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Friday, 08/10/2012, 08:18 am

Coach Confirms GSP Wants Anderson Silva Next | UFC NEWS

“Georges St-Pierre told me he wants (to fight Anderson Silva). But right now he has to get back on the horse and fight Carlos Condit and be champion again. He needs to keep focused.

“(If the Silva fight happens) ideally I’d like a catch weight. I think it’d be more fair. If you fight at a catch weight, Silva won’t be 20 pounds heavier. 177 or 178 pounds is much more fair.”

In talking with, Firas Zahabi confirms that his star pupil, GSP, would like to face Anderson Silva if he is succesfull in getting by Carlos Condit in his next appearance.


60 Responses to “Coach Confirms GSP Wants Anderson Silva Next | UFC NEWS”

  1. fan says:

    yes! definitely going to buy this fight..

    • Bob says:

      I like hes stepping up but just kick carlos the faggot condit out the way and make this fight happen sooner. Anderson Silva is not getting any younger and if they fight next year Anderson will be 38. I think GSP is aware of this and trying to wait as long as possible so Anderson can wear down on age to give him all the advantage that he can get.. smh fuck condit, make that shit happen right now!!

      • kook says:

        i like u
        ur obviously homophobic = latent homosexual
        come on out of the closet buddy… better blatant than latent
        only the gay community can use hate terms like faggot (old def=bundle of sticks or a cig).
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        • Sam Eames says:

          Ha ha ha, that’s awesome.

        • milos says:

          Only gays can use that word?? Man your arrogance is really pissing me off.I guess that it comes as a conseqence of having a complex to show yourself off and be accepted since you are pretty much faulted at birth,and in a normal society you would be cast offs or atleast marginalized. Sure its ok to be gay what ever man do what you like but dont come onto normal people spilling your “all knowing better then other wisdom” where it is not asked for…

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Come on people GSP only fights every 2 or 3 years. Right now its been 460 days and he has 3 months to go and we know he’s bound to get hurt again and prob postpone condit fight. I bet Condit will probably end up giving up on GSP and taking another fight. I would even go as far to say GSP will forfeit his belt to get out of fighting Condit so he can fight or ie: FITCH (fuck) Diaz for 15 minutes. GSP didn’t even have the stone to fight hardy there is now way he will fight Diaz and we can look forward to another boring ass display of “FITCHING” We all know GSP will wait tell Silva is 40 then accept the fight. Now way that fight will happen in next year. Also my guesss is GSP maybe will fight 2 more times before he retires.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      FUCK YOU FARAAAZZZZIII MOHAAAAMAID BECAUSE OF YOU GSP HAS TURNED INTO A PUSSY. Yeah i know Gtreg ajckson is as much to blame because he knows GSP has no chin so he has him go out there dance around throwing that annoying jab for 25 minutes without ever really engagaing. Everyone (LIKE ME) complains cause GSP never fights but if you think about it his last 5 or 6 fights have been so fucking boring all it did was piss everyone off. last time GSP really kicked someones ass was when he beat the holy hel out of Fitch. that fight was scored by 2 judges 50-43 with GSP winning 2 rounds by 10-8 score. That was the worst i have ever seen a fighter beat up. Fitch’s face looked like ground beef and 3 months later it still was all fucked up. Fitch isn’t half gteh fighter GSP (USE TO BE) yeah iw as a huge GSP fan until he hooked up with Greg jackosn. fuck you Greg jackson you RUINED a once Greg fighter whoa ctaully came out and fought liek a warrior

  2. macheetah says:

    finally GSP has the balls to step up! Can’t wait! this will be the second time GSP gets knocked out in his career

  3. chris says:

    No shit? Well hot damn!!!

  4. Jay says:

    Gsp will will drag Silva to the ground and destroy him I cannot wait to see Silva loose.

  5. stevo the great says:

    There goes GreaseSP writing checks with his mouth his ass can’t cash! Bet anything Silva makes this dude look like a rookie……his lay and gay and little pitter patter jab is just not gonna work! GSP is scared to get hit, Silva will hit him hard….possibly harder than Serra did him. So I see this ending in KO or TKO in round 1 or 2…..very similar to Chael rematch.

    • Xaninho says:

      Nigga please. GSP is going to give Anderson the fight of his life. Mark my words bitch.

      • stevo the great says:

        Nigga Please? And Mark your words bitch? Yeah I got them both noted…..and neither will matter at the end of the day. But really don’t go commenting on someones opinion calling them a bitch. When I have never left a comment disrespecting you or your opinion even if I do not agree. I would reply to someones post intelligently and respectful. I may diss a fighter here and there… just chill out dude. Why didn’t you comment on every other post saying Silva will dominate? Seems like my opinion is widely shared…..cheers.

        • Xaninho says:

          Sorry bud I didn’t post that, some loser is using my name. But on a serious note GSP would wipe the floor with Silva though. I think GSP is too athletic plus he’s hot so yeah no contest

        • Xaninho says:

          That is not me man. Losers are posting shit under my name.

        • Sam Eames says:

          you should just abandon the Xaninho name. Let them have it, the joke is so old.

        • Xaninho says:

          The joke is on them. I’m keeping it no matter what. If they want to spend their days trying to be me, they can go ahead.

          It just shows how pathetic they are. Waking up every single day just to post shit under my name. I am apparently their number one prority in their messed up, wasted lifes lol……Imagine that having some guy from an MMA site you don’t even know as your number one priority in life! hahahaha!

  6. Zack says:

    Gsp is gunna get owned so bad lmao

  7. DMAC says:

    Skip Condit and make this fight happen!!

  8. mean170 says:

    GSP will never fight Silva at a catchweight. He knows that his only chance at getting a win is to fight a scrawny, tired Anderson Silva at 170. This will never happen though, but if it somehow did Anderson would beat the hell out of GSP.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      GSP walksa round at 200bs but is afraid to fight Silva at 180lbs. To me that is justa friggen disgrace. His old excuse for last 5 years ahs been he would need to put on 20lbs of muscle. A.Silva has very little mucle mass and GSP is solid muscle maxed out with the very best PED’s money can buy. I mean come on GSP hasn’t been tested in almost 2 years. Regardless they don’t test for HGH anyway and Conte’s undectables have been beating the best IOC olympic style testing for 10 years now.

  9. ballsackface says:

    am i the only one that thinks this will go the same way as damian mia and only have anderson punching once and running round in a circle taking the piss.
    i like anderson silva but he only fights exciting against strikers

  10. Me says:

    This will be a bigger fight then Silva vs Sonnen 2 and will do more buys then Brock vs Mir 2, GSP/Silva is the MMA version of Pacquiao/Mayweather, Would love to see it happen before they both start to slow down, Shame to see GSP loose alot of his fans over the years but common what a fucking fight this would be!!

  11. Ryan Prieur says:

    They are both un real fighters! GSP’s only chance of winning is by decision because i don’t believe he has the tools to sumbmit Silva, and no one has ever knocked him out. GSP has been knocked out and submitted in his career, but has fought with amazing game plans ever since. Silva is my fav fighter, and the best PFP fighter to ever grace the octagon (in my opinion,) but this one really could go either way. If it ends in the 1st 3 rounds, it will be Silva by way of TKO, if it goes any further, it will be GSP by decision. Once again, this is only one mans opinion.

  12. Yo says:

    Yea and dont think we forgot about Nick Diaz yet either.Either way its a win win situation for me :) Lose to Silva move back down then lose to Diaz,I love dis game.

  13. maurice says:

    too bad this fight will never happen cus condit is going to fuck gsp up. i think its safe to say condit is the most well rounded ww. either he will out kickbox u to a decision or a brutal finish, or he can sub u from his back like a diaz. if gsp thought shields gave him a fight, he has no idea wat condit is about to bring to the table. the problem is if gsp beats condit it will be by the most boring lay n pray decision of all time. which in turn leaves gsp apologizing to the fans and being booted out of the anderson silva super fight.


  14. learntoread says:

    Seems Diaz calling Silva out lit a fire under GSP’s ass. Good to know.

  15. Dee says:

    1st. I agree with the catchweight, but it’s not like Silva is going to to be way heavier than GSP. People forget that GSP will be 194 after the cut anyway and Silva wont be that heavy.

    2. I think the GSP and Silva fight is way more important than Condit simply because this is history and I honestly can’t see Silva lasting too long. As good as he is he cannot defy time.

    3. I do think GSP will beat Silva on many different levels. I think GSP is too athletic and too good of a wrestler.

    If Dana does not put his foot down on this one, he will miss out on a golden opportunity. This will be the biggest fight in MMA history and can potentially bring in box office numbers, which is way more important than watching GSP vs Condit and Silva vs Weidman. We may not ever have another opportunity like this again where two guys with both champions with the longest undefeated octagon streak.

  16. maurice says:

    whats with ppl thinking a great wrestler can beat the GREATEST MIXED MARTIAL ARTIST OF ALL TIME? atleast sonnen and weidman are great wrestlers with size to actually fuck with anderson. im willing to be money gsp cant take silva down at will. gsp is great wrestler, but his wrestling aint goin to beat someone as great as anderson.

  17. Nakano says:

    I think GSP would have problems with Sonnen and a few other MWs, let alone Silva. Hes gonna get F@cked Up!..Sounds good to me. Lets make it happen.

  18. maurice says:

    bisping, lombard, vitor, weidman and chael are just a few ppl at mw that would beat the shit outta gsp.

  19. Mike b says:

    I agree,gsp will not strike with silva.he hardly stood up and banged with his previous oppenents,u think hell stand up with silva I doubt it.he will try to chael sonnen him for sure,but he won’t be as aggressive as chael was on the ground.silvas reach will be too much for him,so u can forget about that jab that gsp likes to utilize so much.i see silva picking him apart from the outside,or gsp trying to make babies with him.but all of us know anything can happen in a mma fight,so we’ll see hopefully.gsp has great striking he should use it more often,maybe the Matt sera fight back in 06 shook him up a little bit I don’t know.they are two of the most dominate fighters in UFC history and hopefully it happens cause I will spend my hard earned money on that one.

  20. 94Block says:

    BJ Penn went up a weight class to fight GSP! Why doesn’t GSP go up to 185 to fight anderson instead of a catchweight? Is he SCARED? Probably!

    • Sean says:

      THANK YOU! What the hell is this, 178 would be more fair. WOW is all i gotta say. Dont try to become too big of a legend now george….why don’t you have silva cut to 155 and you put on 20 lbs of lean muscle and you don’t have to cut any of it. Sound fair guys?!

    • Sean says:

      THANK YOU! Why does he get a half alive Anderson. Don’t become too big of a legend now George….how bout silva cuts to 155 and you put on 20 lbs of lean muscle but you don’t have to cut anything, sound fair!?

      So i guess if GSP and faras answered honestly(which they never would) they would say bj vs gsp wasn’t fair at all.

  21. Devon says:

    Who the fuck is Sam Eames and why was my comp logged in as him? Anyway this is by far the biggest fight the UFC has ever put on and i will def be buying this PPV! I like Silvas chances alot as long as GSP does not take 1 whole year or 2 to fight him and even then a 40 year old Silva GOAT could still KO GSP imo! This will not be a Mia repeat because the stakes are to high! I see Silva bringing it to GSP and using some TDD and going for the KO!

  22. Sugar Ponybear says:

    Finally. First thing first, getting past Condit and his undeniable ring rust.

  23. BJ is KING says:

    I will have HUUUUUUUUUUUGE respect for GSP even more than I have now if he fights anderson silva. Even if he loses I will still think of him now as the greatest fighter if he competes with anderson silva. I love BJ because he challenged himself instead of staying in a pond of small fish and he competed very well. Please don’t pull out or something, get injured etc etc.

  24. Bmoney says:

    LOL.. if Chael couldn’t get Anderson down, no way GSP is….
    Doubt Anderson will even take this fight though. The guy wants to retire with all his records intact.

  25. nemo says:

    The one we’ve waited our entire lives for. I think this is an interesting fight because both their styles are bad for each other. GSP has possibly the best natural wrestling in mma (for a guy that didn’t compete as a wrestler), and he has so many more weapons than Chael ever could have used. If GSP is to win, it will be a through 5 rounds of grinding. The thing about George is that he will use a gameplan that Silva cannot predict, and I also agree that if the fight stays standing up Anderson will destroy him. So intstead of arguing about it, let’s just wait until it happens because its a fight everyone wants to see. It will be the biggest fight in UFC history (but it won’t be a war)

  26. I knew Gsp would do this.He’s just waited for Anderson to slow down or get older.Anderson will be 38 by the time these two get in the ring.He did’nt want anything to do with Anderson for years.Now he wants to fight an ageing Silva who is’nt far from retirement?GSP=PUSSY

  27. g-sta says:

    if georgie boy st takes they silver spider to the ground he has a chance of being submitted triangle nut cheese!!!! suck on that but this fight will go to decision not too sure tho. def the fight of the century!!!! 5 million buys

  28. Xaninho says:

    Fcuk that curry eating fag

  29. Xaninho says:

    UFC already fed Silva the best wrestler Sonnen.

    GSP’s base is Kyokushin karate, he picked up wrestling for his MMA career. He has good wrestling but not great, against Silva he won’t have the size advantage he has in WW which leads me to believe his wrestling won’t be as big of a factor against Silva.

    I see this fight with Silva on the outside picking his shots, defending a few takedowns and then knocking GSP out in the 3rd round.

  30. Jenuel Camilo says:

    Funny how GSP and his coach are talking about a fair fight. That they don’t want Silva to be 20lbs heavier. Yet, when fought BJ, I didn’t hear anything about a catchweight. GSP came in over 20lbs heavier than BJ.

    But now that HE’S gonna be the smaller guy it’s “unfair”. PUSSY!!

  31. Boring says:

    Its funny how GSP’s crew want a catch weight, coz they are worried about Silva being too heavy. Shame they never gave that consideration to other fighters when they had the same advantage. i.e against BJ.

  32. Jnr#1 says:

    Guys! We all act too tough on the keyboard. If you want to talk down about anyone, let us all know your UFC record and if you have a better record than the person you are talking down on, we may listen. Otherwise stfu and appreciate that these athletes are amazing and way better than all of us. If you don’t like GDP because he only wins decisions lately, challenge him to a fight and I’m sure we will all get a first round knock out. Relax. brothers and enjoy the fights

  33. sofakinggood says:

    I think this would be a good match, I would buy it. However, Silva needs to fight JBJ. Come on Spider, don’t go down, continue exploring how far you can go in LHW. You can be the champ in two divisions, and secure your place as the definitive P4P best fighter. Do it man!

  34. Jean says:

    So unfair. Silva does’nt have the balls to go up to face Bones Jones who has the same height as him but instead, everybody harass GSP to fight Silva who’s way taller than him. I like GSP but he’s gonna get his ass kicked.

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