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Wednesday, 07/24/2013, 10:47 am

Coach of Chris Weidman Says Anderson Silva Will Have a ‘Bad Night’ in Rematch

Shortly after Chris Weidman won the belt in his last fight against former longtime middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, talks of a rematch ran rampant.

Rumors were substantiated shortly after, granting Silva the immediate rematch at UFC 168 in December, the last event of the year.

Silva opened up once again the betting favorite, even after losing the first bout to Weidman but as Weidman’s longtime coach, Ray Longo, says, it won’t matter much:

“I think Weidman is going to go in more confident than he was in the first fight.  He knows what to expect with all the mugging and all the antics. I think it is really going to be a bad night for Anderson Silva again,” he said.

Longo spoke to Shameless Radio and stated that Weidman is motivated for the rematch and that once the aura surrounding Silva was broken, he doesn’t view him as much of a threat:

“This guy had a highlight reel that would scare the crap out of anybody.  Now, knowing that he can knock this guy out – you’ve seen it in boxing a hundred times, guys don’t come back from that type of knockout.  On top of that, the guy is 40 or 39 or whatever he is.  I don’t see it,”

Longo seemed to be speaking from his own personal views, not attacking Silva, which seemed to be the game plan mentally for the first fight as Weidman didn’t let himself wane from his strong mental aptitude, allowing himself to conquer Silva.

As for those calling the first fight with Silva a one-time occurrence, Longo begs to differ:

“If you know Chris, it is just going to motivate him.  It really is,” 

The most anticipated rematch in UFC history takes place on December 28th at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The rematch will obviously hold the main event slot, following another rematch of the women’s bantamweight variety as Ronda Rousey defends her belt against Miesha Tate.


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40 Responses to “Coach of Chris Weidman Says Anderson Silva Will Have a ‘Bad Night’ in Rematch”

  1. Big Daddy says:

    I can’t believe this guy thinks Weidmouth is going to do any better than that fluke. That’s considering Silva didn’t throw the fight. Anyone with no type of training can clearly see that Weidmouth is nowhere near Silva’s league. I’d like to see Silva get his ass kicked but not by a lucky punch.

    • squid says:

      come on dude. you’re in denial. i’m a huge spider fan, but you gotta stop letting ur bias for anderson blind your judgment. yeah, he got caught, but it was anderson’s fault his hands were down. he does that on purpose to bait his opponents and counter them. and it was a good punch from weidman. u gotta be delusional if u think the fight was fixed. stop that bs. anderson lost fair and square. as for weidman being a scrub, he aint. hes the real deal. im still going for silva, though, and i hope he comes back and knocks weidman out and gets his revenge.

  2. Keonis cousin says:

    Lucky combo set up the lucky punch which set up the lucky vicious ground n pound!

  3. Anderson Sucks says:

    All the Anderson nuthuggers still crying that there hero got demolished and soon to be finished for the second time by the All American

  4. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Obviously Longo is hyping up his pupil. Nothing wrong with that. The uneducated fans will fall for it and think Weidman is the next best thing. The rest know that Silva is going to stay serious and take care of business this time.

  5. Dddddddd says:

    If he destroys him again.. Anderson will make a crazy announcement. I think Chris is gonna dominate this fight.
    I’m not bating Anderson fans to expose them for being delusional. I think he’s gonna dominate.

  6. zzzzzz says:

    anyone remember what happened to lennox lewis when he got caught sleeping by rahman? that rematch didn’t work out too well for rahman now did it? come to think of it the rematch with McCall played out in a similar fashion

  7. Night-Wind says:

    He’s only 38.

  8. T.Daddy says:

    Silva.will beat the brakes off Weidman in the rematch… look how Anderson was toying around with him in rd1… Silvas mistake was he played around a lil too long n got caught… Wiedman will lose the rematch

  9. MMA Junkie "Mario" says:

    Look let’s face it Anderson has had a long run in the MMA carrier. Let alone he has bein in the UFC since early 2006 winning none stop. 2013 will be the year this guy retires and hang’s up the gloves. From this point on this guy will go down hill.

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