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Tuesday, 02/05/2013, 09:49 am

COACH | Anthony Pettis Motivated To Be The Next Anderson Silva

“Besides, he’s coming into the prime of his life. He wants to fight now. He’d fight next week if [the UFC] gives him a body; that’s his attitude. He’d fight three more times this year if you could.”

“He wants to fight Aldo and then fight for the lightweight title. I’m all for it if he wants to do it. I think he matches up great with Aldo.”

“The crazy thing is that in his past few fights, Anthony has been at 25 percent of his potential but he’s been able to finish his opponents early. The guy is on a mission.”

“In his last three fights, he hasn’t had to go into the sauna to make weight. He’s very meticulous about his nutrition as well as his strength and conditioning. Anthony is a very disciplined individual.”

“He has reached that stage of his career and life where he realizes what gets him up are big challenges. I see the hunger in his attitude and performance daily in training, his lifestyle. He wants big things and he wants them now.

“He wants to put himself up there with guys like Anderson Silva, who go out there and win big fights.”

– Duke Roufus via ESPN.


26 Responses to “COACH | Anthony Pettis Motivated To Be The Next Anderson Silva”

  1. danielrchargers says:

    this man came of Shit dick NOTHING. no wonder he is on a mission.
    The power he presented in his fight against Cerrone was SCARY like DEATHLY SCARY.
    you have seen Cerrone On before and when he hits its a BANG, but Pettis’ power is on another level.
    I would be scared if I was Aldo. Franky Deff took Aldos best and Aldo struggled with Frank… Pettis is showing to be a whole different monster.
    Watch out aldo. you are Fucked. Hop aboard the pettis bandwagon NOW because he is ON.

    • Zack says:

      This is a true super fight. These guys are gunna stand until someone falls. This is for sure both of these fighters toughest test. I honestly think Anthony will take this fight. Aldo doesn’t seem as hungry anymore. His cardio has been exposed bcuz he has a hard time making the weight.

    • Mark Jensen says:

      “Deathly Scary” It pretty much sums it up. The past is the past, Now is his time. I don’t know “Showtime” but I do know Anthony. It’s hard to believe they are the same person at times. he is a true gentleman.

  2. MONEY FLOYD says:

    While watching the Aldo Edgar whom I think Frankie won last 3 rounds, roud 3 other tha kick Aldo did shhitt, I couldnt get the idea of Showtime fighting Aldo off my head. Then he called Dana and I couldnt believe it. Anthony will destroy anybody in UFC, his first fight was ringrust from waiting for Edgar. Real MMA fans not WWE and ppl who watch the top fighters only in main event know this guy is a killer, and since the WEC days he’s been a monster. Should be undefeated if it wasnt for BS. Now he knows his skills and he’s only gettin better, watch out UFC. NEXT P4P KING

    • T.DADDY says:

      Um he got beat easily by Guida.. Maynard would smash him.. this guy is living off that kick off the cage… That’s all he’ll be remembered for… Aldo will beat the shit outta Anthony I try to hard to be flashy Pettis.. this guy will get raped by Benson that’s why he wants to fight Aldo cuz he knows Aldo will stand.. Benson woulda used his wrestling this time if Pettis woulda took the fight

      • we're talkn stand up boi says:

        guida won the point match not the fight. pettis has never had a match when it came to stand up yet.
        this fight is gonna be epic

        • T.DADDY says:

          Um last I checked it was a fight not a point match… Talkin bout stand up??? News flash its MMA.. not boxing… Pettis can’t defend a takedown to save his life… He don’t deserve no title shot against Aldo or anyone till he shows he can beat a wrestler… Frankie.. maynard.. guida.. and miller would all make Pettis ther bitch

      • Jackson says:

        First of all Pettis was not “beat” by Guida he was held down like a bitch… Guida pinned him down to the ground for dear life!! and even from his back Pettis did more damage! Go watch again…. with that said… that was 2 years ago and ever since Pettis had been working on his wrestling/grappling HARD with BEN ASKREN. If he can roll with Askren, there’s no way another wrestler in the UFC is gonna dominate him ever again, period and i don’t see anyone matching his striking in his division!

        • Mark Jensen says:

          That’s right Jackson. I like to say RT. Daddy is full of shit, but he doesn’t know shit. Jackson would be better to follow WWE.

      • Mark Jensen says:

        yup, tank abbott was good too. Live in the now T. Guida only made him better, Guida didn’t do shit really, his hands were completely controlled by Pettis, & in danger of being submitted several times. Clay Guida can ruin anyones day. That loss made only made Pettis better, ask Faber. Do you have any idea as to why all main events are 5 rounds? Guida was lucky to get out in 3. Maynard would get what Cerrone got, an ass kickin’ GET REAL DUDE.

    • mean170 says:

      If you think FE won any round but the 4th you are riding Edgar a little to much.

  3. CanILive says:

    hop aboard? shittt been on this since he KOed Castillo

  4. T.DADDY says:

    He wants to be the next Anderson Silva but he can’t beat a wrestler.. and yes I know Benson is a wrestler but he didn’t use his wrestling when he fought Pettis… I think that’s why Pettis don’t want to fight Benson cuz this time Benson will use his wrestling.. And Clay Guida smothered Pettis.. Maynard or Miller would do the same… One more thing.. there will never be another Silva…

  5. 123 says:

    anthony pettis is the most exciting fighter in mma

  6. Sean says:

    how about you stupid motherfuckers read the article. he never said he was trying to be the next andersons silva. he said he wants to be one of the greats, like anderson silva.

  7. MyLastChance says:

    I really enjoy Anthony’s fights, but I believe that Aldo is on another level. He stop throwing leg kicks because Frankie was catching them, and I don’t see that happening with Anthony.

    Also, Aldo was not able to keep Frankie’s pace in the later rounds, but who’s to say that Anthony will do the same, specially cutting to 145 for the firs time…

    I think that he has a better chance at 155!

  8. SwedishFan says:

    Did Benson beat Guida?

  9. GRT 3000 says:

    A great fighter? yes…Anderson Silva great?! shit no.

  10. KIDD433 says:

    He will be be.Mark my words

  11. Mark Jensen says:

    If ignorance is bliss, T. Dadddy must be happy.

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