Clay Guida Admits To Passing Out At Bar During Boring UFC Fights | UFC NEWS

October 3, 2012 9:33 am 36 Comments

“The fact that I’m pretty undersized at lightweight, I think now is the time. Coming off of two losses, I’m going down on my terms. No one is forcing me to. It’s just, I’m going to do things on my terms. We made a pretty good couple runs at lightweight, and who’s the say we won’t go [back] up there after a few fights. You never know. I don’t really have any names picked out. But I would definitely like a higher profile fight. I would like to fight someone who has a couple of wins under their belt at 145 [pounds] that’s going to put us in position to make a run at the featherweight — I’m still getting used to saying that — featherweight division right out of the gate.”

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