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Wednesday, 10/17/2012, 09:51 am

Coach Jackson Talks Jones vs. Sonnen: It’s Not Wise To Get Jon Jones Mad | UFC NEWS

“I certainly don’t think it would be a wise strategy to get Jon really mad, but that’s something [Sonnen will] have to decide for himself. When you get into Jon’s face, that’s definitely when he performs the best, for sure. [Jones is] very articulate, and he gets right to the point. It’s just that trash-talking isn’t usually his thing, but Jon is going to be one of the greatest fighters ever. That’s my belief. He’s something special, and he’s going to be at the top of the heap… I always feel that everybody has a legitimate chance, because it’s MMA. It [may not be] very likely, but there is no such thing as 100 percent. You have to believe that, because you have to stay hungry. If you [think], ‘Well, I’m just going to beat this guy,’ that’s usually the time that you get beat yourself. My job is just to make sure that we can get those chances as much as we can into Jon’s favor.

“Sonnen is a great fighter. I’ve been in the trenches against Sonnen several times and seen what he is capable of when he is on, and [I’ve seen] what he does well. I would never disrespect Sonnen by saying, ‘Jon will roll right over this guy. That’s a gimme fight.’ Those fights don’t exist. I’ve been a veteran of this sport for 20 years. I’ve done more corners than anybody, by far. I’ve seen examples of things that we should have 100-percent won — just walked over people — and it’s either a tough fight, or we lose.”

“[Sonnen is] a heavy pressure fighter. He gets inside your range really well. People like Rashad are amazing fighters, but they play on the outside and then hit these wicked, very fast shots. Sonnen is a guy who is left-handed, and he brings a different kind of style than what Jon has faced before, which is exciting for both myself and Jon. [Sonnen’s] grinding, in-your-face style can be nullified. There’s no doubt we can nullify it, but it is a little bit different than everybody thinks it is. Losing to Anderson Silva twice doesn’t mean that [Sonnen] is washed up or that he’s not effective as a fighter. He’s actually a very good fighter, and he deserves a lot of respect.”

After yesterday’s announcement that Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones will be facing eachother in April, famed Jones coach, Greg Jackson took to to discuss the upcoming bout.

Giving Sonnen all the credit in the world and a legit shot at beating his champ, Jackson lays down a warning to the challenger to not get too far into the the trash talking with Jones as it will make the champ even more dangerous.



19 Responses to “Coach Jackson Talks Jones vs. Sonnen: It’s Not Wise To Get Jon Jones Mad | UFC NEWS”

  1. Xaninho says:

    Jones will throw a fit and cry on TUF.

    • And Kicks to the Knee Are LEGAL ALSO A$$hOle says:

      Kicking the knee is legal also, munch. Recognize.
      “but, but, but,bu, bu……it’s not right……” you sniveling whiner…Knee to the sternum? LEGAL. Kick to the knee? LEGAL.

  2. obama says:

    This should happen sooner so we can all see that Sonnen is all talk and cant hang with champion’s blood. After getting wrecked by Silva he wants to try Jones???? Its all because of his big mouth he got this opportunity. So what he racks in ppv money, its all hype for a shit talker to go up against a real fighter and we all will see i guess after TUF in April

    • T.DADDY says:

      Wrecked by Silva? Give me a break.. Sonnen fought Silva a total of 7rds and Sonnen won 6 of them.. and Silvas knee he landed in the 2nd fight was borderline illegal… Sonnen will get Bones on his back and win a Decision

      • Zack says:

        He won 5 of them. You can’t win a round you get put to sleep in.

      • baldy says:

        look at the pictures of sonnen and silva after the first fight…the one that sonnen (and his phans ) claim he destroyed silva…silva is unscathed…sonnen looks like rocky balboa…somehow sonnen managed to get his face smashed while laying on top of silva for 4 1/2 rounds.
        they showed replays of that “borderline illegal” knee hundreds of times trying to figure out a way to call it illegal…point of the knee was to the chest…thigh presses into face…nowhere near illegal.
        no way in hell sonnen wins his second unearned title shot.

      • obama says:

        yea bro, he wrecked him. and there is no borderline in illegal you dumb ass. it was a knee to the chest. and i know you just saw silva do work and take them shots from boner. Winning rounds means NOTHING if you dont win the fight. so quit being a butthurt phael sonnen whining bitch-fan. and recognize the best.

      • Xaninho says:

        You know Silva smashed him. There is no such thing as borderline illegal…It’s either legal or illegal. This beautifully executed knee to the sternum was perfectly legal.

      • Hitter says:

        Shut up you foooooool / Dickhead. Sonnen got dealt with by Silva. If it was a fight to the death he would’ve died in the 1st fight.
        2nd fight he lost in the 2nd round because he wasn’t on steroids.
        He had to be on steroids in the 1st fight in order to take the hits whilst taking Silva down for the ground & pound.
        2nd fight showed on a natural he couldn’t maintain the G & P.
        That’s what Sonnen is – he’s every ignorant persons slim chance of over throwing non US / non white champs.

      • Thom says:

        That knee wasn’t illegal you dumbass redneck.

  3. magoo says:

    all u guys that wanted to see this shit show at 151 now get your chance. This is gonna be a one sided beatdown,this fight is a joke Bones will smash the american wankster!

  4. mean170 says:

    Jon Jones is big enough that he considered moving up to Heavyweight at some point, but his last fight was against a Middleweight, and his next is against a Middleweight… But people are mad at Silva for saving a card and fighting a 205 guy?? Interesting the way people think sometimes.

  5. Phil says:

    Sonnen didn’t complain about the knee, so no one else should. If nothing else it will make TUF much more entertaining than the last one. It’s unwatchable.

  6. Josiah says:

    if there is any man in ufc that can possibly push jones to lost his cool that would be sonnen…and i’d like to see that happen.

  7. Jason says:

    I cant wait til this fight, Even if sonnen gets smashed!!! I love the hype the hype and shit talk that sonnen brings, because he makes the fight emotional. I am a die hard anderson silva fan and will always be to the grave, but i will be watching the ultimate fighter this season for the first time since rashaad/rampage (they have had lame fighters on it since).

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