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Wednesday, 11/21/2012, 08:48 am

Coash Says Velasquez Made A Mistake In Taking JDS Rematch | UFC NEWS

“We are quiet, with a good team. It will be a great fight. Cain is a great athlete, no doubt, but he made a mistake by asking for this rematch so soon. Even though he is coming off a victory (against Silva), he was knocked out (by dos Santos). He’ll have to risk closing the distance against ‘Cigano,’ who is even better trained than that first fight. I think he made a huge mistake.”

– JDS trainer, Luiz Dorea via


18 Responses to “Coash Says Velasquez Made A Mistake In Taking JDS Rematch | UFC NEWS”

  1. Giancarlo says:

    Following that thinking, there would never be a rematch.

  2. TheTude says:

    We will see who made the mistake, JDS has a great takedown defense but cain has better takedowns and its only going to take one. once JDS is on its back cain is going to flood the mat with blood and turn cigano into hamburger. The last fight was a fluke, a lucky shot on an underprepared opponent who was coming off a very tough injury. This time will be different, if not i’ll eat my own cup. Brown Pride!!!

    • zack says:

      There is no such thing as a fluke or lucky punch. He landed a solid hit. He handled business and won. That’s it. Maybe this time it will be another outcome, but jds was just the better fighter that day

      • TheTude says:

        Really? no such thing huh? So your saying Matt Serra was actually better than GSP that day, ill say it again, FLUKE!

        • timmmmmy says:

          TheTude. You are a Moron. There is no such thing as a fluke in a fight, anyone can lose at any given time, ever heaard of a thing called underestamating someone? Yeah well thats what happened in both fights you mentioned. Yes matt serra was better than GSP on that day, GSP was young and was facing someone who he underestamated. And what happened? Bang dropped and TKOD. What happened in the JDS vs Cain fight? Dropped his hands BANG KOD. And JDS has amazing takedown defense. SO no its not one take down and he wil be turned to hamburger meat. All it takes is one punch from either one an the fight will be over. Anything can happen in the sport. There is no fluke or luck punch. Its called being smart, and timing your shot and that is what JDS did.

        • ShotokanJJ says:

          If you set up a overhand, and you lamd it, and your oponent goes down. It wasnt a lucky punch. He used clean tecnique knowing cain was countering his jab with a jab of his own. So he threw a jab and than overhand. Perfect tecnique , Not lucky. Well In the first fight GSP didnt respect Serra, didnt train enough for him, and that bite him in the ass. Theres no such thing as lucky punch, unless there in a slug fest, throwing punches withouth looking and someone lands

        • Xaninho says:

          Come on man! Cigano has been dropping bodies left and right with that right hand. When a fighter takes out that many fighters it’s not a fluke when he drops another one. It’s his trade mark.

        • yeahrightman says:

          You are looking at it through biased eyes. Step back and look at it how it went down. Two people got in ring, one tried to take the other down because he was scared to stand with him, the other jumps aside and continues to stand. Lands a solid body blow. Hands are too fast (visibly.) Big shot connects as they both throw punches and one arrives before the other and with more power. The fighter who got hit then rolls over on his stomach exposing the back of his head and begs the ref to stop it. That’s what happened. Word for word, unbiased.

    • krafty11 says:

      You conveniently left out the fact that JDS was fighting with a injured knee as well..

  3. 11thhour says:

    Thats a nice little photo up to of Junior punching the back of Cains head haha is that legal or something nowadays…

  4. Mike McMack says:

    Neither one of these two were healthy the first time they fought. I think this time around we’ll see a close 5 round battle. JDS’s coach is right though, Cain’s screwed if he loses cause if JDS beats him twice there wont be a rubber match. I can’t wait to see this fight, the first fight ended before it truly even started. But then again, thats the way MMA is sometimes.

  5. buckfastmonster says:

    cain will have his revenge i think these fighters are so close in skill set but am a big velasquez fan so tko round 2 promise.

  6. julian671 says:

    I couldn’t agree anymore, I honestly believe its wayyyy to early for a rematch


    When the title of an article has a typo that is left unchecked you got to ask yourself…haven’t I got anything better to complain about? Maybe.

  8. bestfreekarates says:

    Rematch is reallu not good idea. Love the martial fight ones must take mix martial arts training for juniors only.

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