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Wednesday, 10/03/2012, 09:33 am

Clay Guida Admits To Passing Out At Bar During Boring UFC Fights | UFC NEWS

“The fact that I’m pretty undersized at lightweight, I think now is the time. Coming off of two losses, I’m going down on my terms. No one is forcing me to. It’s just, I’m going to do things on my terms. We made a pretty good couple runs at lightweight, and who’s the say we won’t go [back] up there after a few fights. You never know. I don’t really have any names picked out. But I would definitely like a higher profile fight. I would like to fight someone who has a couple of wins under their belt at 145 [pounds] that’s going to put us in position to make a run at the featherweight — I’m still getting used to saying that — featherweight division right out of the gate.”


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36 Responses to “Clay Guida Admits To Passing Out At Bar During Boring UFC Fights | UFC NEWS”

  1. Mike b says:

    Clay guida calls that footwork???ROTFL

  2. ernesto hoost says:

    you ran away every single round atleast the other fights you talked about the ppl actualy fucking fought each other and for the hair pulling i would of dragged you to the mat and fucking smashed your ugly face off of the canvas you piece of shit sore loser..go back to strikeforce guida tell greg jackson he is a bitch.and take you’re loss like a man..

  3. CanILive says:

    yea but, you moved around SO much for so little to happen…

  4. Xaninho says:

    lol@ guida calling that footwork! And if people get there hands tangled in his hair and pull it, he should just cut it. I used to like Guida as a fighter, but he lost my respect with that last fight. It was horrible to watch.

  5. What? says:

    Yeah I’m a big clay fan but I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about cuz he definitely lost. But move down to featherweight would be cool

  6. some guy says:

    i am also a clay fan but man Greg Jackson is killing this sport! i thought the fight was boring also but he had a gameplan and executed, points wise i thought he was ahead UNTIL Gray allowed him to get punched 3 times and then stuffed clay’s takedown, and IMO i think thats what cost clay the fight! either way it was a piss poor performance coming from clay and he should have came to fight not pull a carlos condit and run backwards the whole time!

    • Josiah says:

      i coulnt think of a more perfect and well executed gameplan than what carlos did with nate, and pls dont compare this fight to the diaz condit fight coz clay might be doing the same gameplan as condit but his execution is just awefully gay, the guy hits like a clay,you wanna know real footwork, ask frankie edgar…

      • Mike b says:

        Thank u!people shit on Frankie,in all honesty Frankie got good footwork…that’s footwork!!!!carlos just circled away from the cage and struck with nick in the center of the cage..not the most exciting fight but he had a good game plan.guida was running!!!!!even fighters and hardcore fans know that..Come on.reminded me of Houston Alexander when he fought kimbo.

  7. Avatar says:

    If you people thought Gray Maynard won that fight, you’re idiots. Yeah he tried to engage, but he failed. Not guidas problem. He implemented his game plan AND landed more and more damaging strikes, including a head kick. Gray was out wrestled, outstruck, and outclassed. If you can’t hit your opponent, you lose.

    • Irie nation says:

      I thought the bully won cuz his hand was raised and he was declared the winner….pretty sure the records show a win for Maynard….so you sir are the idiot

    • Haha that’s funny as **** you are the biggest idiot I have ever seen. Guida went from being a brawler ( even though he lost most of the brawls) to a runner. He lost all his fans because of that puss poor performance! And the judges showed him how dumb he looked!

  8. Zack says:

    I would feel like such a bitch if I was clay guida. That fight was terrible. I would rather get ktfo then be apart of a fight like that.

  9. ballsackface says:

    No clay, you were shit. your foot work is shit, jumping 1 metre side to side for 3 rounds bopping your head is not footwork. its invisible jump rope.
    the only thing we saw was your cardio. you are paid to fight not paid to play dance dance revolution.
    oh and you are delusional. you clearly lost and i cant review the tape cos it would kill me you boring as shit fighter.
    bring the old clay back that used to brawl

  10. MMApersonalJESUS says:

    His footwork was garbage, it looked like he was playing advanced hop-scotch or Dance Dance rEvolution. Saying that he fell asleep at a bar watching other fights is nonsense too. His fight vs Grey was the worst fight I have ever seen. All he did was show amazing cardio being able to dance for numerous rounds without getting tired.

  11. KIDD433 says:

    This is coming from a guy that ran like bitch in a main event

  12. enygma2u says:

    Funny cause I usually fall asleep during Clay Guida’s fights. The whole, wrestle then lay on top and pretend to be busy when he isn’t really doing shit but trying to score points….. hypocrisy is a B Clay..

  13. Nate says:

    Funny thing is, his last fight should have been called a dance competition. I like Clay Guida but c’mon if you are that afraid of getting hit find a new profession.

  14. 757 says:

    Hey guys all in all Clay got ripped. He was a victim of his usual fighting style. He changed it up and the fans punished him and mostly Dana White influenced eveyone. There are plenty of guys who are and have been much more boring in almost every fight. So it was one outing. You can’t judge this guy off of one outing. Gray did look slow, did get his face busted in the first round, acted like a crybaby, and boo hoo cried his way to that decision with the help of Dana. The crazy thing is that Florian was praising him for most of the fight. Unfortunately he didn’t fight his usual style and it looked funny but all in all he did win.

    • Xaninho says:

      Most people were already bored during the fight before DW ever said anything about it. And it was not just this fight, the fight before against Pettis he LnP’d to a decision. So it’s two immensely boring fights in a row.

  15. Clay The Carpenter eh? says:

    He was running away so much, dude actually got a warning from that ref that he was going to take a point away if he didn’t engage. Never seen that before. Yeah, great foot work.

  16. Corey Tanner says:

    He was running away so much, dude actually got a warning from that ref that he was going to take a point away if he didn’t engage. Never seen that before. Yeah, great foot work.

  17. DMAC says:

    Clay Guida the new Kalib Starns! I had casuals watch the fight to kill time and they couldn’t bare it. I still think you should be cut but that’s just my opinion. You don’t do shit for the “sports” except collect checks and put on gross shows, nothing you do will take MMA to the next level. Now your going down in weight to hold guys down with both hands clasped behind their back, congrats! Imagine if rules were different and you got carded for stalling, you would’ve been gone. Sorry for the rant I just feel this dude is toxic to MMA!!

  18. zhunt says:

    Lol at all the. People critiquing fight him an see how garbage his footwork is..keyboard warriors

  19. Rather man says:

    Rory MacDonald sucks

  20. Josiah says:

    its funny that a fighter be so ignorant of how boring he actually looks infront of the people of what he calls footwork….

  21. You guys are fucking garbage! So clay had one boring fight , so what ? Who in the UFC hasn’t had at lease one boring fight ? Not every fight has to end in a ko. And I’m pretty sure Greg jackson doesn’t teach his fighters to runway, I do remember that one fight with condit and macdonald were Greg was yelling at condit telling him to kick McDonald’s ass..

  22. wtf ???? says:

    WAKE THE “F” UP!!!! your just trying to defend your fight. That was nothing like how you discribe it at laa. You ran around like you were scared of him and looked like an idoit doing so. GAMEPLAN????? is that what you call it????? Clay if your going to have GAMEPLANS like that then why dont you do all us UFC fans a favour and leave and join strikefarce and hump Melendez. Scew you, your style of fighting and what you call a GAMEPLAN. You’ve gone from one of the best fighters to watch to the worst.

  23. Ryan prieur says:

    Clay has a tone of heart and is a great fighter, but has always lacked in the stand up department! I think it’s great the he’s trying to work on it and improve his foot work ect, but he’s loosing his style that makes him a fan fav! I hope he can find a happy medium where he uses his foot work and strikes to set up his take downs and ground and pound!

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