Condit Breaks Silence | Talks Controversial Win, Diaz Drug Test & Fighting Teammates

February 14, 2012 11:44 am 36 Comments
UFC 143: Diaz v Condit

“I was disappointed because, honestly, I felt right after the fight, I felt like I won and dominated. Going back and watching it, I saw how close it was and I understand how people thought that nick got robbed. So I was looking forward to getting back in there and doing it again. I talked to Dana Tuesday Morning. We talked about the rematch, and he said it is a fight a lot of people want to see and I agreed with him. I was motivated to get in there and shut people up. So I told him we would discuss the details when he got back into the Country, (from Brazil) and I was up for it. Then Tuesday night, I got the news from Dana that he had failed the drug test. We have to wait to see what disciplinary action he gets, but I would love to give him a rematch.” (continue to next page to read his thoughts on fighting his teammate Diego Sanchez)

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