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Wednesday, 10/19/2011, 07:08 am

Condit: "A fight with anyone else other than GSP doesn't make sense"

“I want to fight next week. It’s in my heart to fight, but logically, I need to be patient. No matter who the opponent was — right now, a fight against anyone other than Georges wouldn’t make sense. I have some small — I wouldn’t even call them injuries — that come from training day in and day out, so I guess I have time to heal now. But I would rather have just fought through it. I was ready to fight. The layoff isn’t huge, but, you know, it’s kind of a crappy situation all around.”

Carlos Condit tells basically, that now that he has booked the shot at GSP’s title, he would rather sit on the sidelines and wait for his opponents’ recovery than risking his place with another bout.

Originally scheduled to face BJ Penn on the same UFC 137 card, Condit opted to take a title shot against GSP when Dana White suddenly felt the need to remove Diaz from the main event for failed attempts at making press conferences.

Now that GSP has failed to stay healthy in the lead up to their bout, Condit is left holding the bag and is stuck without a fight.

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35 Responses to “Condit: "A fight with anyone else other than GSP doesn't make sense"”

  1. mezzanoche says:

    Sorry, but Carlos was a replacement in this fight for Nick Diaz. Now that GSP is out for a while, I think Carlos needs to take another fight. Just the way it is. He wasn’t the original opponent for GSP anyway, but now he is trying to hold onto this spot for dear life, as if he had earned this spot fair and square from the gate? He should fight Fitch, that would make the most sense for both of these guys. I bet Fitch would jump right into the fight for next weekend, and it could be the co-main event. That would be a great fight, and it would make the card comparable to what it was, and all the fans are paying a lot of money to see these fights.

    This is about the overall good of the card, the UFC, the sport, and the hard working fans that spend a shit load of money on tickets, pay-per-view, merchandise, food at the venues etc. etc… This isn’t about Carlos’ wounded ego and anticipation for a title shot. GSP has earned the right to heal up properly to defend his belt against whoever is the challenger at the time. Carlos has to suck it up this time, and do for the greater good, sorry.

  2. tkdwes says:

    He’s just scared to lose his spot against an actual top contender. Dan Hardy was already on his down slide, Kim was hugely overrated and if the ref didn’t step in against Rory McDonald he would have lost. Condit would get chewed up and spat out against Fitch, Kos, Johnson etc…
    If he was he believed he was the true number one contender it wouldn’t matter who he would be fighting because he would be able to beat them regardless. He knows it was a fluke that he got that title shot and he knows that if he fights he probably won’t be able to hold onto it.

  3. fueled by hate says:

    U guys r all retards! If u was Condit u would be doing the same thing. How can u say he hasnt earned it. His only loss in the UFC is to kampmann, and all his other opponents he has finshed besides Ellenburger. U might not like him but the dudes a finisher NOT A points fighter.

    • Jujutsu Player says:

      I like Condit he’s a great fighter but he should stop acting like a little bitch thinking he has a right to fight the champion. He should act like a professional athlete and fight whoever he’s told to fight. A Kos or Fitch fight would have been worthy of a co-main event and if he wins that then he would get to GSP anyway. Has he forgotten that he’s filling if for Diaz anyway…..

    • DontBeScaredHomie says:

      So just because he isn’t a points fighter means he gets a title shot? You’re dumb quit dick riding him he got lucky to get the title shot in the first place. Plus he shouldn’t have even won the macdonald fight considering he got dominated in the frist two rounds he is scared I hope he gets hurt like rashad did and ends up getting fucked over for waiting.

  4. tim says:

    He doesnt own this spot in line.. it just happened this way. Now he should get back into the line

  5. RCS says:

    he is doing the smart thing for his career hopfully it doesn’t blow up in his face like rashad.

    I get the take anyfight mantality, but if putting the fight off a couple months it makes sense. putting it off 6 months is pretty week.

  6. steven horgan says:

    i agree condit should fight, what happens now to the winner of diaz penn who should be no. 1 contender after that fight..if condit should fight fitch for example he would be legitimitaley no. 1 contender, and keep his momentum going,,beating hardy and his last win isent good enought to sit and wait

  7. niko maestas says:

    I don’t understand why Condit gets bashed on this site…… He is holding on to his spot.. its a title shot!! of his 27 wins he has only went to decision ONCE!!!! Isnt this the type of fighter you want representing the WW championship.. quit saying that shit that he didnt earn it or he is trained at Jacksons… that’s fuckin ignorant…. Who else is in line… ? he didnt pick who he fought so talking about the competition he has faced is ignorant to… he is a FINISHER…. Look at the top 10.. there are only 2 other fighters i would want to fight for the title more Baby J and Diaz…. And stop bringing up Fitch no one wants to see his ass fight… id rather have condit wait than spend 49.99 to see a hump fest!!

  8. Petis is a chicken says:

    DONT BE A PUSSY BJ… ACCEPT THE 5 ROUNDS OFFER FROM GRACIE AND DIAZ. Like diaz said to you “Dont be scared homie”.

  9. steven horgan says:

    petis the only pussy is you ya fag, and diaz dident say to bj dont be scared homie, and it was gracie his manager pulling for a 5 rounder so dont be so fucking stupid homie…niko im not bashing condit i like him, but nearly all of his finishes are from the wec,,,i only said fitch because obviously his wrestling is a problem in comparison to what he would have to deal with gsp…i think it would be interesting to see condit battle that problem and if he won it would be a perfect tune up fight for gsp..i still think he hasent earned the right to sit and wait with penn and diaz in the picture

  10. Bobby says:

    So he does not want to take a fight with someone who will have a week to train because he does not think it would make sense, even though he was not even the original person who was supposed to fight GSP. Guess he only likes his opponent to change when its for the title. I am really dissapointed in this decision. GSP could be out for a while with this injury, this fight could prove to everyone that you are the true No. 1 contender, and you could put all of that hard earned training to use.

  11. sup says:

    he was never the no.1 contender what a pussy just fight kos if you think your better then gsp then your better then kos and its not like he has had any time to get ready.

  12. effyocouch says:

    You guys keep calling him a bitch and all this stuff, but you know what, if you were in his position, chances are you’d do the same thing. If it’s gonna be too long of a wait, then I say go ahead and fight, but honestly, this isn’t just a fight to move up in the rankings. This is a damn title fight, and I definitely don’t blame Condit for making the choice he is making.

  13. Creature says:

    Man lot of biased haters on here.. Condit wasnt the #1 contender to begin with, but saying he doesnt deserve a title shot is ridiculous. Dude has 26 finishes in 27 fights.. only 5 losses with one being a very close split dec. (which i thought he won). Regardless of where his finishes were, 26 out of 27 wins is an amazing feat. Only 5 of them were in the WEC btw. He was fighting BJ for #1 contender, so obviously he was next in line anyway.

    And Kim wasnt overrated, guy was undefeated and has beaten some decent opponents, Hardy has been overrated but a KO win over him is still a good feat, especially after seeing the punishment he took from Lytle. If the MacDonald fight hadnt been stopped, it would have been a 10-8 round and prolly been a draw, but it WAS stopped and MacDonald even said it was a good stoppage. Take Condit’s level of competition hes faced in his last 4-5 fights and compare it to Diaz’s.. Condit has fought and beaten better comp, anyone who is not so much of a fan that there biased will see that.

    Dont get me wrong im a fan of Diaz (fighting not personality) BJ, and Condit. Hes earned his shot, Diaz lost it by being negligent to his responsibilities and waiting til after Condit/GSP is his punishment. GSP could be back in a month, Condit would be an idiot to risk the chance of a lifetime by not being patient for a month. Hes not scared, just making the dec. everyone else would make.

  14. . says:

    wow, this guy is a straight bitch. waiting for a title shot he didnt deserve in the first place. fuck i hate rashad evans but he keeps taking fights before his title shot even though he actually deserves it. fuck condit

  15. Spoolz25 says:

    jon jones got the number 1 contenders tag when he beat ryan bader because rashad evans was injured, so its simular circumstances to what condit got the welterweight number 1 contenter tag BY DEFAULT imo jones never earned the number 1 contender shot, and who is gunna say jones isnt a real LHW champ, i hate jones but sometimes this is how the sport goes, deal with it, any other fighter in condits position would do excatly the same thing!!

  16. Craig j says:

    I hate how people say condit doesn’t deserve a title shot, he is on a 4 fight win streak and all yheguys he has beaten are tough guys. Who cares if he waits a while I think it will be a interesting match!!

  17. Creature says:

    Wow congratulations you can say the same retarded thing over and over lol looked up wiki and dont know anything about MMA? You just proved how stupid and ignorant you really are. Never said Dan wasnt on his way out, also said he was overrated, what was impressive about that win was he stood there and traded with Hardy and is the ONLY guy to KO him. Something GSP and Rumble didnt even want to try.

    Kim may be boring, but trying to imply he sucks because he “hasn’t knocked anyone out really in the UFC” is one hell of a dumbass statement. Jon Fitch “hasn’t knocked anyone out really in the UFC” in a very LONG time. but yet is still widely considered the number 2 WW in the world and just like Kim he goes for decisions. Who the fuck has Diaz beat thats a threat to GSP!? NO ONE! Condit has beaten Ellenberger who MANY people think is a threat, he FINISHED MacDonald who many think would be a good challenge now and will be the champ in 2013. How was coming back and dominating lucky? You’re and idiot, especially when Macdonald AGREED with the stoppage.

    I will say that im a big Penn fan, but he got dominated by GSP last time out and dont even try bringing up that greasing shit. It got wiped off BEFORE they fought and he didnt even do it, his damn team did. BJ couldnt beat Fitch, even ADMITTED he thought Fitch won. If he cant handle Fitch he cant handle GSP. I have been training MMA for almost 3 years now, been watching since the 1st season of TUF. Order every PPV. But hell id rather be “Wiki informed” and know what im talking about then some dumbass who has no clue what hes talking about.

  18. Creature says:

    “even more dumber” Yeahhhhh… instead of posting on here, where people are supposed to speak there opinions and argue, you should be studying for your 5th grade english test. lol

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