thought you were going to get a heisman or something??

  105. chee who says:

    I already said my educated opinion…. It was your champ condit is a pussy

    • Grade-A says:

      …educated? You realize MMA is a sport, right? This isn’t a street fight, get real. You wouldn’t tell a QB to go for it on 4th and long in a tied game, would you? Condit didn’t fight Diaz’s fight, and he won because of it. Take your tongue off of Nick’s balls and stop defending a loser.

  106. chee who says:

    Why you mad about the truth?

  107. chee who says:

    It s like your defending your boyfriend

    • Jessed2011 says:

      Actually I am not much of a fan of him at all. But YOUR Champ is the bitch. All he wanted to do was talk shit the whole time instead of trying to win? I believe Diaz was in the ring too. But he wasnt able to finish. He lost.

  108. chee who says:

    You saying condit finished?

  109. Jessed2011 says:

    By the way, if you put as much thought into your opinions as you do in trying to find out which way someone swings sexually, you might be a little more respected.

  110. chee who says:

    All i’m saying is condit its a sell out… He never fights like that… I bet Jackson told Cerrone to fight like that also… But Cerrone didn’t .. He fought his fight Cerrone style.. Yeah he lost the fight but didn’t lose respect….condit lost mad respect from alot of people .. From his fans and fellow Mma fighters

    • Jessed2011 says:

      Finally!!!! A valid, well thought out arguement!!! Good job! I can see why people think he is a sellout. But it goes with territory. If you dont finish you are just trying to win on points, thats what the common thinking says. But Joe Rogan made a comment that I have heard mant times before. Most of the great champions dont look to finish, and they certainly dont train to end it in a specific time period. That would be a bad gameplan. They train technique and stategy. With that the knockouts/submissions will come. They wont always be there, but they will come

    • learntoread says:

      @ chee who:

      I, like man others, totally agree with you. Cheers man.

  111. chee who says:

    A rematch its the only way to get his respect back.. A match with GSP isn’t going to help him get it back

    • Jessed2011 says:

      Do you not think it is the same way with Diaz? All he did was talk shit the whole time. Then he got into the ring and talked shit the whole time. When the fight was over he talked shit the whole time. Diaz did nothing during, or leading up to the fight in order to win…..except talk.

  112. Jessed2011 says:

    Also if you look at both fighters’ fight history you will notice that Nick Diaz has twice the amount of decisions in his career than Condit. Diaz has had 8 fights go to a decision versus only 4 for Condit. Both Fighters finish a majority of their fights, but when fighting another high caliber fighter the odds of the fight being finished by one fighter or the other goes down signifigantly

  113. chee who says:

    He pressed the fight the whole way… throewing the first strike is harder than countering a strikes

  114. chee who says:

    Instead of counting all the leg kicks condit threw.. They should count how many times he ran away from Diaz…. I bet that number would trip every one out

    • slacker says:

      It doesn’t matter that you were more impressed with Diaz’ style of fight. This is not about personal fight preference. Condit won.

    • Grade-A says:

      What was Condit supposed to do, stand in front of the fence and play dead like BJ did? You obviously know nothing about MMA, so how about you get a fighter to kick your legs, and then you can tell me how ineffective they are. As I type this, you are probably sitting around in a tapout shirt and wearing those shitty UFC training gloves, acting like you are an expert. But chances are you wouln’t be able to name any of the TapouT founders, explain how to pull of the most basic submissions, or even how to throw a proper punch. So, don’t act like you know how this shit works, because trust me, you don’t.

  115. mike says:

    Diaz lost and he violated drug policy. Stop whining and get on with your life.

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