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Thursday, 08/09/2012, 05:22 pm

CM Punk Criticizes Jon Jones’s Nike Deal

The ongoing string of WWE shots at the UFC seem to have no end in sight. This time it comes from a WWE Champion and is aimed at a UFC Champion.

WWE Champion CM Punk is getting some media attention for comments he made on criticizing Nike for signing UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones to an international endorsement deal, likely worth millions of dollars.

CM Punk sarcastically tweeted:

“Let’s reward more drunk drivers with endorsement deals! #responsibility”

Jones was arrested for DUI on May 19.



62 Responses to “CM Punk Criticizes Jon Jones’s Nike Deal”

  1. Sean says:

    Sorry, but he’s 100% right. Weird time to give someone a reward of any kind…sends a horrible message, specially since this happened so recently.

    Nike deal for drunk driving…suspended, fined, and insulted for smoking weed in your private life.

    • Ryan says:

      Nike isn’t rewarding him for drunk driving. They’re signing an up-and-coming star to an endorsement deal. This was in the works before his DWI and they waited to announce it until the dust settled. Don’t be so naive. It’s just business.

      • Dante Niro says:

        what the fuck is goin on in the world today? LOOOLL
        Ed “nobody gives a shit who u are” Herman calls ANDERSON SILVA out for ducking wiedman
        CM “is a punkass bitch” says dont reward endorsment deals for drunk driving? hahah
        (maybe he forgot the 3 legends jones smashed to get consideration)
        and Jon “Biggest Bitch” Fitch calls BJ PENNN a coward??

        O M G …. this shit is fucking retarded .. all of it. Ed needs rehab like his parents
        CM punk…. dear lord dont get me started
        Jon Fitch.. i pray i see u around one day faggot! nerve of that hoe to call BJ a coward
        only guy who moves up or down to fight the best around!!

        fuck all yall

        • Ryan says:

          ^^^ This guy gets it.

        • Majestyk says:

          @Ryan…. Dante Miro doesn’t “get it”. I wonder if you two morons would be so forgiving if Jones killed your sister or mother during his drunken drive. CM punk is 100% correct.

        • tony says:

          It is what it is and Fitch isn’t a bitch because you can’t be a bitch and fight in cages for a living. Sidenote… is this Dante Niro from the black philip show??

        • looool says:

          Jon Fitch would tool you in real life, bud. Maybe in your dreams you’d stand a chance. BJ doesn’t need you to defend him, in fact, he doesn’t even know you exist. Get a life, basement dweller

          Oh, PS, wipe the cheetos off your fingers before you comment back trying to insult me

        • Dante Niro says:

          majestyk? what the fuck are u saying? if he killed someone he’d be in jail u 12 year old retard!
          stop with the “ifs” you clown.. he made a mistake, yes! the world knows.. listen to how stupid you sound ” reward drunk driving” what fuckin planet are u on.. bud? its his carreer in the octagon thus far that landed him the deal u moron
          and “loool” i would give a fuck if fitch tried to smash me, more importantly i wouldnt run from him
          but i would love to find you and put our fight on youtube! atleast post up a name tough guy who or what is “loool” seems like i hurt your feelings about fitch :( poor baby
          ps: bj doesnt need to know me, he needs to train and win like a ninja

          @tony .. ya everyone who steps in the octagon gets respect, ofcourse they do.. and No im not from the black philip show haha :)

        • bro thas whats up…but th silva thing..silv dont even know if hewill ight again…if he dose he will fight wiedman…id like to see him fight some one that will pust him be4 silva fight him…like michael b that would be a real gr8 fight fr oth of them

      • Sean says:

        I know they aren’t rewarding him..and i know all they’re doing is hitting new targets and trying to make more money. I just don’t like how so many ppl out there make drunk driving out to not be that big of a deal cuz in my opinion it really is. And yes, I believe drunk driving is something that should have broke the deal….I don’t agree with sweeping things under the rug. You make a mistake you pay for it. Jon isn’t looking like much of a role model right now…especially after his remarks about Rampage and him being a clean good image for the company.

        Just my opinion. I know whats up, i just disagree.

        • Ryan says:

          I just don’t feel like he owes it to anyone to be a positive role model. He definitely made a poor decision and was fortunate nobody got hurt. At least the sport and its athletes have evolved from the old days of nut-shots and hair pulling!

        • JonBonesJones says:

          I’m a Jon Bones fan and I agree with CM Punk. The DWI should have ended the deal. You screw up that bad and you should have to pay the consequences. It is what it is though. Good for him. Not so great for anybody that might be killed the next time he screws up.

        • Ryan says:

          Without getting into a debate on the morality of corporations, we all know that what matters most to them is the bottom line. If he destroys Hendo, we’ll hear nothing but how he’s changed his ways and it was a one-time thing, blah, blah, blah. It’s the way it is with Nike, the UFC, the NFL. The only way to stop this cycle is to stop supporting those companies and I don’t see that happening.

        • Dante Niro says:

          im no big fan of jj
          but i can already tell ur a troll
          “next time he screws up” shouldnt/ wouldnt be a next time IF you were a “real” fan of his … lol
          you act like hes gonna go around driving drunk all day everyday from now on LOLLLL

  2. Sugar Ponybear says:

    This is obviously a ploy by WWE. They’re a dying business and Vince knows it. Once someone hits the age 10 and realizes Wrestlings fake, they leave. It’s Vince’s fault to making it ‘child friendly’, had he kept it like it was in the Attitude Era he wouldn’t be having this problem. But it’s everyone reporting on it and posting it everywhere that’s giving it attention. Treat them like a child, ignore them and they’ll eventually go away. And Vince should stop dropping UFC’s name, once his fans start watching it, he’s fucked.

  3. Nick says:

    He has a 100% valid point. If you don’t like or watch WWE, I know I don’t, he’s 100% right.

  4. Clay says:

    Ill bet 100000 bucks that says none of this matters. Nobody cares about cm punk. And Nike had the best promoters in the world who says jones is their man. I think they know what they’re talking about more than the uneducated trash on this site or in wwe. What a joke.

    • scott says:

      You call us uneducated yet you forgot the apostrophe after you’re I in “I’ll” and your comma in 100,000. Not to mention not capitalizing Jones and CM Punk. Proof read your shit before bashing people who are obviously mor intelligent than you.

      • You sir,are a moron. says:

        Although I do agree with you…Its more, not mor.

      • elementary school graduate says:

        Wow you really have the nerve to point out the lack of an apostrophe and then misuse one in the same sentence. “you’re” means you are, which would be grammatically incorrect in the context of your sentence. You wanted to use YOUR with no apostrophe which is the possessive pronoun for you. grammar 1 on 1. I personally don’t care about your grammar, but I figured if you were to continue to attack the grammar of others, you would want to brush up on that of your own first. Furthermore, as others have pointed out, you misspelled “more”. Also, great of you to judge the intelligence of Clay by his grammar. Some people never got the opportunities that you may have had. Maybe he never had proper schooling, but he could still be intelligent than either of us.

        Sincerely Yours,
        Elementary School Graduate

    • bahaha says:

      Scott just owned you Clay Aiken

  5. B-rad says:

    Anyone who calls themself “CM Punk” doesnt deserve an audiance

  6. Marcus Denning says:

    umm… Who the fuck is cm punk?

  7. Joey says:

    At least Jones is getting paid to be an athlete rather than pretend to be one..

    • B` says:

      lol, wrestling may be scripted but those guys are still athletes… I like how you, a fat slob on a computer, is criticizing others athletic abilities. You wouldnt say shit to his face, so dont pretend to be a toughguy over the internet you fucking dweeb.

    • JSo says:

      And also, anyone who still plays the card that wrestling is fake, and they’re not athletes…I’m convinced you don’t engage in physical activity. Just because they do not compete in an athletic competition doesn’t mean they are not athletes and not tough. How come people never say “Stuntmen in movies are pussies, because what they do is fake”? Let alone one who performs in front of a live crowd about 200 day’s per year…

  8. Jheeeeeezy says:

    Blowing off his comments just because he’s a WWE start is ridiculous, especially since half of these guys deal with the same endorsement bullshit. It’s completely insane that Nike is giving Jones such a huge cut, especially after the accident. I fully agree this is a terrible call by Nike, other than the fact Jones is probably jumping for joy knowing they can make the whole drunk driving thing go away

  9. Ian says:

    Typical CM Punk. HATIN’ cause he’s a straight edge dork, JEALOUS because he’ll never get a Nike deal.

  10. Michael says:

    Wrestling is a dying sport??? are you serious??! They have sold out events almost everywhere they go! You cant say the same thing about every UFC event…I’m a fan of both but what CM punk said was exactly right…If they would have waited awhile and let his DUI thing die down it wouldnt have been that much of a fuss but what are we teaching here? that you can get a DUI and get rewarded because your a champ or a famous person??! come on people….

  11. professorx says:

    Don’t agree when athletes mess up like that they are supposed to be classier then that. We all male mistakes though. But how do people also listen to a company classified as sports entertainment that yeah they are athletes yes, but are also able to get away with pumping steroids and still compete. So they shouldnt pass judgement when they are either pill popping or injecting some form of steroids. That’s a real nice thing to have our kids look up too

    • warrior808 says:

      Actually WWE has a wellness policy to keep their wrestlers clean. Randy Orton one of their top stars just got back from suspension for violating the policy.

      • professorx says:

        Having a wellness policy downturn mean they can’t use. It’s just there so when challenged by anyone it looks like they are playing by the rules. Wow one person got suspended, look how many of WWE stars over the tears died from drug usage and steroids problems. That’s again why they are labled as sports entertainment they don’t have an athletic commission to answer too when they mess up or get caught. Ufc tests after and now before every fight. My coach Ben rothwell a Ufc heavy weight can show u how strict the Ufc is compared to the WWE. As far as them being real athletes, they are great stunt men yes, but Look at the guys that tried crossing over they don’t last long even lesnar didn’t last long and got out matched.

        • warrior808 says:

          actually theres been quite a few that got suspended besides just orton. also i believe the wwe has become a lot more strict these past years over their wellness policy and its not jus for show. like u mentioned thou a lot of wrestlers have died from drug, steroids, etc. and because of that wwe has gotten a lot of heat. i think because of that they are now more strict with their policies than they were before.

          and before u answer, i wasnt comparing the wwe wellness policy to the ufc nor did i say wwe wrestler were real athletes. i know ufc has to be more strict because of the athletic commissions.

  12. boyheadkick says:

    who’s cm punk again?

  13. JusRaw says:

    CM Punk is a bitch, straight up. People make mistakes all the time. In JJs case luckily no1 got hurt. I’m sure CM Punk has a few skeletons in his closet himself so he’d best keep his mouth shit before someone finds out about that ointment I prescribed him!!

  14. Arcadio says:

    Those are fighting words. CM punk vs Bones Jones. Oh wait…. wwe is fake and a scratch on his face may ruin his career. never mind…

    • Mike says:

      Im Not Saying Jon Jones Would Be Beaten By CM Punk, But Punk Has A Black Belt In Ju-Jitsu …. Just Because Wrestling Is Fake, Dont Mean They Cant Fight………………….

      • JusRaw says:

        Shogun has a black belt and so does machida and plenty of other people. Black Belts in your field are great but in an all range fight you have other options.

  15. Drew says:

    Honestly, I read the title but not the article. There was only one reason why I didn’t read it, and that is because cm punk you are part of an organization that is literlally a soap opera for men. Jon jones is the light heavyweight champ in the UFC, aka real fighting no fuckn show dude. Nike sponsors athletes just middle aged men who act in spandex and tights… Dude is so amped up on roids and peds he getting to be borderline delusional like rory thinkn he Can beat bj clean lol l

  16. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    I love the dick…

  17. Steve B says:

    So none of you ass clowns including that WWE fake ass wrestler have ever made a mistake in your younger days??? The only difference is your bullshit is not published everywhere for others to pick apart.
    buncha douche canoe’s!!!!!

  18. John Smith says:

    While WWE is starting to get on my nerves this guy is completely right. You screwed up Jones, you couldve gotten someone killed. Not that hard to get a ride home especially when youre making superstar athlete money. Just call Dana White even and he’d get you a ride if youre that desperate. Fact is Nike not sponsoring him because of this but because he’s a superstar in a sport that is the fastest growing in the world. Just awful timing by them and this guy just stated it plainly

  19. MMACRAVER says:

    It’s extra funny because previous to this happening.

    John Jones, in regards to his UFC sponsorship said “You won’t see someone like me in the news for a DUI or something like that”

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