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Monday, 01/27/2014, 01:20 pm

Coach Discusses Ben Henderson’s Reputation for Fighting to Decisions

“I think part of it is he’s fighting the best people in the world,” said John Crouch, longtime coach of former UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson.  “Those aren’t guys you’re going to blow out.”


By Christopher Murphy @MurphMMA

It’s a reputation that has persisted throughout Benson Henderson’s tenure in the UFC: he is not the type of fighter to finish fights.  And this Saturday’s split-decision win over Josh Thomson at UFC on FOX 10 only served to amplify that reputation.

And “it’s accurate… probably.”
At least that’s what Hederson’s longtime coach, John Crouch, said of the former UFC lightweight champion.

He’s gotten that reputation, and we have squeaked out some close fights,” Crouch told MMAJunkie.

Indeed, half of Henderson’s 20 wins have come via decision; and all of his 8 UFC wins have gone to the judges.

But Crouch sees that as a signal of the elevation of Henderson’s competition rather than any weakness on the fighter’s part.

I think part of it is he’s fighting the best people in the world,” Crouch said.  “He fought Gilbert Melendez, Frankie Edgar twice, Pettis, and now Josh Thomson, who was top-10 since before Ben started fighting.  Those aren’t guys you’re going to blow out.

And while Crouch said that he and Henderson are trying to find their way to more finishes, they are not going to change the fighter’s style.

For us, you can’t do that.  If you start worrying that you need to change your style, it’s no good.  You end up like some of these guys who go in there like zombies, just throwing punches, and they win one ‘Fight of the Night’ bonus on their way to a four-fight losing streak and then they’re done.  Our goal is to be as good as we can be.


12 Responses to “Coach Discusses Ben Henderson’s Reputation for Fighting to Decisions”

  1. UFC 84 Forever says:

    While it is an accurate analysis, Ben could still be doing more. When watching him fight you can see him holding something back; too busy fixing his hair and what not.

    I’m a Benson fan, but he isn’t doing everything he could be doing.

    • K3vbot says:

      Exactly if you’re fighting a man with a broken thumb for 3+ rounds you should be able to get that finish. He doesn’t push it. Plain and simple.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        How many times have you fought in the cage? How do you know what any fighter can do in a UFC cage against any opponent?

        • K3vbot says:

          well i know that he had 1 more operational thumb than his opponent for half the fight. it doesn’t take a fighter to know that you should be able to beat a guy on the same level as you that can’t grasp with one of his hands. so either Thomson is on a higher level (which could obviously be the case) or Henderson didn’t push the pace.

    • garciagym says:

      Yep. Fighters get so obsessed with winning, they quit taking chances. Also, they become reactionary in that they wait for the other guy to fault an opening so they can “score”… two guys who are “safety fighting” each other makes for a long, boring fight. Happens too often now.

  2. magoo says:

    I don’t deny he’s fighting the best, but IMO he lost to Melendez, he lost the second fight to Frankie and the nod could have went to Thomson Sat night, GSP also fought the best in the div going the distance many times, the only difference is George’s usually dominated for five rounds! Benson is an average 55er and the way he fought Sat night was not deserving of a championship fight.

  3. FearedBeard says:

    Yeah, no denying he’s in there with the best of the best. You get fighters like GSP, or Fitch who are grinders and grind out decisions. But Henderson is just winning decisions by very close calls. GSP has a formula to his fights, he doesn’t fight to win, he fights not to lose. But, he;s so dominant and entertaining, that the fight could end at any moment. With Henderson, there’s none of that. I like him, he has an excellent skill set, great cardio and he’s powerful. He has the tools to finish fights, and you have to take risks to be succcessful.

  4. jjjjldjlfjaldsjflfjalfjal says:

    Look at his body type… he doesn’t have KO power…

    Haters gonna hate. I love Bendo ! He’s an awesome fighter and just because he doesn’t KO people doesn’t mean he’s not the best at 155 !

    Just cause the average fat american idiot only wants to see violence…

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