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Tuesday, 02/14/2012, 11:44 am

Condit Breaks Silence | Talks Controversial Win, Diaz Drug Test & Fighting Teammates

“There’s been a lot of criticism, a lot of people talking trash and some are just disappointed at the fight and that’s fine. Then, you have a lot of people giving me praise and respect, so it’s all even. Most of the people don’t care if I win or get knocked out; they just want to see an entertaining fight. Ultimately they don’t care if I get beat down or knocked out. I got to fight the way that I need to in order to win. I am proud of the way I fought. It was very close fight and a lot of the rounds were super close and could have gone either way. People connect with Nick. He is real, he goes out there and throws down, so I think a lot of people they love Nick, win or lose and I think that’s great. On the other hand, I think I have caught a lot of undeserved flack because of that. It has taken the joy out of it (winning my first UFC title). There have been a lot of ups and down that last couple of days. That’s the name of the game, I’m a pro fighter. Along with all the benefits, there is a lot of shit that comes on the negative side too, so it just comes with it.”(Continue to next page to read how he reacted towards Nicks failed drug test.)

During yesterday’s “The MMA Hour” podcast on, UFC interim welterweight champion, Carlos Condit discussed his feelings on the publics reaction towards his decision win over Nick Diaz at UFC 143.

Condit walked away with the decision victory to earn the UFC’s interim welterweight title but in the post-fight aftermath it would seem as if the rest of the world judged it for Nick. Continue to next page for additional comments…

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36 Responses to “Condit Breaks Silence | Talks Controversial Win, Diaz Drug Test & Fighting Teammates”

  1. guamy says:

    “I understand how people thought that nick got robbed.” im glad condit can understand too bad his fanboys cant.

    • Mo says:

      Some of those rounds are just too close too call, that’s why they have 3 judges…majority this case unanimous. The debate’s dead…on to the next one.

    • KoloheRoots says:

      As close as this decision was, it was far from a controversial decision in the way that Fukuda-Ring, Kampmann-Sanchez or even Wiman-Siver were. Lost in the conversation is that for everything Condit failed to do, so did Diaz. Diaz could have won a decision by getting out of the way of Condit’s strikes or, since he wasn’t looking to actively counter, check Condit’s leg kicks early. Diaz could have also used more lateral movement or a plum clench to keep Condit up against the cage but instead got out pointed and looked unimpressive in a UD.

      • ZONG says:


      • Shawn says:

        He could have also been more aggressive. He was taunting as much as he was fighting. He walked down Condit, but didn’t follow through. He kept waiting for Condit to get frustrated and get sucked into his usual tactics. Unfortunately, Condit played smart and didn’t fall into Diaz’s mind games. Had Nick attacked more, I’m sure he would have gotten the UD instead.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Carlos i was a huge fan of yours and was rooting for you until I saw you STEAL a decsion after you ran away like a BITCH for 25 minutes. Total dicrace and I BLAME it all on Greg jackson. I would have been even a bigger fan if you had went out on your sheild and fought like a man instead of a scared rabbit that did his best impression of CALIB STARNES. Nick Diaz won that fight. all those pitter patter siisy kicks ddin’t do shit. I juts hope if Condit ever doesn fight GSP he fights like the old Condit who (WAS) a warrior. FUCK Greg Jackson pussy ass mother fucker Greg go write a book and call it “GAMEPLANS FOR PUSSY” OR “I RUINED GSP FOREVER” “THE MAN WHO RUINED MMA” OR ” RUN AWAY LIKE A PUSSY TODAY” FUCK YOU GREG JACKSON YOU SUCK. I HAVE MORE RESPECT FOR LAY N PRAY

      • Shawn says:

        Really? You think he was chicken running away from Diaz? It’s called fighting smart. Here’s something for you to think about. Diaz has beaten ALL his opponents by sucking them in to fighting HIS fight. Which is walk them down, and frustrate them to punching themselves tired, and then he goes for the kill. Knowing this, would you stay in front of him and do the same thing ALL those other fighters have done and LOST? Ya…”go out on your shield” like a dumbass. And if you noticed, even with Diaz moving out of Diaz’s line of fire, he still threw and landed more strikes. So not quite like Starns. Don’t hate…educate. lol

  2. the original steve says:

    see condit understands the fight was way to close to call. im tired of ppl talkin shit on either fighter. but i don’t like condit for always wanting to wait to fight a real fighter will fight at anytime. he only accepted the rematch when he found nick failed his drug test.

    • the original steve says:

      i blame greg jackson

    • KoloheRoots says:

      So you’re saying Condit knew before Dana that Diaz failed his drug test? Why would Dana even bring up the idea of a rematch to Condit and the public if he knew that it was an impossibility in the near future.

      • andyboy says:

        dont be stupid, UFC is just as political as the Government! It’s called headliones, controversy, drama, i.e. Show business! Dana White is a f***** genius, he may be a money hungry douchebag, BUT he knows his s***! and rumors you hear about fighters and injuries and this and that are damn near generated by White himself, if not he makes sure they become mainstream media news….Dana White made BJ look like an out of shape lazy piece of s*** on the GSP 2 countdown….BJ killed himself for that fight! FACT!

        Then Dana makes Diaz look like the most complete athletic pure fighter in MMA on the Diaz Condit countdown to hype up that Diaz can keep up if not surpase GSPs cardio….he knew, well he thought Nick would hand carlos his ass, OR Carlos Condit, who brings it to every fight would beat Nick, making Condit clearly ready for GSP! you think s*** isn’t planne dout 16 steps ahead? BJJ is a chess match right? well UFC is the ultimate CHess board and Dana already bitch slapped your queen and has your King in a rear naked choke! Dana WHite is an evil f***** genius!

        • John Blaze says:


        • Shawn says:

          Ummm…the UFC isn’t the WWE. lol If you’ve ever trained, and love to fight, you would definitely know these guys wouldn’t fake injuries. Fighters have way too much pride to pull dumb shit like that. And there are guys out there, IF Dana told them to sit out or fake an injury to give room to another fighter, that would speak out. Notice no one ever has. IF anything (big IF), maybe some fighters get cold feet and fake their own injuries to get out of a fight. The UFC has nothing to do with that. There is no profit in it for them. They set up the fight to begin with to make cash.

          Yes, match ups are set up. They are set up so that they make the best possible fight for the fans, and will generate as much revenue. That’s why some fighters who deserve title shots don’t get them just yet, because they aren’t as popular and wouldn’t bring in the crowd. And maybe there are some guys that Dana just doesn’t like, and don’t want to give them a shot. THAT’s the politics side. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. But sometimes, some fighters just don’t deliver when they are given the opportunity. Diaz didn’t do anything to change his game plan, Carlos did. But unfortunately, two counter guys don’t make for a very exciting fight. At least Condit, was making a point of striking as much as he could. Diaz couldn’t or wouldn’t pull the trigger.

    • Shawn says:

      And you know this how? Because that’s what the media is saying? Well if you listen to every word the media says, then you should also know that people have come forward saying that Condit was already game for a rematch before Diaz’s failed drug test was known.

  3. andyboy says:

    haha right! I’m dissapointed that Condit was ” proud of the way i fought”??? people dont give a damn about Nick Diaz, they dont relate to him cuz he’s real, they like to watch him fight becuz he goes out there and puts it all on the line, something Condit USED to do, he clearly fought for points, admits it here “i got to fight the way that I need to in order to win” direct quote from Carlos Condit himself. that ssays it all…he came to Win not fight, Dana already proved that if you go out there and fight liek theres no tomorrow you will fight again and you will get paid. guys like GSP, Edgar, Fitch, layn prey or safe fighters put out an image that point fighter sget belt or stick around the UFC for many many many years. Look at Jardines ass, never liked him, he fights like a douche, but he comes to fight, he brings it every fight! he stuck around 5 years later than he should have. there are many more fighters but i’ve been posting huge comments so i’ma dig out!

  4. coffee409 says:

    “It has taken the joy out of it (winning my first UFC title)”

    Hahahahaha, he thinks he really won a title… You’re just keeping it safe until GSP gets back, dude.

  5. samboaaron says:

    Is Diaz even gonna get a rematch after a failed drug test? And lemme guess… Positive test for THC right?

  6. RCS says:

    Go big or go home. Take your belt your winnings and your game plan and go home. This regret is from going for the win vs fighting for the victory. He has the win but no taste of victory the fake belts got to feel fake.

    Feel bad for the guy and can’t get a rematch. I hope he learns his lesson.

  7. Mike says:

    Wow people have no respect for good fighters at all on this website. Talking shit about Frankie Edgar and Condit. He fight safe one fight dvds he did what he had to to win. Frankie had fought bj penn twice and was unable to finish him. When was the last time bj been finished in the lightweight division? Exactly so he couldn’t do it. The first Maynard fight he got rocked in the first round and its hard to finish someone after you get rocked that hard but some how he did it in the second maynard fight. Shut the fuck up and realize what you’re talking about.

  8. Native Hodge says:

    it should have been a split decision. i myself saw condit as the winner. but it was a close fight. condit didnt fight the way i always see him fight, this time he used strategy which i think surprise diaz and by the third round diaz was going for take downs also i think diaz was hoping condit would gas out. but thats just my opinion.

  9. Ronnin says:

    Well Im glad Condit is not having a good time savoring his fake title, thats what he gets fighting like a fucking twat. This sport was born as a spectacle, and thats what people want to see, fighters that bring it on, not safe, pointer fighters that ruin the whole experience.

  10. Duane says:

    Condit probably lost about half his fan base after that point fight he displayed, joke was on the fans that night, hey you got us! It’s not like he cares though, he made it clear. But he should know that he equimulated his fans for being the Natural Born Killer, but it’s whatever as long as he doesn’t go by that next fight. His fight might have a hard time selling because how can we believe anything this guy says in Primetimes, how can you get behind him? The honest question is who the hell is Carlos Condit really? Because he had us fooled..

    Leading up to that fight i was telling everyone Carlos can finish Diaz for sure it’s possible, i couldn’t even pick one because both are from that “dying breed” or “cut from a different cloth” but i still wanted Diaz to win. And im not chalking it up to Condit evolving in MMA, save that bs, if that’s what the sports going to become (which i know it will due to fans approval of that garbage tactic) I’m done! Not that it matters what i do, my 1k a year in PPV sales won’t hurt UFC but i know i can’t be the only one who feels like this. I pay way too much bread to watch a FIGHTER avoid a fight.

  11. Tommy says:

    I don’t really want to see two dopes go in and play rock em sock em robots in every fight anymore. Maybe 10 years ago when I first started watching MMA I did, but I think real fans want to see more technical fights that aren’t just punches. That’s called boxing and it’s dead. There are still plenty of them, so don’t go bashing a real mixed martial arts fight with some technique and strategy. And whoever said Frankie Edgar is a lay and prayer obviosly knows absolutely nothing and wasn’t watching any of his last fights, and I think even B.J. would agree with that.

    • Ronnin says:

      Theres a difference between technically aggressive and “technically run the fuck away of a fight delivering only baby legkicks after I said in the prime that I would come down and put on a dog fight”. Condit is a liar and that fight didnt live up to the hype he helped to construct, and thats why I think he sucks…. Of course, thats only my opinion…

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        I would bet anything true story is Condit is having ahard time living with the FACT he fought like a coward. At least change your name from the natural born killer to natural born pussy. Go join a track team

    • learntoread says:

      @ Tommy:

      Who said anything about wanting to see “rock em sock em robots” in MMA?

      In reality, the majority of the fans who paid to watch that fight were simply aspiring to see what both fighters built it up to be, “a war”. Two fighters who’ve built a career known as finishers, looking to end the fight. You don’t have to look any further than Condit’s previous four fights to realize what type of fighter he WAS before UFC 143. He had built a reputation on that, and the fans (a lot of Condits and most of Diaz’s) felt completely cheated after watching his ‘performance’ @ 143. Also taking into consideration those wonky / incompetent judges cards (nothing new there though) and it’s very easy to see why there’s been a HUGE backlash.

      If you want to commend Carlos for his performance, that’s your prerogative…but deep down he’s probably embarrassed and knows full well he cop’d out.

    • ZONG says:

      Diaz has never been a rock em sock em dope in ANY of his fights nor has his opponents been. Typical diaz hater/condit fan boy response. AND tactical my ass he was runnin scared for almost 5 rounds quit sayin tactical its ridiculously STUPID!!!

  12. Chartmonster says:

    Nick had nothing for Carlos, and Carlos dismantled Diaz and Diaz didn’t how to react. It shows Diaz wasn’t ready for the NBK! Only an idiot would say Carlos didn’t deserve that win. I’m proud of the KILLER!

  13. Mat says:

    Any of you notice how it always Ariel’s phone always cuts out when he asks Carlos a new question?

  14. strictly mma says:

    How and the fuck can anyone still call him the killer. Open your fucking eyes he ran like a bitch. I don’t even like Diaz but still say that condit pissed out. And stop calling it a fucking game plan.

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