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Monday, 02/06/2012, 12:50 pm

Condit Camp Responds | Carlos Won The Fight, We Are Not Interested In A Rematch

“At this point, [a rematch] is not something we’re looking to do. We’re looking for Georges. People forget, Carlos waited a long time to get this fight. He was moved around, and shuffled around between fights. He won the fight. It doesn’t interest us at all. I think clearly and decisively, he won the fight. Even [UFC president] Dana [White] scored it for him. All of the opinions that matter scored Carlos as winner… It was a performance that was excellent. He picked apart a very formidable fighter…”

Manager to Carlos Condit, Malki Kawa, says that their camp is not interested in a rematch with Nick Diaz.

Despite his critics, they believe Carlos decisively won the fight and they will now focus their energy on a title unification bout with GSP.


(For the full interview, click HERE.)

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