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Wednesday, 06/20/2012, 05:17 am

Clay Guida Wants To Run Through Gray Maynard And Get Lightweight Title Shot | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Clay Guida in an interview with MMAWeekly.

Guida when asked what it would take for him to receive a Lightweight Title shot.

“Running through Gray Maynard,”

“He was the No. 1 contender for how long, probably two years. I had him No. 2 in the lightweight division all over the world for a couple years, and he had one of the wildest trilogies in MMA, let alone in the lightweight division with Frankie Edgar and he beat Frankie once, they had a draw, and he came up short on one fight.”

“He’s always up there. He’s one of the only guys to have beaten Frankie besides Benson Henderson. That says a lot about my opponent and a win over him gets me right back in title contention I believe.”

Guida left his home camp in Chicago and moved to New Mexico to train with Greg Jackson, Guida says now he has settled in New Mexico and feels right at home with his team.

Maynard also finds himself in a similar situation after his UFC 136 loss to Frankie Edgar he left Vegas for California to train at American Kickboxing Academy.

Guida feels one advantage the may have going into the bout is that Maynard may still not be properly settled in California and still be going through some growing pains in relation to the move.

“I don’t think everyone hits the ground running right away. You’re away from your family, you’re away from your friends, things like that, things that you’re used to, you’re out of your comfort zone,”

“Look at Georges St-Pierre, he was with Greg (Jackson) and lost to Matt Serra, and then went on a tear from there. His first fight he lost at Jackson’s camp and stuff, it takes some people some time to adjust.”

“This is definitely tailor made for me,” said Guida. “That’s one thing when we asked for Gray Maynard, we asked for a five-round main event because we know it plays into our cards better. The fans win in this one; the UFC wins in this one.”

UFC on FX: Maynard vs. Guida will take place this Friday June 22, 2012 at the Revel Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

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19 Responses to “Clay Guida Wants To Run Through Gray Maynard And Get Lightweight Title Shot | UFC News”

  1. stephen riddle says:

    Go carpenter!

  2. This is going to be a 5 round wrestling match.How fuckin

    • Al says:

      You have to be f’n kidding me, I used to be a carpenter fan but his fighting has now changed to being the most boring fighter in UFC. He’ll get hit once and then start his stupin f’n jumping bean style that will put all mma fans to sleep once again. Clay , your fighting is BS ,and you won’t be a contender in any weight division as long as you keep jumping around like a f’n idiot!

      • Chris says:

        Agreed, it’s actually pretty embarrassing to the UFC and MMA. I almost threw up with the way he fought Gomi, and Pettis. I’ll give him credit he did very well against Benson, but every other fight is typical greg jackson fighting.

  3. Zack says:

    Who can lay on the other person the longest. I like guida but I don’t see him beating Maynard

  4. Chris says:

    It’s gray and pray vs clay and pray. I’m going to say gray and pray, although he needs to finish, definitely don’t want to see Guida hump his ass for 5 rounds. At least Gray sometimes does other things but take downs, Guida never does anything but takedown against cage, let you up takedown against cage, let you up, takedown, hold you down, baby shoulder trusts to keep the ref from standing it up.

  5. the Natural says:

    U never no with both guys being wrestlers styles the might respect each other there and be a striking battle which I can only see Maynard beating the crap out of him

  6. Noel says:

    Maynard for me, a like Guida n think it’l be a strange Guida with braided hair (punk move from Maynards camp really) n may be a close war (hopefully!) but as far as a Guida win getting him in contention!? He’d have 2 dominate Maynard 1-2 rounds n ko or sub him then beat either Diaz or Pettis, a don’t see Guida any closer than cowboy to a shot n after fri probably further away

  7. stemm says:

    Cant wait for this fight clay is a one man party.

  8. stemm says:

    Clay is the most exciting light weight clay vs Sanchez clay vs Henderson clay vs huerta but he is also a smart fighter like clay vs pettis or clay vs gomi or clay vs Diaz grey has only 1 fight of the night and it was only cause Frankie made a come back ofter the first round but grey is the most boaring fighter of all time a typical fight for gray is do just enough and in the last minute get a takedown and steel the round Maynard has only finished 1 fight in the ufc and that was his second fight against a nobady Joe verses anyway I got clay all day.

  9. stephen riddle says:

    The carpenter will sprint around the ring before and after the fight lmao! He is a warrior just admit it he doesnt have the best striking but no one has more heart in that octagon!

  10. DMAC says:

    Gray will blow the doors off Clay he’s on that real training now days..

  11. pthance says:

    Guida is going to surprise a lot of haters, be prepared.

  12. manny fresh says:

    Great just what we need.. another greg jackson “point fighter” -__-

  13. NoahPlata says:

    Guida doesn’t lay and pray he works from the top with GNP and submissions 15 submissions wins on his record and 6 fight of the nights. He’s going to force Gray into a war and its a 5 rounder, Maynard is gonna gas. All Guida has to do is win 1 of the 3 early rounds and he wins the fight.

    Watch Guida’s fights before discrediting him so quickly

    Also I just want to add that I would love to see Maynard knock himself out could again

    • chris says:

      lol by GnP you mean latch onto the guy and shoulder thrust so the ref won’t stand it up? He used to fight but since going to jackons he is just a manipulator of the points system. Probably the worst one at that. I respect him, but I only watch his fights to see the exciting parts, which are when he is getting beat up.

  14. JB says:

    Complete and total BS. Guida won that fight easily no matter what the #%@# people think of his style. He always fights like that. ALWAYS. We knew what he does. I know maynard cried and people don’t like clays style – hey, I do – it’s maynards job to adapt and go get him. Learn to move your feet. UFC is basically a no holds barred fight. But I am done with the UFC. This was crooked as hell. Hate clay all you want he easily easiy easily won that fight. Maynard threw 5 punches and complained 10 times. Guida kept punching and connecting. Maynard was bloodied up. Come on. Grays guys knew he lost and were telling him he had to do it in the final round. He didn’t. But somehow the guy who did nothing but cry, wins. As fishy as hell. I’d rather watch guida dance and sneak in like he does then see half the guys wrestle the whole time and never throw anything but just keep trying for submissions and then one guy decisions the other. THATS boring!

    This reminds me of an affirmative action thing we used to see in Los Angeles Fire all the time. A black guy and a white guy take the captains test to get a fire fighter promotion, the black guy scores a 70 on the exam, the white guy scores a 90, and the black guy gets pissed and keeps complaining about how bad he did and then suddenly gets his notice and his huge raise when he find out he gets the promotion over the other guy though he clearly did worse on every single aspect. Thats what happened to maynard. He scored a 70. But somehow he won and somehow thought he deserved to without doing anything. I am done with UFC and with FX.

    Gloat and cry. I wonder when he’ll tell us it was clays AND George Bush’s fault.

    • dothraki says:

      nice try greg jackson…

      If this was Pride, Guida would have been DQ’d

      That was a terrible display and showed a lack of respect for ll the paying fans in teh crowd. There was no honor in what Greg Jacko and Guida did.

      Anyway, compubox showed gray landing more

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