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Wednesday, 08/01/2012, 10:29 am

Coach Says GSP Will Start Condit Camp In August | UFC NEWS

Firas Zahabi, head trainer at Tri-Star gym talks to tapout radio to let everyone in on GSP‘s training and progress, thoughts on teammate vs teammate, Jackson Camp vs AKA

Structurally, I think his knee is 100%. Of course the timing on his sparring is not 100% and the confidence in the knee is not 100% and the coordination, moving around on that knee is not 100%. For the last eight months, he’s been over-compensating on one side, moving a particular way, and now we’re trying to get him to move again like he used to. It’s going to take some time, but I tell you, Georges is a great athlete. He’s been making leaps and bounds in the gym. He’s progressing and every sparring session he’s doing better and better.  His last sparing I was really impressed we saw some very good sparing from George – it was excellent timing – the timing was coming back .  I really think in August, he’ll be ready to start a training camp again. I don’t want to count my eggs before they hatch, but he’s really looking good.”

How long has GSP been back at the gym?

“He just started martial arts training now it’s been may be 4 weeks – talking about sparing, wrestling and moving around maybe 3 weeks or 3 weeks and a ½.  You know after not sparing or wrestling anybody in 8 months it’s hard to but I think 1 more month should do it.  He’ll be feeling like his old self again.”

Frais can’t guarantee  GSP will be 100% by August but states

“George has been fighting at such a young age.  He started competing at age 9 or 10.  He’s got it in him.  It’s in his blood.  He’s been doing it since he’s a young young child.  It’s like riding a bike.  It’s like walking you don’t forget to walk.  Eventually you get back into the rhythm of things because you’ve been doing it for so long.  Things you’ve been doing your entire life you just come back more natural to you and that’s why I’m very confident George si going to bounce back well.  A lot of athletes don’t comeback from this injury but George is one of those guys.  He’s a very special guy I’m confident it will work out for him.”

Farias responds to Dana White’s statement – If  Rory saw GSP’s bank account he want to fight him.

“We’re familiar with Georges’ bank account, and it’s good, but it’s not everything in life. There’s more important things, and I think loyalty and friendship are more important. Rory is not starving to death, that’s for sure. He does well for himself, and I think he’ll have big money fights coming in the future. It won’t be long before he’s making big bucks, regardless if he’s fighting welterweight or middleweight. We haven’t decided what we’re going to do. If I have the two best guys at 170, I’m going to be really happy. I’m going to think I’ve done my job, and we’re not going to be looking to fight each other. If Georges moves up a weight class, we’ll figure it out when we get there.

Right now we’ve got BJ Penn coming up for Rory. That’s a tall order, and I don’t want anyone to be looking past that. People keep asking us, so yeah, our answer is that we’ll change a weight class before we fight each other. It’s not even really a topic.

Our main topics are Carlos Condit and B.J. Penn. Those are the guys that are coming up for Georges and Rory. Our hands are full and our plates are full. We don’t have time to think about what’s going to happen after those two fights. Right now it’s nothing but those two fights.”

Farias reacts to criticism about GSP and Greg Jackson’s  “Fighting to Cautious” method of winning

“I think that’s not true. If you look at who wins the most fight of the nights and submission of the night and knockout of the night, Greg is up there.  His fighters are the ones with the most bonuses.  I think it’s just that when you’re as big as Greg is, you’re going to get criticism, because a lot of people are going to dislike you. If you look at it statistically, he’s one of the most successful winning and bonus coaches around.  I really don’t see how anybody can scrutinize him so much.”

Farias thoughts on camp vs camp

I really don’t consider it’s camp vs camp.  I always think it was fighter vs fighter and that’s what it’s really about.  I think the camp has a hand in there, has influence in there – absolutely.  I give credit to the camp also.  There’s a lot of great coaches out there and I think these camps are worthy of a rivalry and being mentioned but primarily it’s in the hands of the fighter.  I give the credit and the rivalry is 90% to the fighter.  It’s between the fighters.  It should stay between the fighters.

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45 Responses to “Coach Says GSP Will Start Condit Camp In August | UFC NEWS”

  1. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    Condit is gonna come out with a stupid gameplan round around in circles and out point you just like Diaz did. I dont think Condit will come to fight, I think GSP will do his same old same old take the guy down and lay on him till 5 rounds. I think this fight will look alot like the fight when GSP fought Hardy.

    • Bob says:

      Nobody wants to pay to watch these two faggots fight. GSP is playing his cards trying to be champ forever cup caking his knee injury while Condit will come out and use a Guida gameplan and it will go to decision and go down as one of the most boring fights in UFC history

      • Mike b says:

        Then don’t watch it cocksuckers.jeezuz…if u hate condit and gsp that much then why even post ur comment on this forum.when the fight happens u pricks will be watching it anyway so shut the fuck up already…sound like a bunch of bitches.

        • allmightysandman says:

          this can’t surprise you…it’s basically impossible to get any unbiased thougts or input on this site, we all know why, about GSP (or now Rory).

          hate on haters.

          GSP is the champ and it’s MMA not boxing or kick boxing, a lot of people don’t understand that or just only appreciate the stand up.

          I hope GSP starts finishing guys like he can….

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          GSP is too damn scared to scrap anymore because as we all know Matt Serra RUINED him. TWICE in GSP’s career he got his as whooped by NATURAL LIGHTWEIGHT fighters. go back and watch Penn vs GSP 1 and you tell me who was bleeding and in a total PANICK in his corner and he admitted he was hurt bad and scared. Then he resorted to using rules to run outr clock by “FITCHING” GSP spent nite in hospital BJ went to his after party without a mark on him while GSP was busted up broken nose face swelled up and eyes closed. To me the guy goes hospital lost the fight. YES I understand the idiot judges think “FITCHING” is being dominant but in Pride that fight would have been scored for BJ as WINNER on damage alone

        • No doubt says:

          @ allmightysandman… I hear you man this site is saturated with MMA delinquents like this clown “Get rid of Fitch (forever) ^^^ who just spew non stop verbal diarrhea. The funny thing about it is they’re all going to be watching GSP’s next fight.

        • Ricky says:

          A person with some intellect,and acutally some good commentary.thats hard to find on this website.757,how old is this dick 10 yrs old?????

        • 757 says:

          You curse everyone out like your bad ass. Nobody can see you . You are probably some little fat bald dude but act cray tough because your behind a screen. You are a joke you little punk. What a little dick. You probably got your lunch money stolen everyday. You little geek…go watch some pokeman or star trek you little private school dork…ha ha don’t even respond everyone knows you now.

        • Bob says:

          @ Mike B

          I said nobody wants to “PAY” to watch that fight you faggot ass NIGGER…

          I swear monkeys cant read for shit

        • Mike b says:

          Im Irish u fucking idiot.Lol….goes to show that people on this site are complete morons.and it don’t matter what u said bitch u were still complaining.fucking retards!

        • Donniebrasco says:

          agree with u,there gonna watch the fight for sure.its a little confusing ain’t

        • Mr T says:

          Exactly bro.

        • Xrayeyes says:

          It’s Greg Jackson boring fighting style. It’s not the fighters its Greg man

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        bob you just desribed Condit/GSP exactly how all 25 minutes will playout.

        Damn i miss REAL FIGHTERS like Diaz.

        I still think somehow GSP/Condit was decided behind closed doors by Greg Jackson and will playout much like a WWE-pre-arraged ie: FAKE ASS fight. this fight will be fixed by Greg jackson

      • 757 says:


      • DMAC says:

        You’re so right! I love you man!

  2. mahs says:

    i dont think gsp will be the same as he was before the injury. he won’t have the quicks he used to have to avoid strikes and not the same explosiveness to get takedowns.

    Condit will knock out GSP.

  3. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    Actually I change my mind and come out of the closet- I love GSP and Love Fitch’s ass!

  4. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    I love Fitch and want his baby!!

  5. BJJWhiz says:

    There’s nothing here talking about Jackson camp vs AKA are you guys trying to start something or what?

  6. 757 says:

    ha ha Mike b what a no knowledge loser. Go play your video games you little bald fat kid. If anyone saw you they would laugh their ass off. I guarantee the way you talk so tough on here that you are a little no life dork…go watch star trek…..fat ass

  7. Q says:

    I hope GSP gets knocked out. It’s sickening how one of the best fighters in the world an one of the biggest pay per view draws puts on absolute snoozefests and gives the sport a bad name. I understand it’s a sport and you do what you have to do but noone fucking pays 60 dollars to watch a hump fest or someone do about 10 laps around the cage with every punch. If every fighter was a GSP their would be no UFC

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      WEll said Q. All these GSP, Fitch nuthuggers always forget if every fighter taht has ever fought in UFC was half as boring as GSP and Fitch this sport we all love would have dies a long time ago. What a disgrace to have a champ taht only fights every few years whether he is injured or not. All that PED abuse all those years has turned GSP in a 30 year old OLD MAN

  8. Mike b says:

    I was in karate classes at the age of 5,wrestled in high school which led to 29 now so that’s a good 24 yeah I am pretty bad ass bro,since u wanna call me out like we’re actually face to face or something.u know nothing about me fag so shut the fuck up.ROTFL…..corny motherfucker….

  9. nemo says:

    I think a lot of guys don’t give GSP credit where its due. He’s the champ, and he’s no Anderson Silva or Bones in terms of exciting finishes, he is the reigning ww champ for a reason. So respect him, and the fact that he wins. I also think that he won’t be the same after the injury, but the thing about george is that he will still find a way to make it work. Condit is a great fighter but gsp will defeat him, and after he beat the likes of Jake Shields and Koscheck there’s no reason that he won’t beat carlos. I want george to fight diaz or silva, now that’s an opponent that won’t respect him in the octagon and therefore cause george to be aggresive instead of a grinder. GSP is the greatest ww ever, and he is possibly the most well rounded fighter on the planet. Silva vs GSP. Please dana.

  10. Ricky says:

    Hate him or love him.gsp is one of the best fighters on the planet.

  11. maurice says:

    i just cant see gsp beating condit. gsp toughest fight in years came against jake shields…yes jake shields. a guy who has no business wats so eva standin with any1 in mma. any1 can improve between fights. buts its been nearly 2 yrs since that pitiful display, gsp is just now getting back into training…if anything gsp should be looking worse now in training then he ever has. gsp on his best day couldnt beat condit. gsp on his worse days dont have a chance in hell against condit. i already knew gsp striking was hugely overrated, but i was even suprised by just how poor it was when he fought shields. at one point in time during the fight shields pulled a diaz and taunted gsp. gsp vs shields + rashad vs phil davis = 50 mins of mma at its lowest point.

    • Nuitari X says:

      I’m actually hoping that condit makes gsp fight. It amazes me how so many dumb people put condit down for the diaz fight and call him a point fighter when if you look at his past fights its very clear that the man is a finisher. So he didn’t exactly make it a “dog fight” like he said he would, but he was still very technically precise. Diaz has great defense and most fighters would have been rocked or knocked out by some of the combos condit threw at him. Everyone thinks they know something, just shut the fuck up people and enjoy the fights. Gsp and condit are great fighters, period. @maurice, this post was meant to be a reply to your post but it just ended up being me ranting and raving about idiots. It wasn’t meant that way towards you. LOL

  12. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    Good points. I can’t decide who I have with this one. I think each one has an even 50/50 shot. If Condit attempts to implement the same game plan he did against Diaz, I think GSP will fervently seek the takedown, and well we know what happens then. I dunno though, if Condit utilizes the full potential of his striking I think he may have a pretty decent shot.

    I lost so much respect for Condit after the Diaz fight. And as great as an MMA fighter GSP has been, is, and will always be, let’s all be honest and agree that he hasn’t exactly put on spectacular shows as of late. Of course I’ll watch the thing though because there is always potential for a great fight with these two.

    As to your last point, I honestly thought rashad + jones was even worse than rashad+davis. Maybe because it was so heavily billed as a grudge match. And ya gotta throw Ben Askren’s fights and Josh Thomson + KJ Noons into the minutes that have contributed to MMA’s lowest points.

  13. Bob says:

    To all you faggots on here! Shut the fuck up all of you! You don’t know anything about MMA. I live and breath MMA all day every day faggots!

  14. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    If the (OLD) Condit shows up with NO Greg jackson boring ass TRACK MEET pussy ass gameplan he could beat GSP. I thnk Greg jackson wants GSP to win

  15. Ryan says:

    GSP has not been the same since Serra knocked him out. Now he fights smart and try’s not to get hit. Might not be as exiting but still gets the job done. His striking is incredable, watch any pre Serra fight, the reason he looked like shit against shields is because he could only see out of one eye! I’m not some fan boy GSP lover either, just an MMA enthusiast who’s been following the sport since the 90’s. I also find great grappling to be just as exiting as great stand up! GSP has no weekness other then a suspect chin, so why take the risk?

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