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Wednesday, 05/02/2012, 07:14 am

Video | Clay Guida Discusses Gray Maynard's Conservative Style | UFC NEWS

By Lewis Mckeever:
UFC on FX 4 will host a main event clash between lightweight grinders Clay Guida and Gray Maynard. The event is scheduled for June 22nd at the Reven Hotel and Casino in New Jersey.

“The Carptenter” describes the contrasting wrestling styles between himself and Gray Maynard with MMA Fighting’s Luke Thomas:

“I think mine (wrestling attack) is a little bit more in your face, a little bit more wild attack and his is conservative — but very high level. He gets a blast double legs. He has a very good single leg and he doesn’t miss takedowns very much. When he shoots, he puts you on your butt. I think he’s gonna come out and try and knock my head off and he’s gonna try to put us on our back.”

The Greg Jackson pupil embarked on a four fight winning streak and was on the verge of title contention until Benson Henderson crushed his championship aspirations and went on to claim the belt for himself.

Gray “The Bully” Maynard returns to the octagon after his epic trilogy with long-time nemesis Frankie Edgar. Maynard found himself on the cusp of glory in both of his late bouts against Frankie but was unable to secure a victory.

With both Clay and Gray sharing similarities in their MMA wrestling ability, it will be interesting to see how their contest unfolds on June 22. Check out the full interview with Luke Thomas below:


4 Responses to “Video | Clay Guida Discusses Gray Maynard's Conservative Style | UFC NEWS”

  1. k says:

    you just re posting shit from other sites

  2. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Maynard is so far above Guida’s style. All guida does is jump and down like a jack rabbitt and uses that mop of hair to make him look like he doing 10 times more than he actually is. I will never be a Guida fan agin after watching him hump pettis’ leg for 15 minutes. the entire fight all Guida did was defend submision attemps without having in offense of his own but of course with IDIOT judging who think a takedown is the gold standard of MMA and if your on top “FITCHING” that means you you’re winning. Greg jackson is RUINING once exciting fighters like Guida and Condit, GSP, at somew point dan white is going to tell it how it is with Greg jackson. yes he has already laid into him but thats nothing to whats coming. Dana likes exciting fights thast what fans want but greg jackson and his boring ass, safe fighting-point fighting using the screwed up wrestler friendly rules to get bullshit wins.

  3. A.James says:

    Guida’s dropping to 145 after this.

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